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Overview of Income Tax Problems and Solutions

Overview of Income Tax Problems and Solutions
By Bob Hurt,, 727 669 5511, 03/23/11

  1. Approximate Sequence of events, sometimes drags on for years
    1. Victim fills in W-4
    2. Someone reports Victim earned income – W-2, W-9, 1099, etc
    3. IRS sends Victim letter: File your 1040 return.
    4. IRS prepares substitute for return to trigger assessment.
    5. IRS sends Victim Notice of Deficiency 90-day letter
    6. IRS sends Victim 30-day letter of intent to lien/levy
    7. IRS imposes lien/levy for tax plus penalties and interest
    8. IRS files lawsuit to foreclose
    9. IRS files criminal complaint for Willful Failure to File, Conspiracy, Fraud, Tax Evasion.
    10. Victim does time in prison
    11. IRS still hounds victim to file returns and pay taxes

  2. Problem: IRS has everyone believing you have to pay income tax on wages, earnings, and your labor has zero value for offsetting any tax. You know you owe no income tax because no law makes you liable. Read Tommy Cryer's Memorandum of Law at

  3. Philosophy: Decide how you want to spend your remaining years. Either file returns and pay the minimum tax, or prepare for a fight. Either way, make lots of money – you'll need it.

  4. Engage in training and support activities
    1. Read the actual tax laws related to your situation (
    2. Buy and study Jurisdictionary
    3. Meet regularly with associates to learn the law
    4. Become a court watcher and attend hearings of associates as formal observer

  5. Solutions:
    1. Make yourself judgment proof – no solution has any guarantee of success
    2. Do not file a tax return – felony to lie to government, misdemeanor not to file.
    3. Individual Master File (IMF) program- correct errors, change status to “not required to file”
    4. Respond meaningfully to all letters they can prove you received, without making frivolous arguments. Incessantly demand to know the law that makes you liable for income tax.
    5. Collection Due Process Hearings and Tax Court – Demand the law making you liable, cycle through on procedural errors till statutes of limitations expires (10 years after NOD)
    6. File complaints of procedural violations with TIGTA
    7. File lawsuit – tort omplaint or 7433
    8. File criminal complaint under 7214
    9. Persist, don't ever give up, don't ever stop fighting for justice
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