Monday, July 30, 2012

Gerp Awareness Code - How to Deal with Government Perpetrators of Crime

  1. Gerp Meanings:
    1. Gerp means Government Employee Perpetrator of a Crime or Malfeasance of omission or commission. They give good government a bad name.
    2. Gerpness means one or more acts of crime or malfeasance perpetrated by a Gerp under color of law.  
    3. Gerpish means tendency to behave like a Gerp, committing criminal behavior or malfeasance while a Government employee.
    4. Gerpitude means the Gerpish character or nature of a Gerp. 
    5. Gerpdom means any pervasion or culture of Gerpness by two or more Gerps.
    6. Gerpectomy means the excision of Gerpness from a Gerp. 
    7. Gerpotomy means the separation of a Gerp from Government.
  1. Evil Oligarchy in Good Government.  A Gerp and the Gerp's enablers/supporters constitute an oligarchy that commits crimes/malfeasance under color of law (masquerading as lawful acts).  Such an oligarchy has no constitutional or legal basis for its existence, and each of the Gerp's acts or omissions that constitute crime or malfeasance betrays the oaths to support the constitutions, and operates as treason against those constitutions,  lawful government, and the People.
  2. Lawful Use of Sovereignty.  The People yield a measure of their sovereignty to Government only for the lawful/constitutional purposes of Government. They do not yield sovereignty to Gerps for the purpose of engaging in crimes or malfeasance under color of law.
  3. Live the Oath. Government employees must abide by their oaths to support, protect, and defend the constitutions, and must NOT obey unlawful orders or enforce unconstitutional laws.
  4. Self-Discriminating Government. Each Government employee must discriminate between lawful/constitutional and unlawful/unconstitutional laws/orders in each instance of a law or  order.
  5. Self-Policing Government.  Government and its employees have the obligation/duty to excise Gerps, criminal behavior, and malfeasance from Government.
  6. Seek Peaceful Redress. The governed, who suffer or observe some abuse from Gerps ought to try to achieve peaceful redress by every means possible before engaging in use of physical force, violence, insurrection, or rebellion to excise the Gerps from Government and bring them to justice.
  7. Discriminate between Solutions.  A huge gulf exists between excising a Gerp from government (justified) and rebelling against government in general (unjustified).  So, Citizens should discriminate between bad government and Gerps who give government a bad name through their crimes and malfeasance.
  8. Use the Courts when Possible. Citizens who suffer direct and palpable abuse from a Government employee might actually deserve the abuse, and often only a court of justice can sort it out.  Courts and prosecutors tend to believe Gerps over Citizens.  And, in many cases where a Citizen gets accused of a crime, the "system" pressures the Citizen to accept a plea-bargain-conviction rather than risk many years in prison, and that pressure has an unjust nature.   However, courts exist to redress injury, so a Citizen should prosecute a case against a Gerp through the administrative and justice courts whenever possible.
  9. Gradient Activism. Citizens should proceed in the following order to effect a Gerpectomy, then Gerpotomy - personal communication to the Gerp, Gerp's family, Gerp's friends and club members, Gerp's professional colleagues, Gerp's fellow workers, Gerp's employer, appointed/elected officers, private investigator and news media, internal affairs/regulatory agency,  administrative court, judicial court, law enforcers, prosecutors, grand jury, electors (campaigning), all citizens (rally, street demonstration), any other viable Choice the Citizen can contemplate, afford, and deem honorable and expedient. 
  10. Reporting Gerps Risky. Citizens risk injury (loss of life, limb, health, property, family, employment) by informing a Gerp of the intention to bring the Gerp to bay or to justice for the Gerp's crimes or malfeasance.  Gerps often protect themselves through violent retribution against such Citizens and their families and supporters.  One must carefully weigh the risks before informing the Gerp or the Gerp's seniors or associates of the Gerp's crimes and malfeasance.
  11. Learn and use the Law.  Citizens cannot properly scrutinize public servants without knowing and using the law and Citizen rights, including the rights to honest services from Government employees.  In general, learn the Constitutions of the US and State, Rules of Evidence, Rules of Court Procedure (on-line).  In an issue, study the common law, statutes, and court rulings (many on-line).  Learn to Shepardize a case.
  12. Get Media Involved. News Media outlets tend NOT to report Gerp crimes and malfeasance, particularly if the Gerp functions as a judge or prosecutor. However, a Citizen should send reports of Gerps' illegal behavior to the news media and encourage publication.
  13. Gerps Beg for Excision. A Gerp, by engaging in criminal behavior or other malfeasance under color of law, virtually begs, thereby, for his own summary excision from government or the planet by any expedient means that the Constitution does not prohibit, particularly in view of the danger to the Citizen of bringing the matter to public attention non-anonymously.
  14. If smoke, then fire.  Typical Gerps commit a variety of crimes and develop patterns of criminal behavior and malfeasance.  Therefore, Citizens should pool their resources to hire private investigator(s) to dig into the financial and other affairs of real or suspected Gerps.
  15. Sunshine, the best disinfectant.  Citizens should try to expose Gerp crimes and malfeasance through blogs, news media, flyers, etc.
  16. Physical Force the Last Resort.  Citizens should not resort to physical force or violence against the Gerp except as a last resort after all other practical means have failed repeatedly, for it nearly always risks the following:
    1. It might have an unjust nature because of misunderstanding of facts and law;
    2. It might not work to stop the Gerp's crimes/malfeasance;
    3. It nearly always puts the Citizen and the Citizen's family in trouble with the Government, at great risk of consequential personal loss.
  17. Evil Laws against Excision. A person injured by a Gerp under color of law has no moral obligation to heed any law against Citizen retribution against or excision of the Gerp. 
  18. Action Obligatory. Citizens who fail to take determined, lawful action to excise Gerpness and Gerps from Government thereby invite the trouble that Gerps mete out to them.
  19. Sincerity is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven. Reason, logic, and common sense should dictate how to deal with a Gerp and Gerpness.  One should always do the right thing under the circumstances.  
  20. Catch more flies with honey. Citizens ought to acknowledge a job well done by Government Employees, and laud their extraordinarily ideal performances.  This can inspire and motivate slackers and Gerps to perform their duties honorably and diligently.
  21. Gerps need Citizen help.  Gerps might have perverse pleasure addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, etc, that they cannot control.  They might suffer from PTSD because of the rigors or philosophic inconsistencies of the system of government or justice.  Some Mafia or other crooked agent might have threatened the Gerp or a loved one with injury or exposure.   Citizens owe it to society to become alert to behaviors that earmark such troubles, expose it publicly, and insist the Gerp gets professional help to correct the misbehavior.  
  22. Sensible Suffrage.  Citizens should remain aware that their fellow Citizens who do not have sufficient intelligence, general education, moral and ethical responsibility, knowledge of the ideals of good government, or integrity, simply cannot and will not make prudent decisions regarding government, and they will encourage Gerpitude.  Therefore, responsible Citizens should continually push for laws that deny suffrage to the irresponsible and criminal.

If You Believe You Have Witnessed Tyranny...

  1. Write a paragraph summarizing each act of tyranny
  2. For each such act list the points of the act that constituted tyranny and show or explain how you came to that conclusion.
  3. For each such act, list the laws that prohibited the act or made it a crime or unethical act.
  4. For each such act cite the behaviors of the victim that might have provoked it.
  5. For each such act cite what you or others could have done to prevent the tyranny from occurring.
  6. For each unjustified act of tyranny, list the persons with phone, email, mail address you could contact to make the tyranny stop or bring the Gerp to justice.
  7. Write up your observation as an affidavit and prepare formal complaints appropriate to each person on the above lists.
  8. Distribute the complaints with a cover letter demanding relief and remedy, in accordance with the Gerp Awareness Code.
  9. Form a Political Action Committee to devise viable solutions that leave you alive, solvent, free, and in good health.

Note:  You should publish this Gerp Awareness Code and all its Canons far and wide.  I might modify it from time to time, so check back occasionally for changes.  Feel free to comment below.

Bob Hurt
P.O. Box 14712
Clearwater, FL 33766-4712
(727) 669-5511
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gerps - Take them Out One by One? Review of Real Meaning.

FBI and Florida Agents Paid Me a Visit.

The other day I wrote something to the effect of "Gerps - Take them out one by one."  That caused concern to an FBI agent.  He paid me a visit yesterday and admonished me to tone down my rhetoric.  He said one might construe that statement as encouragement to engage in violence against government, a violation of federal law.  Well, frankly, I would not want some idiot MISCONSTRUE my words as some kind of "voices in my head" order to kill government employees.  So I write this commentary to address the issue and give the real meaning of my words to whoever will pay attention.

My Attitude Against Violence

I do not promote wanton, mindless violence against government.  In particular I promote a peaceable process of using every power outside of violence or physical force to manipulate government.


How To Deal With Gerps Lawfully

Instead, look at it the quoted statement about taking Gerps out as a suggestion to take a GERP ( Government employee who perpetrates crime under color of law) out for a beer or coffee or sandwich and talk to him about his behavior and the importance of correcting it so that you don't have to report him as a domestic terrorist to the FBI.  Oh, you didn't know Gerps are domestic terrorists?  Well get a clue.  They ARE domestic terrorists.  And they need straightening out.

Last night I woke up at 4:45 AM and lay there pondering this issue of straightening Gerps out.  How, precisely do you go about it?  I got a picture in my mind of visiting with the GERP pleasantly to find out how he sees his duties and job and relationship with government, bosses, and the people he serves.  I have theorized that if you can get to know someone, you can understand his pains and motives, and then you can empathize, and even love him.  If he knows this he might become receptive to a gentle encouragement.

I am not a Gerp or a domestic terrorist, but the FBI agent and his State law enforcer buddy paid me a visit and spoke gently and kindly to me, telling me calmly of their concerns.  I had to admit they had a valid point, so to avoid misinterpretation of my meaning with the subject phrase I volunteered to write this explanation.  So you see?  A gentle talk does some good to straighten out a potentially troublesome situation.

Well, here's the straightening principle.  You start of gentle and friendly-like, and then you gradually step up your efforts to understand and to inspire the Gerp to correct his errors or leave government. You exert no more implicit or actual pressure or encouragement than needed in order to make the point, UNLESS the Gerp has gone bezerk, such as on a pistol-whipping or shooting spree.  Then you do what you must to protect yourself and stop the berzerkness.  Theoretically, it's better to suffer a pistol whipping than death.

So anyway, you step up your efforts, adding more and more pressure that will convince the GERP to behave until the Gerp either behaves or disappears from Government.  It's that simple.

Now, in the process, you must use lawful means, for if you don't, you will become a target of abuse by the Gerp's buddies - the "good old boys network".  Sadly, even though you operate within the law (even unconstitutional law) so as to go gentle, some Gerps will flash-back against you or seek retribution against you for your efforts.  And that could leave you broke, injured, homeless, and dead.  After all, Gerps are in government.  So there will come a point when dealing with unresponsive Gerps that it becomes dangerous for you, and you must then call in the Government's own enforcers/internal affairs people to correct the Gerp.  Or you must come with a lot of people in a march or demonstration to let the Gerp and his buddies know that you mean business ant the misbehavior must stop.

Often, law enforcers will take the Gerp to task, punish him, excise him from government, and possibly imprison him.

What is a Gerp's Problem, Anyway?

To see this issue with crystal clarity, look at what the Gerp does.  The Gerp escapes from the chains of the Constitution and, under color of law, that is while pretending legitimacy, the Gerp does behavior that the Constitutions do not permit Government to do.  The Gerp thereby BETRAYS THE TRUST the people placed in him when he swore his loyalty oath to support the Constitution.  He stops supporting the Constitution and establishes a tiny Outlaw Oligarchy withing the construct of and masquerading as legitimate government.  He has become the most treacherous of all criminals.  He has engaged in war against the Constitutions.

You, a Citizen and elector, also swore an oath to support the Constitutions.  So you have the DUTY to take the Gerp to task.  YOU MUST eliminate this Criminal Outlaw Oligarchy by whatever means you deem expedient.  The Gerp naturally will not want you to do this, so the Gerp will resist.  That's why you should report the Gerp to various entities in and out of government.  A great statesman once said "Sunshine is the best disinfectant."

Do Constitutions Protect Me?

But what if all of your efforts simply create more danger for you?  What if the Gerp and his buddies abuse you to no end?  What shall you do then?  Will the Constitutions Protect you?

Sadly, no they won't.  That's your job. Government only takes on that job to the extent its agents please to take it on.  Many Americans suffer loss of life, limb, property, and pursuit of happiness because government does not protect them from crooks, and many such crooks happen to be GERPS.

Well then pay heed to The original declaration of Independence and Declaration of Rights of all state Constitutions, and the Tenth Amendment.

CONSTITUTION OF USA -10th Amendment - The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

CONSTITUTION OF FLORIDA 1838 Article I Section 2. That all political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and established for their benefit; and, therefore, they have, at all times, an inalienable and indefeasible right to alter or abolish their form of government, in such manner as they may deem expedient.

DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE - We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Clearly, the founders of our nation and states felt strongly that people can take the law into their own hands as a consequence of intolerable government abuse.  I have read no grant of power in the Constitution that permits GERPS to function in government unmolested.  But I have read laws that forbid violence against Government, rebellion, and the like.  I believe anyone who reads the foregoing founding documents, specifically the quoted sections above can see that it means no constitutional law may forbid rebellion against GERPS in government.

Every inhabitant of the land has the right to interpret the Constitution for himself.  Barack Obama did that when he ran for President while not enjoying natural born citizen status.  Therefore, why shouldn't you?  You could look to the various panel courts in the land for guidance.  Unfortunately when you see non-unanimous opinions that screams pretty loudly "We justices don't know what the law means," so you might as well interpret it for yourself.

FBI:  Do You Violate Your Oaths to Support, Protect, and Defend the Constituion?

And that means NO FBI agent or other officer of government ought to enforce an unconstitutional law or obey an illegal order, and every government employee has the duty as a citizen to discriminate between legal and illegal laws, orders, and court rulings, and to refuse to support those that violate the constitution's safeguards of people's rights and restrictions on government power.

Every FBI agent with half a brain ought to know and understand these principles.  So I feel doubly glad that the FBI agent who visited me this week showed respect while asking me to watch how I express these sticky points lest some idiot with a machine gun misconstrue my message.

And yet, in the final analysis, Government is all about enforcing will with physical force and threat of violence.  So when an irresolvable dispute between people and government arises, the people have the inalienable, indefeasible right to use any means they deem expedient to alter or abolish their form of government.  That remains especially true when abolishing the EVIL OUTLAW OLIGARCHY established by one or more GERPS.

Points of Contention or Agreement

To all FBI Agents  and righteous inhabitants of America, if you take exception to or question the words, reasoning, or logic I have presented in this commentary, please write me with your comments.  I want the FBI to know I am a man of good will.  I also want the FBI to know that the good will of every American has a justifiable limit at the leading edge of abuse by one or more GERPs. 

Appeal for Government Agents to Think Straight

You in the FBI would do well to make excision of Gerps and their crimes from government your number one objective.

Why?  A citizen thief or killer injures only that one victim.  A GERP injures every inhabitant in the territory in question by depriving the people of honest government.  For that reason, the people ought to have such power that all government employees at least respect, and maybe fear, that power.  But people should not fear their government. 

Unfortunately, millions of Americans do, because of widespread abuse by GERPs.  And eventually that fear might spark general rebellion.

Remain Lawful

Back to the initial issue, "Take Gerps out one by one" means focus your attention on only one GERP at a time, and work assiduously at correcting him or removing him from government, LAWFULLY.  In the process do not put yourself unduly in harm's way.  Try to rely on the Government's own internal correction systems to correct and punish the Gerp.  Go outside that only if your repeated efforts have failed, or if pursuing the matter becomes dangerous.  DO NOT ENGAGE IN VIOLENT RETRIBUTION AGAINST LAWFUL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES.

Discovering Fact, Applying Law

People find it difficult to remain unbiased and to inquire thoroughly so the relevant facts can come to light in a dispute,  They suffer from ignorance of the law.  So, our founders of our government established court systems to resolve controversies between people.  Wise and experienced judges over centuries developed rules of procedure for different kinds of court actions and rules of evidence for bring facts to light.  It takes considerable study to learn them, so most people don't learn them. Such people who litigate typically lose because they don't know the legal landscape or rules.

I have learned that in most controversies neither party sees the issues correctly or applies the law correctly.  So we let judges decide this according to the rules.

That fact reveals the biggest problem with taking the law into your own hands in any but the most dire emergency, In an irresolvable controversy  with  a presumed Gerp, one should refer the matter to an internal affairs group or administrative or judicial  court to iron out the facts and apply the law.  Then one should abide by the court's ruling.

The Proper Gradient

As my final point, I encourage you to consider the proper gradient or scale of applied pressure to use when dealing with Gerps.  I merely conjecture these.  Review them.  Adapt them only if they are true to you.  In the process be true to your moral and ethical convictions, but remain devoted to truth above all.  Start at the top item in the list and apply it.  If it works to correct the Gerp, go no further unless the law requires you to.

  1. Report GERP  felonies to a judge, law enforcer, prosecutor, grand juror, military officer of jurisdiction.
  2. If possible, hire a private investigator to expose the Gerps crimes and malfeasance fully.
  3. Then communicate with one or more of the following as needed to effect reform or removal of the Gerp:

  • The Gerp himself
  • The Gerp's friends and encourage them to convince the Gerp to reform
  • The Gerp's religious authority
  • The Gerp's professional and business associates
  • The Gerp's employer
  • News Media reporters
  • Internal Affairs or the equivalent professional regulation group
  • The police/sheriff/Marshal/US or State Attorney
  • File a lawsuit against the Gerp - seek ACLU assistance
  • Vote the Gerp out of office
  • Get a law enacted that sets up an automatic correction of the Gerp and others like him
  • Rally a group of people in lawful protest with news media presenIf
If all of these fail, use your best judgment and try to do what you think right.  If you violate a criminal statute, even an unconstitutional one, you put yourself and your loved ones in harm's way.

Bob Hurt
2460 Persian Drive #70
Clearwater, FL 33763-1925
(727) 669-5511
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fight the Foreclosure… or the Mortgage?

Mortgage Justice Group Meeting Talking Points – 28 July 2012

Fight the Foreclosure… or the Mortgage? (Education, Not LEGAL ADVICE)

Mortgagors need mostly to understand the predisposition of the court to go along with a foreclosure effort comes from these rights declarations

Florida Constitution, Article I, Declaration of Rights:

SECTION 2. Basic rights.—All natural persons, female and male alike, are equal before the law and have inalienable rights, among which are the right to enjoy and defend life and liberty, to pursue happiness, to be rewarded for industry, and to acquire, possess and protect property; except that the ownership, inheritance, disposition and possession of real property by aliens ineligible for citizenship may be regulated or prohibited by law. No person shall be deprived of any right because of race, religion, national origin, or physical disability.

SECTION 9. Due process.—No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, or be twice put in jeopardy for the same offense, or be compelled in any criminal matter to be a witness against oneself.

SECTION 10. Prohibited laws.—No bill of attainder, ex post facto law or law impairing the obligation of contracts shall be passed.

SECTION 21. Access to courts.—The courts shall be open to every person for redress of any injury, and justice shall be administered without sale, denial or delay.

Redress of Lender / Mortgagee Injury

Lenders/Mortgagees lend their money to mortgagors who give mortgagees legal ownership of the realty purchased with that money until the mortgagor has discharged the note by paying in accordance with its terms.  Failure to pay injures the lender/mortgagee.  The court must give redress for the injury, and neither the legislature nor the court shall make any law impairing the obligations of the note and the mortgage which, in combination, constitute a contract.

Why Foreclosure Plaintiffs Win… Virtually Always

It's that simple.  SO … EVERY EFFORT to circumvent that redress such as by pointing to defects in the foreclosure process, will eventually meet with defeat UNLESS the foreclosure plaintiff so abuses due process as to anger the judge, who sends the plaintiff forth without day.  Typically, even when the defendant wins on some technicality, the bank plaintiff will repair the technical defects and refile or appeal, and THEN win.  That's how important Article I Section 21 becomes to Florida judges.  They have sworn an oath to support, protect, and defend the Constitutions, and mostly they try to comply. One might find violations of some law that will result in a fine or penalty against the mortgagee/plaintiff/plaintiff's agents.  But the borrower will still lose the house.

Mortgagors should ask: "Do attorneys commit malpractice who merely fight the foreclosure without contracting an expert to examine the mortgage for causes of action?"

How Aggressive Mortgagors Can Win

Find the Causes of Action against the Lender and Lender's Agents

Now, if the foreclosure victim or anybody with an upside down mortgage examines the mortgage for contract breaches, tortious conduct, and legal errors, that could change things.  All of those constitute injuries of the borrower by the lender or lender agents.  If the borrower can prove those injuries, such as loan application or appraisal fraud, the borrower now has right to access the court for redress of injury, and the right to justice.  The court will typically bend over backwards to give redress for genuine injury.  The mortgagor's attorney might show the causes of action to the mortgagee/assignee of the note and negotiate a settlement in the form of loan balance reduction, or house free and clear. Failing that, the attorney might litigate against the lender and the court, as a consequence of proof of injury and damages, might order redress in the form of loan balance reduction, house free and clear, legal fees and costs paid, and a cash award in the thousands to millions of dollars.

Negotiate A Financially Safe Exit

The mortgagor knows that it makes no sense to fight the lender/mortgagee if the fraud examination discloses no causes of action. Such mortgagors should prepare to leave the property in such a way as to avoid foreclosure and a consequent collapse of credit.

A loan mod makes no sense unless it constitutes a mere cram down of the loan balance to existing property value minus paid-in equity, and a going-rate of interest for a term suitable to the mortgagor. However, one can stop the foreclosure by asking for a loan mod.

Meanwhile, the mortgagor should make the property ready for sale, and put it on the market for the highest possible price, and settle for a short sale if necessary. In the end, if no sale becomes possible the mortgagor can lobby the lender for a keys-for-cash deal. In many if not most cases, the prudent mortgagor can save mortgage payments, add the keys-for-cash money, leave the house, rent for a while, and buy a house at auction or in a depressed community for cash on hand, free and clear. Any negotiated exist can minimize damage to the credit rating.

Summary and Conclusion

The foregoing realities should condition one's approach to dealing with mortgagees, either in or out of foreclosure.  It's better to be the dog than the dog meat.

Contact Bob Hurt NOW for info on Expert Mortgage Fraud Examination that could reveal causes of action that might get your house free and clear.

Bob Hurt
2460 Persian Drive #70
Clearwater, FL 33763-1925
(727) 669-5511
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Reason Maria Stays - a Dinner for Two Recipe

Here's one reason Maria stays with a scrufty old sailor man like me:


  • Honey-smoked Virginia ham slices slathered with southern-style Cardinal Mendoza cognac-raisin-butter sweet sauce
  • Sazon-seasoned snow peas sauteed in EVOO with red and orange sweet pepper slices
  • Creamed Idaho baking potatoes steamed with fresh garlic cloves and Florida sweet onion and mashed with butter, cream, salt, pepper
  • A delicate dry white vintage wine of choice.

Dinner for Two

  • Wine preparation- decant and set the decanter in ice to make it very cold.  Refrigerate the wine glasses.

  • Sauce preparation  - put 1/3 cup raisins in a mug or small sauce pan with 2 oz Cardinal Mendoza cognac mixed with 1 TBSP water and 2 TBSP corn syrup or granulated sugar to soak.  Shake in a pinch of salt.  Melt 2 TBSP butter and stir in 1/2 tsp cornstarch till no clumps remain.

  • Potatoes preparation - peel a whole medium Vidalia or Florida sweet onion and two Idaho baking potatoes.  Chop  the tip off of 3 or 4 fat cloves of fresh garlic.  Chop the onion into small pieces 1/4" square and the potato into 1/2" cubes.  Put these in a steamer and steam over water boiling a medium to medium-high heat for 20 minutes.  Use only enough water to last about 30 minutes - you should have half a cup left in the bottom of the pan.  Start with about 2 cups.  You will use this water for the mashed potatoes.

  • Snow Peas.  Sautee 1/3 to 1/2 pound snow peas and 2 small sweet peppers, sliced, in 1 tbsp each of extra virgin olive oil and butter, salt and pepper to taste, over low to medium heat.  Do not overcook and do not brown these.  Shake Complete Sazon seasoning to taste on the peas during cooking.  Add 2 tbsp dry white wine for additional flavor during last few minutes, and let it boil to reduction.  Toss the pan contents several times during cooking so as to cook all peas and peppers al dente or to desired crunch.

  • Sauce - set the sauce pan on medium-low heat to cook the raisins and reduce the alcohol.  It will boil quickly because of alcohol content.  Briskly stir in the butter/cornstarch mix.  Remove from heat

  • Potatoes - squish garlic cloves into potatoes, and pour the steamer contents into the bottom pan with heat turned off.  You will have some water in it.  Add half teaspoon salt and black pepper, and 1/4 to 1/2 cup cream, plus 2 to 4 tbsp butter to the pan, and mash by hand, stirring to thoroughly mix the contents.  Remove from burner as necessary to keep the mix from scorching.

  • Ham - heat  4 large slices of smoked honey-cured Virginia ham in the peas sautee pan at low heat, and flip at least once to get the ham hot.  Add a TBSP of water if needed to prevent drying.

  • Plating - Gob several spoonfuls of mashed potatoes on the plate and garnish with parsley, a dash of paprika, and a dollop of butter if desired.  Spoon on some of the snow pea mix.  Put one ham slice, and slather it with the sauce then do the same with the second slice on top of the first, offset a bit.  Make sure to get raisins on both slices.  Serve immediately with half a glass of very cold white wine.  If necessary, reheat the cooked items to keep them sufficiently hot for an enjoyable meal after plating.  Any excess sauce will make bread pudding or oatmeal even more delicious.


Bob Hurt
2460 Persian Drive #70
Clearwater, FL 33763-1925
(727) 669-5511
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lindsey Springer: 10th holds IRS exists solely under 26 CFR 601.101

While Lindsey Springer sits locked away for year and years and years, he, and his son outside of prison, assiduously study and promulgate pesky explanations about the IRS and tax code related to his conviction and appeal.

Lindsey has dissected and gutted the 10th Circuit ruling that left him in prison without a hint of sanity or legality.  Essentially, they have said the naked king has a nice coat on.

Lindsey needs a kind of expertise that you don't normally find in a lawyer's office.

Bob Hurt

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 10th holds IRS exists solely under 26 CFR 601.101
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 15:46:19 -0500
From: Lindsey Springer <>

Lindsey Springer here hoping my words help you in some way understand this journey we are on to get rid of the IRS (although most have no problem with America saying "get rid of Obamacare") and replace it with something that will be strictly governed by whatever laws Congress writes and that we can all understand.  We need a Supreme Court that will protect our liberties and property rights when it comes to the imposition and levy of taxes when the procedure followed is not in accord with the Tax Laws and Treasury Regulations.  We can all agree we need to understand the structure of all agencies acting on behalf of the United States.  In my next thread I will reveal to you what an executive agency is under Federal Law and what is not.  Suffice it to say the Court would never have been able to switch penalty to tax had it addressed the problems with the IRS and its collection procedures or enforcement exercises.

On February 12, 2012, the 10th Circuit was faced with whether the existence of the IRS was a question of fact or matter of law.  Can you imagine the question even being subject to differing views?  (Does the FBI exist or not would be something similar).  We see them.  They are in are face before every movie we rent (FBI that is).  So what about the IRS.  What current statute of Congress allows them to exist in the first place?  What delegation of authority has authorized the an "agency" named IRS to act or take action on behalf of the Congress of the United States?

Now that America has learned the Supreme Court can be very divisive, it should be no surprise the Federal Courts below the Supreme Court get their inspiration from their 9 bosses devices.  The 10th Circuit in U.S. v. Hoodenpyle, U.S. App. Lexis 2290, ruled on February 12, 2012, that whether the IRS exists is not a question of fact but rather a question of law.  Hoodenpyle had sought a jury instruction on the IRS and the District Court declined his invitation.  The Court directed the Jury the IRS was an "agency" of the United States.  But are they really established by some law?

In my recent 10th Circuit appeals, the same three Circuit Judges Hoodenpyle drew, I drew, suspended my attorney for 1 year for claiming the IRS under 26 CFR 601.101(2000-2012) did not exist lawfully outside D.C. due to the second sentence of this procedural regulation that said "Within an internal revenue district the internal revenue laws are administered by a district director."  It is these words appearing in section 601.101 and elsewhere in Title 26 and properly promulgated substantive treasury regulations that are causing all the problems continuing to rely upon "internal revenue district" and "district director" when none have existed for 13 years.

It is no secret that all Internal Revenue Districts were abolished in 1999.  Likewise, all District Directors (officers) offices were also abolished and are now defunct so sayeth the 10th Circuit in its decision in the criminal case brought against me.  USA v. Springer, 444 F. Appx. 256, 261 (10th Cir. 2011).  The Hoodenpyle and Springer three 10th Circuit Judges (in Springer) cited Allnutt v. CIR, 523 F.3d 406, 408 n.1 (4th Cir. 2008) for the fact the district director offices no longer existed.  The 10th Circuit suggested the Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 itself called for the President's Internal Revenue Districts and Secretary's District Director office delegations under 26 U.S.C. Section 7514 to be abolished.  Of course the Commissioner of Internal Revenue was directed to make a plan and he or she is not above the President (or is he or she).

Even if you were instructed to reorganize the IRS you would need to know what part of the IRS stayed the same and what part was changed.  To grasp that you would need to know where to start.  Where to start regarding this years IRS is a complete mystery.

The issue about the IRS comes down to two provisions of law and both America needs to grab a hold of and hold on tight.  My attorney relied upon 26 U.S.C. Section 7621 and the 9th Circuit's decision in U.S. v. Hughes, 953 F.2d 531, 536-542(9th Cir. 1992) where that Circuit Court of Appeals (one filing away from the Supreme Court) held the Secretary of the Treasury was authorized to act beyond Title 4, Section 72 limitations, due to the President's establishing "internal revenue districts" under 26 U.S.C. Section 7621.  No other reason was given and none other is to be found.

In Hoodenpyle, the 10th Circuit relied upon 31 U.S.C. Section 301(a)(creating the Department of Treasury), and 26 CFR Section 601.101 (without citing to any year as they did in their opinion with me about 26 CFR Section 1.6091-2) to say:

     "The Internal Revenue Service is a bureau within the Department of the Treasury under the immediate direction of the           Commissioner of Internal Revenue."

See 601.101 first full sentence.

The Commissioner is not the "Commissioner of THE Internal Revenue Service" or the "Commissioner of THE internal revenue" he is the "Commissioner of Internal Revenue."   He would be the "Commissioner" over all "internal revenue". The Second sentence in Section 601.101 reads as follows:

     "Within an Internal Revenue District the internal revenue laws are administered by a district director."

It is this 2nd sentence of Section 601.101 that you should zoom your cites in on.  In the 10th Circuits decision in my criminal appeal of their conviction of me, the same three Hoodenpyle Judges held all "internal revenue districts" were "now defunct." See U.S. v. Springer, 444 F.Appx. 256, 261 (10th Cir. 2011); citing to Allnutt v. CIR, 523 F.3d 406, 408 n.1 (4th Cir. 2008)

But they never addressed Section 601.101 EVER.  They also switched my indictment from failing to file a "tax return" under 26 U.S.C. Section 6091(b) to "any return" under Section 6091(a). Section 6091 is entitled Place for filing return.   Id. at 261.  By doing this the 10th Circuit was avoiding having to address where [you or] I was required to file Form 1040 and pay taxes on the income allegedly owed [by the Grand Jury] in very generic terms.  It would be good for you to take a look at Section 6091(b) and 6091(a) for yourself and see if you notice the difference.  I by no means am suggesting you not file or pay but just to understand for yourself the problem causes under the "rule of law" by the statutes and regulations continuing to direct you take action at a certain time and certain place and then the place does not exist.

The reason why you need to know where you are required to deliver or file your returns cannot be made more clear than recently in the Affordable Health Care decision by the Supreme Court which stated that "the requirement to pay is found in the internal revenue code and enforced by the IRS".   But where is it found and where did the IRS get mentioned in that Statute?   Now that question raised by that statement shows the problem.  This is why the Majority decision is simply more abra cadabra.  Section 6091 in my opinion does not require you to pay anything but merely to deliver your Tax Return Form according to the plethora of Federal Cases on the subject.  This shows the Court is aware of the problem with the law.

It is when you get to Section 6151 that this statute determines where and when you are required to pay taxes on income  and says such payment is due at the "the time and place for filing" your return.  This ties Section 6091's place to the place to pay under Section 6151.  The Supreme Court could not get any closer to this issue than the sentence quoted above ("the requirement to pay is found in the internal revenue code and enforced by the IRS") because they knew the "requirement to pay" is directed by Congress to the "district director" and that director no longer exists since 1999.

Now maybe America knows why they will not address tax issues when properly presented because they will be required to say what the law is and whether it is being implemented according to the wording and your due process rights.  Of course, switching a tax to a penalty is as ridiculous as switching a penalty to a tax while leaving it a penalty at the same time.  Does that make any sense?  Of course not.

Now, when the proper questions are not before them, the 10th Circuit decides the coast is clear and they can address Section 601.101 but only the first sentence.  Even that finding in Hoodenpyle directly conflicts with U.S. v. Horne, 714 F.2d 206, 207 (1st Cir. 1983):

     "Like the IRS's statement of procedural rules, 26 CFR Section 601.101, et seq. (1982)(NOTICE CITATION TO THE SPECIFIC       YEAR OF THE REGULATION?)...their purpose is to govern the internal affairs of the Internal Revenue Service.  THEY DO         NOT have the force and effect of law."  Einhorn v. Dewitt, 618 F.2d 347, 350 (5th Cir. 1980); see also Brafman v. U.S.
     384 F.2d 863, 865 (5th Cir. 1978)("invalidating an assessment not signed by the proper official in violation of binding           treasury regulations.")

So, the 10th Circuit says the IRS is a bureau within the Department of Treasury.  Section 601.101 does not make it so and in fact Section 601.101 suggests the IRS already exists by saying it "is" a "bureau."  Now we know FBI stands for Bureau and that Title 28, Section 531 established that bureau within the Department of Justice.   But what Statute created the IRS within the Department of Treasury?  No Court or Government Bureaucrat is willing to say.  Like anything wouldn't be easier than just to say the IRS was created by ?????.  I pray this turns into the birth certificate that won't go away.  In fact, lets say we are looking for the IRS's current birth certificate that allows them to be in the Country legally.  Everyone else must do it, why not the "IRS"?

Recently, the Tax Division claimed the IRS's delegation as an "agency" of the Secretary of the Treasury to issues summons under Section 7601 ("canvas internal revenue districts" for things to tax or seize) or Notice of Deficiencies under 6212, was Internal Revenue Manual ("I.R.M.")  This I.R.M. provision specifically refers to 26 CFR 301.6212-1(of course no year is cited) and that regulation delegates the authority Congress gave the Secretary of the Treasury at section 6212, to you guessed it, the district director of each internal revenue district.  26 CFR Section 301.7601-1 also delegates to the district director the Secretary's authority to canvas internal revenue districts regarding liens, levies, summons, and so forth.

The Government actually asked the 10th Circuit to "presume that proper delegation orders have been issued."  What is even more disturbing is that the "IRM does not have the force and effect of law." Curly v. U.S., 791 F. Supp. 52, 54 (E.D. New York, 1992), and its "procedures...are intended [only] to aid internal administration of the IRS.  THEY DO NOT CONFER RIGHTS ON TAXPAYERS."  In Re Carlson, 126 F.3d 915, 923 (7th Cir. 1997), Cert. Denied, 523 U.S. 1060 (1998).  The I.R.M. has no force of law.  U.S. v. Lockyer, 448 F.2d 417, 421 (10th Cir. 1971)  See also Poindexter v. CIR, 321 F. Appx. 721, 773 (10th Cir. 2009).

The Supreme Court said it best in Central Laborers Pension Fund v. Heinz, 541 U.S. 739, 748 (2004):

     "neither an unreasonable statement in the manual nor allegedly longstanding agency practice can trump a formal           regulation with the procedural history necessary to take on the force of law."

In LaSalle v. U.S., 437 U.S. 298, 316 (n. 18)(1978) the Supreme court explained:

     "the IRS does not enjoy inherent authority [to summons production of private papers of citizens] may exercise only           that authority granted by Congress."

I will devote my next email to the decision recently by the Supreme Court to change penalty to tax in the individual mandate regarding health insurance.  I would say that if the tax is an excise tax, as the Majority citing to Article I, Section 8, Cl. 1, suggested, begs the question what is the "activity" the excise is being placed upon?

You may be pondering the difference between the power to tax and the power to penalize.  The power to tax derives from the Constitution and the power to penalize is judicially created out of the Commerce Clause.

I would remind you that the 6th Circuit and 10th Circuit have held the Form 1040 is "divorced" from the requirement to file a U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. I wonder where the information about whether you own a health insurance contract is to be reported "as required by law"?

I pray God allows you to see through the trickery he has enshrined in the United States Tax Code and those who choose to support its expansion instead of demanding its demise.

God bless you, Lindsey Springer 7.4.12


Thank you so much for the support you have given us so far.  I pray that you are rewarded for your generosity, both in this life and the next.


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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bob Hurt's Judicial Reform Agenda

We get judicial reform through amendment to the Constitution as follows. 

  1. Credentials.  Establish a Qualifications Function in the State's Department of State that verifies the credentials of all candidates for nomination or appointment and all public employees, and that automatically terminates, with notice, their compensation and right to seek office or perform the duties of employment for failure to meet qualifications.  Require full evaluation of financial reports and other qualifications, and renewed swearing of oaths annually as a condition of holding that employment.  Allow any Citizen to challenge the public employee for credentials, and  require the public employee to show them upon demand.
  2. Oaths. Force all judges to swear loyalty oaths as the laws AND Constitutions require, and require them to purchase oath compliance bonds.  See 4 USC 101, 102 and US Constitution, and compare to Florida Constitution Article II Sec 5.  Also see Florida Statute 105.031 and 876.05-10, then look at whether judicial appointment nominees ever comply.
  3. Oath Violations. Establish laws punishing violation of oaths by all public officers and peace officers., allowing citizens to complain against them and their "bonds" for compensation.  Require Grand Juries and the Legislature to investigate all charges of judicial malfeasance.
  4. The Bar. Excise the Bar and its members from Government altogether and hand regulation of the Practice of Law to the Executive Branch.  Lawyers in the Executive or Legislative Branches (except State Attorneys and A.G.) violate Florida Constitution Article II Section 3.  Statewide Attorney should start prosecuting all who violate it to have them removed.
  5. Attorney Accountability. Require prosecution of all lawyers who cheat clients, make retainers (gifts) illegal, eliminate prosecution of non-lawyers for engaging in the activities in which lawyers engage (caveat emptor), make sanctions and suspension of good standing mandatory for violation of bar rules.
  6. Judicial Abuse. Eliminate judicial immunity and the power of judges to label people vexatious litigants or prohibit them from filing pleadings, and require judges to rule in writing on all written motions, notices, petitions, stating fact and law in support of the ruling. Impose mandatory periodic substance abuse testing of all judges, forbidding all addictions to mind-altering substances.
  7. Free Courts. Eliminate court costs and transcript costs and make the court publish all documents on the internet for easy access by the public, allow people to record all proceedings and purchase recordings, and prohibit unpublished opinions and sealed cases.
  8. Legislative Review. Limit Res Judicata to one year max and require the Legislature to clarify all laws to fall in accord with the court ruling (citing it) or to overturn the court ruling.  Require the Legislature to clarify the meaning and intent of the law for all non-unanimous panel court rulings.  Require the Legislature to correct the Constitution for all Supreme Court rulings regarding the nature of the Constitution.
  9. Disability Accommodation. Require the Court to provide PTSD evaluation and accommodation, including counsel and an advocate at no cost for all litigants earning less than $150,000 a year.
  10. Suffrage.  Limit voting rights to intelligent, informed, responsible, productive adult US Citizens - no welfare recipients, indigents, felons, people under 25, people with IQ less than 90, or people adjudged irresponsible (insane), people who have not graduated from High School or obtained a GED, or people with dementia should have the right to vote.  Allow only qualified electors to accede to public office.
  11. Education.  Require law training in all public schools from the 9th through the 12th grades.  High schools students should get the first two years of law school automatically. 
  12. Court Watch. Require all courts, council meetings (city, county) to provide rating forms to all attendees and would-be attendees to express their opinions about the proceeding and its officers - whether, in what way, and to what extent competent, fair, just, lawful, complete, abusive.    Also provide such forms to all lawyers and require them to encourage all clients and adversaries to provide written evaluations of their performance and behavior, and the satisfaction of others with their work.  Have all of these reports tabulated, summarized, and posted publicly on the internet for public review, particularly at election times.  Require a certain minimum public/professional satisfaction rating for attorneys to run for judgeships.
  13. Information Branch.  Establish an Advise and Inform Branch of Government, and populate its officers from highly achieved retirees from academia, military, government, science, and industry, appointed for life by plurality of state legislators.  It has the job of maintaining government archives, organizing and publishing on the internet and in print all government information including court documents, informing the news media and public of government affairs, investigating candidates for office and their credentials for validity and approving only valid candidates, publishing advisories on candidates and the plans/agendas for the other branches, and advising public officers in other branches as to wise courses of action, informing the public about efforts of people and groups in other branches to do illegal or unconstitutional acts, and advising advises officers in other branches on the constitutionality/legality of legislation or judicial acts.  This branch also collects information about American civilization, plans its direction and evolution milestones, and tracks and corrects progress. This branch also initiates lawsuits in its own corrective council against individuals and branches or departments of government for violation of the Constitutional restrictions on their powers, or for abrogating their responsibilities, or for corruption. No one may appeal its decisions which it sends to the judicial court of normal jurisdiction as an indictment.  It may convene a special court in the case of indictments against elected or appointed officers, for which it selects a panel of retired attorneys and industry leaders as judges.  This branch may sue on behalf of the people or an individual in cases of government malfeasance or corruption.  And it may hire attorneys to conduct the prosecution..

We cannot have good government so long as we don't restrict voting rights to intelligent, informed, productive, responsible, law-abiding Citizens, and verify the credentials of candidates for appointment and election, and existing employees.  It should seem axiomatic that the stupid, the ignorant, the indigent, the criminal, and the irresponsible can never produce good government, so they should have zero say in it.  If allowed to vote, they will produce the mess we see in American politics and government today.

The Courts have become dens of virtual insanity that deny justice about as much as they administer it, owing to the "good old boys network" granting itself immunity and making it virtually impossible to weed out bad judges early, and owing to the profligate lawlessness of attorneys who cheat their clients with impunity.  The people have to dismantle the elements of the judicial oligarchy that gives it a stranglehold on the land.  Those elements include judicial immunity, presence of the Bar's members in government, Supreme Court and Bar control over lawyers, the prohibition of non-lawyers performing legal services, and the impossibility of eliminating bad judges, and the presence of bar members throughout government, destroying the separation and balance of powers. 

Many people do not know that the Florida Constitution prohibits members of one branch from performing duties in another branch, and that the bar and its members all belong to the judiciary.  Thus, a lawyer who gets elected to the Legislature might seem to make sense until one realizes that the Supreme Court exercises authority over that lawyer through the bar and its power to regulate admission to the "practice of law" and discipline of those admitted.

Further, most people do not understand the danger of limiting the practice of law to licensed attorneys only.  Some reasons include these facts: attorneys never guarantee performance; the bar will not discipline attorneys for misbehavior except in the most egregious instances; in adversarial proceedings one side nearly always loses, so half the litigants cannot win in spite of having a lawyer represent them; bar complicity in prosecuting citizens for unauthorized practice of law has created an expensive, unaffordable-for-most, legal services monopoly for lawyers; the bar refuses to require lawyers to publish their win/loss record so the public can evaluate the lawyer's effectiveness, so every hiring of a lawyer constitutes a dice-roll in a dark closet; the general trend of lawyers to hijack a case and ignore the client's needs and demands in the prosecution of the case often results in permanent damage to the interests of the client.

And most don't understand the treachery of the bar as a quasi-private semi-secret society.  Bar members pay dues which the bar wastes on political activism to increase its control over the courts and government.

An essential element of restoring sanity to the judiciary lies in requiring judges and candidates to prove their credentials and qualifications and in requiring them to comply with their oaths and refrain from tortious conduct.

And a fourth, "Information" Branch of Government should coordinate and publish all information about government, those who seek office, their qualifications and strengths/weaknesses, the advisability of intended government actions.  And this branch should plan the direction and major milestones of American civilization.

As it stands, State and National civilization  muddles along without conscious planning by any group but international bankers and the existing administration, without clear-cut values, direction, or policy.  And it changes from administration to administration without rhyme or reason.  The only means of correcting this lies in making it the permanent ambition of a fourth branch to give overall direction to the other branches to keep them on some kind of civilizational track.  Theoretically, widespread knowledge of the people about the misbehavior of government operatives or inadvisable behaviors will operate to create political dissent that will affect recall, elections, and ejection from office.

Our American system of government clearly has flaws.  No means exist to enforce constitutional limits on government.  A fourth branch that can indict and prosecute other branches or departments or individuals in government will go a long way toward reducing lawlessness in and improving quality of government, particularly the judiciary.

Bob Hurt
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tracking poverty


I found the slide show of graphs about 2010 poverty stats interesting.  They show that these percentages of various groups live in poverty.


·         15% of the population overall live in poverty

·         26% to 27% of Blacks, Latinos, and Amerindians live in poverty

·         People with Education living in poverty: 30% if less than a high school diploma; 5% if graduated from college.

·         Percent of Families with children and a single head of household living in poverty:  42% if female parent; 26% if male parent.

·         58% of the single-female-parent families with children live in or near poverty!


Clearly, it pays to get a bachelor’s degree.


Clearly, “Women’s Liberation” has produced monumentally disastrous and terrible consequences, for 58% of mother-headed families live in or near poverty.


Girls, I have just one question:  was it worth it to ditch your husbands, become intolerable for them to live with, or have babies out of wedlock?


Simply put, marriage is an economic institution formed for the purpose of creating and maintaining families.  It takes about 25 years to rear a child to maturity, get the child educated, employed, and married off.  So marriage is or ought to be a business that endures at least from the inception of the first child till the 25th year (approximately) of the last child’s life – typically about 30 year or more.  To undertake it mostly for convenient sex is unthinkable in this business model.  If you treat your marriage like a business, a true partnership for the above purpose, and you make it endure and strive with the ambition of accomplishing the foregoing purpose, they you will obtain a worthy business result.


For that reason, and the above statistics, I’d say many women need the equivalent of a cranial enema to flush out women’s liberation and replace it with common sense and more than a some civilizational business acumen.


In our civilization, fecund women belong at home birthing and nurturing children, and, during their children’s youth, doing standard home-making projects, manage the family budget and family’s internal affairs, manage the social and educational calendar, and if necessary managing any home-based enterprises while the husband goes out into the business world to earn the family living.  And families should be large enough to guarantee helpers in the family enterprise and accommodate natural attrition with a surplus of children, say 6 to 15 per family, based on what the family enterprise can afford.  Both parents should participate in training children to contribute to and manage the enterprise, and to fill in if parents suffer a disability or absence.


Who teaches this to their sons and daughters while Women’s Lib and similar movements work assiduously to undermine or destroy it?




Bob Hurt


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