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A Cure for Modern American Stupidity

A Cure for Modern American Stupidity



Where is the Hemlock?

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This commentary discusses a modern concept of slavery, eugenics, and political responsibility.  It promotes humane treatment of stupid people, and promotes programs to limit the ability of stupid and irresponsible people to dictate the course of civilization.


What IS Stupidity?. 1

Source and Problem of Stupidity. 1

Slavery Seems Like a Pretty Good Solution to Stupidity. 1

Eugenics Seems Like an Even Better Solution to Stupidity. 2

Stupid People Cannot Graduate from High School 2

Uncontrolled Stupid People Endanger Society & Civilization. 3

The USA Contains a Lot of Stupid People. 3

What Happens as Smart People Disappear. 3

Suffrage for the Stupid – A REALLY BAD Idea. 4

Suffrage for the Responsible – a REALLY GOOD Idea. 5

Our Duty to Identify Ideals, Inhibitors, and Strategies. 5

The Consequence of Letting the Stupid Drive Civilization. 6

Two Friendly, Stealthy Amendments to Cure the Problem.. 7

A Humane Program to Utilize and Care for the Stupid. 8

Man's Laws to Retain the Benefits of Nature's Law of Survival of the Fittest 9

Voluntary Sterilization Can Become Popular. 10

Numerous Pundits Have Wholeheartedly Supported Eugenics. 11

Summary and Conclusion. 13



What IS Stupidity?

"Stupid is as stupid does," according to Mama Gump.  I agree.  Stupidity, a poor ability to benefit from experience, constitutes a brain or mind dysfunction that makes one unable to solve problems and choose prudently.  Stupid people make wrong choices and do wrong things because they just cannot figure things out accurately.

Source and Problem of Stupidity

Let's face it.  Stupidity has almost exclusively a genetic cause, so no amount of education, nutrition, and kindness will cure it.  Stupid people have their stupidity for life.  Generally, stupid parents make their children stupid through procreation. Society must deal with it one way or another, either by bribing the stupid not to hurt people or by becoming a victim of crimes by the stupid. Unsupervised stupid people reliably cause a lot of problems for themselves and others. The condition has no known cure.  Naturally, drug and alcohol abuse makes even smart people behave stupidly, but once they recover, they become smart again.  Substance abuse makes the stupid into imbeciles, and when they recover, they become stupid again.  They never become smart, or even average.

Slavery Seems Like a Pretty Good Solution to Stupidity

I have concluded that slavery became and remains a logically valid idea in the evolution of civilization because it provides a means of utilizing and protecting the stupid instead of slaughtering them.

As an alternative to the chaos, crime, and welfare abuse of inner city ghettos, plantation slave life made it hard on the stupid but much easier on city folk, while providing economic benefits to everyone concerned.  Today, erstwhile slaves now concentrate in ghettos of cities and suburbsurban ghettos where they abuse one another and all who might haplessly venture there.  The smart and productive have moved away from such areas or live in high rises or gated communities that ghetto types cannot afford. 

Meanwhile, race-baiters, claiming discussions about eugenics, slavery, and dealing with the stupid as a social menace, constitute a promotion of genocide.  Such reality deniers grieve over the abuse by the plantation's slave masters, but they ignore the replacement of plantations by prisons, where involuntary servitude fulfills the ultimate needs of common sense and the13th Amendment.

Eugenics Seems Like an Even Better Solution to Stupidity

I think it humane and appropriate to outlaw procreation of stupid children.  Society should declare it a crime against humanity to infect an innocent baby with a lifelong crippling disease (stupidity).  Society should outlaw procreation outside responsible wedlock, in the interest of children.

I do not see procreation as an unfettered right.  Procreation carries certain implicit responsibilities,  including the obligation and ability to maintain, protect, nurture, and civilize the child into adulthood when the brain has become fully formed (age 25)... unless society should consider babies as mere food storage units to be slaughtered after birth to feed people or livestock.  To fulfill responsibilities, people should not procreate until adult, educated, financially self-sufficient, and married to a similarly competent mate. 

That implies the need for a monumental sterilization project to prevent procreation by children, unmarried adults, welfare recipients, indigents, violent felons, the insane, and inferior or defective people.

Stupid People Cannot Graduate from High School

A person must have IQ above 85 to graduate from a normal high school that administrators have not dumbed down to accommodate the stupid.  I call people "STUPID" who lack the cognitive ability to graduate from a normal high school.  I call people "IRRESPONSIBLE" who have the cognitive ability to graduate, but fail to employ it as needed to graduate.  Either way, a person who cannot graduate becomes a liability to family and employers except in menial, repetitive tasks that would bore smart people to distraction.

Uncontrolled Stupid People Endanger Society & Civilization

Yes, all kinds of exceptions to that axiom appear to exist, such as autistic savants, artistic geniuses who cannot socialize or do school work. And many children have such terrible home lives that they hate school and do badly in it so as to call attention to themselves in the hope of receiving help.  Obviously, such people still need inordinate care.  For practical purposes, they suffer from stupidity because of their irresponsibility and inability to control their behaviors and produce ideal outcomes in life. 

Stupid people reliably make wrong decisions and follow them with wrong actions.  They do not solve problems well, and usually cause more problems in the effort, unless they have undergone a lot of training.  They bear constant supervision to ensure they don't hurt themselves or others. 

Therefore, the stupid should neither procreate nor vote. 

The USA Contains a Lot of Stupid People

I have calculated the following numbers of stupid people in US society:

·         Caucasians - 35 million

·         Non-Caucasian Hispanics - 25 million

·         Negroes - 20 million

·         TOTAL = 80 million

·         Percentage of US population:  25%

As to the 80 million stupid people in the USA today, imagine the impact in 75 years of sterilizing them today.  Now imagine doing nothing about them except to extend welfare to those who will take it, and to kill or jail them when they commit crimes.

What Happens as Smart People Disappear

As the Fertility Rate table shows, 5 years ago racial groups procreated these children per family:

·         1.8 White

·         2.4 Hispanic

·         2.1 Black

·         1.8 Asian

It takes 2.1 children per family to sustain a gene group.  Clearly, Asians and Caucasians, the smartest gene groups, will gradually die out as Negroes and Hispanics proliferate. 

Do not think of this as a trivial problem. It causes a drop in GDP, national productivity, and the tax base. It has become a huge problem in Europe.  Scandinavian governments have imposed draconian taxes on single people, and corporations and government give special benefits to smart people who procreate more children. 

Their problems have become worse because of immigration of relatively stupid people from Africa and the Mideast who suck wealth out of the welfare system, necessitating deficit spending and tax hikes on the productive.

I have proposed a government mandate that smart, fecund women earn ½ of a man's salary or wage for similar work.  That would force most such women to stay home, where they naturally belong, to bear and rear children and manage the household and home business.  Those governments ignored me, and now they have an ever-worsening problem of insufficient taxes to cover their costs.

Suffrage for the Stupid – A REALLY BAD Idea

All of the 80 million stupid people of the USA have voting rights except those judged mentally incompetent, those under 18, those with felony history, and non-citizens, and in some jurisdictions some of those restrictions don't apply.

The days have gone when only free white landed men could vote.  That constituted a kind of IQ and responsibility test.  With what practical safeguard against suffrage of irresponsible fools has Congress replaced that sensible impediment to putting fools and charlatans in government?

As I opine in my article The Seven Deadly Amendments, The 13th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 19th, and 26th amendments have liberated ignorant, irresponsible fools into the electorate and government, to no good end, and the 16th Amendment unleashed a sinister Mafia to bleed US inhabitants of the fruit of their labors in order to finance endless wars, care for the stupid and irresponsible, and debt service to owners of the banks who encourage deficit spending.  All of those amendments need repealing or modification to impose responsibilities, etc.

Suffrage for the Responsible – a REALLY GOOD Idea

At a minimum, America's legislatures should require all who would swear an oath to support the constitutions of the US and the State first to answer correctly 80% of the questions on a long constitution competency exam.  How else can one demonstrate having read and studied what one promises to support, protect, and defend?

That would result in a more prudent electorate. Subsequent elections would clean the scalawags and reprobates out of the legislatures, those legislatures would enact laws that would put the income tax monster back in its cage, dramatically improve the gene pool.

Our Duty to Identify Ideals, Inhibitors, and Strategies

We civilization philosophers have the duty, perhaps the DIVINE duty of evolving an ever-advancing civilization.  To accomplish that, we must first identify and agree upon the following:

1.      Civilizational ideals and their conflict with personal ideals;

2.      Inhibitors to fruition of those ideals, and

3.      Strategies and tactics for achieving the ideals in spite of the inhibitors.

If we can ever agree among ourselves on those, then the rest boils down to labor and tweaking to compensate for the things we misestimated.  If we judge rightly on more than half the identifications and work, and not wrongly on any major things, we will continuously evolve civilization to an advanced condition.

I happen to agree that life seems better when people can do as they damned well please, and society finds and locks away psychopaths and psychotics.  But unfortunately, the vast majority don't have our intellects and cannot accurately evaluate relative importances. 

The Consequence of Letting the Stupid Drive Civilization

As the numbers show, a quarter of the population reliably backs up wrong decisions with wrong actions, and will wreck the best laid plans IF allowed a full say in everything.  Because the stupid bear constant supervision, the have low value of productivity and they consume more resources than they contribute.

For a crystal-clear picture of this, take a look at sub-Sahara Africa where the people have an average IQ of 70.  When such people immigrate and procreate without restraint, the predictable happens.  They ultimately become the majority and hold sway at the polls.  They end up enslaving the smarter, more productive people for their support, through either crime or welfare abuse.  The smarter people get fed up and join the wealthy class and enslave others through debt, OR they rebel and slaughter the stupid.

Thus, the failure of smart people to enslave or otherwise control the stupid, and the failure to deny the stupid all prerogatives of suffrage and procreation, leads inexorably to the destruction of the stupid.  Why?  Because smart people will tolerate their enslavement only for so long, and then they will rebel and slaughter the stupid as their political enemies.

Thus, society must not allow the stupid and other irresponsibles to hold sway in the evolution of civilization because of two realities:

1.      The irresponsible cannot and will not create an advanced civilization; and

2.      Given the opportunity, they will destroy an advanced civilization.

I feel certain you will agree with me that creation and maintenance of an ever-advancing civilization lies within the purview of the identification of the above ideals.  Can we agree on the ideals of an advanced civilization?  Perhaps we should leave that for a future discussion, except for one point:  the smart should never become abject slaves of the stupid.

The bottom line:  liberty comes at the cost of commensurate responsibility.  The responsible bear full responsibility for enforcing that maxim.  Their failure to do so leads to the destruction of civilization.

Two Friendly, Stealthy Amendments to Cure the Problem

The recognition of the above realities has led me to postulate that eliminating the 13th, 15th, 17th, 19th, and 26th amendments should become a prime directive for those who want to advance the American civilization, for those amendments have put buffoons, charlatans, traitors, and crooks in charge of it.

I know of only one way to accomplish that in the face of theories of political correctness that encourage the irresponsible to control society - political initiatives employing stealth and camouflage to amend the constitutions as follows:

1.      Knowing procreation of stupid children shall constitute a crime against humanity.  Congress shall enact laws to prevent it.

2.      All who shall swear or affirm an oath to support the Constitution for the Unites of America or any State constitution or graduate from high school shall, as a first prerequisite, take a 100-question constitution competency examination in the American English language, and correctly answer a minimum of 80 of the questions. Congress shall enact laws in support of this Amendment, including but not limited to the following:

a.       Congress shall establish a panel of law professors from the top ten law colleges in the USA to formulate the questions in simple sentences that typical high school graduates can comprehend.

b.      Congress shall mandate more difficult questions for candidates for elected and appointed public office and for public and private school teachers than for high school students or those seeking to vote or obtain other public employment.

c.       Congress shall ensure that the questions and their arrangement change on the first day of every year so that instructors teach the constitutions rather than teach students merely how to pass the examination.

I consider these amendments both stealthy and friendly.  They enjoy stealth because they advance nothing offensive or harmful.  They have a friendly nature because they protect innocent babies, they hurt no one, and they ensure that only people with demonstrable knowledge of the constitutions can vote or take government employment.

These amendments will result in higher quality government employees, and a more informed, intelligent, and responsible electorate.  Furthermore, they will increase the Gross Domestic Product because it has a direct and high correlation to average IQ, and the amendments will significantly elevating the nation's average IQ.  See these articles for corroborating details on the correlation between IQ and GDP: 

·         National IQ and National Productivity the Hive Mind Across Asia

·         Smart Fraction Theory of IQ and the Wealth of Nations

·         Smart Fraction Theory II – Why Asians Lag

·         Intelligence and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations

A Humane Program to Utilize and Care for the Stupid

As to my comments about slavery, I merely make the point that people who need constant supervision because of their stupid choices and actions will otherwise hurt themselves and others.  Thus, they need ACTUAL supervision, and should not run around loose to victimize whoever crosses their path. 

While "slavery" seems like an obnoxious term, in a modern context, it implies certain treatments of the stupid and irresponsible:

1.      Humane treatment - kindness, management by statistics posted for all to see.

2.      Identification and tracking system for knowing whereabouts of care recipient.

3.      Means of the care recipient to report abuse and get instant attention.

4.      Circumscribed environment and restricted mobility

5.      Controlled communication with others outside the environment

6.      Protection from harm by others

7.      Constant oversight and discipline to protect others

8.      No access to dangerous weapons or vehicles

9.      Sterilization

10.  Sustenance - food, clothing, lodging, exercise, play, health care

11.  A modicum of privacy

12.  Education - Basic skills, harmonious living, Job training

13.  Gainful employment

14.  Families should remain together to the extent practical.

15.  Ability to earn the right to relative liberty

16.  No voting rights.

17.  Path to prison for incorrigibles

Masters must receive training in administering all of the above and show the financial ability to provide all the requirements and periodically report to a monitoring agency.

People in this category should have the opportunity for placement with affluent, smart families, for performing services in exchange for their sustenance and oversight.  Most will settle in and become loved, respected family members.  Within 100 years, relatively few will remain in society because of attrition.  Thereafter, Congress can establish a program for limited procreation of the stupid, genetically engineered for service as servants, household companions, workers in occupations they can enjoy that don't overtax their cognitive ability, etc.

When you think about it, all sensible parents provide most of the above services to their children, and only cut the children loose after having verified demonstration of requisite education and responsibility.  Only inhumane parents send their stupid children out into the world to fend for themselves, knowing smarter people will abuse them and turn them into economic slaves.

Man's Laws to Retain the Benefits of Nature's Law of Survival of the Fittest

Readers might want to know who I am to propound the need to reinstitute a system of slavery in America.  I am simply an American-born observer identifying a serious array of problems along with their causes, and attempting to engineer a humane cure.  I realize that the cure must embrace awareness of what happens when society passes laws that defeat the natural Law of Survival of the Fittest ("SOF") without finding ways to retain its benefits.

We have Constitutional amendments and a host of supporting laws that empower and protect the stupid and irresponsible, without imposing an iota of responsibility upon them.  I see that as similar to handing the keys to your family automobile and five hundred dollars to your 13-year-old child while you smile and tell her to take her chums out for a night on the town.

Our laws impose all kinds of responsibilities on business owners, and few to none on the employees.  Our laws give all but free medical care to the indigent and feckless without requiring them to give up the lifestyle of drugs, booze, and irresponsible living that endangers their health.  Our laws provide natal care for children without limiting the number of children career welfare recipients may procreate.

We have thus passed laws to defeat SOF by protecting the unfit.  We have failed to identify the benefits of the SOF, and to enact laws that preserve those benefits.

So why not start now to correct that deficiency?

The main benefit of SOF lies in elimination of the less fit from the gene pool and from society.  They tend to die young when nature takes its course.  It makes sense that if defeating SOF allows the less fit to proliferate and economically enslave the fittest, our laws should still eliminate the less fit from the gene pool and enable the smart to utilize and care for those who remain.  But we should not do it brutally as nature does.  We should use limited suffrage and a benign eugenics program, integrated with a family care program, to do it  humanely.  That explains why sterilization and controlled employment and care of the stupid makes monumentally good sense economically, politically, and civilizationally.

Voluntary Sterilization Can Become Popular

The program for sterilization does not have to consist of dragging people to the surgeon's table kicking and screaming against the procedure.  It ought to include bribes, propaganda, glitzy advertising, peer pressure, early education, and rewards that encourage parents to sterilize their stupid and inferior children at puberty and stupid or inferior adults to submit to sterilization voluntarily.  All violent felons and welfare recipients should undergo sterilization as part of the price for incarceration and welfare.  We should not forget that many states had such programs for welfare recipients, and Virginia had it as recently as 1974.

As I see it, society would save a fortune by handing $5000 to every fecund ghetto teenager in exchange for undergoing sterilization.  Otherwise, those children will procreate children and the whole family will become a lifelong burden on society, along with all the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc., who manage to survive ghetto life.  Even $50,000 might constitute a bargain to stop such a drain on the economy of the consequent cost of housing, food, clothing, police, courts, jails, muggings, health care, wasted education, and political chicanery.

Numerous Pundits Have Wholeheartedly Supported Eugenics

While many consider eugenics programs like sterilization of the stupid as politically incorrect effort at "genocide," most intelligent thinkers see it as both sensible and mandatory for an advancing civilization.  A society, they reason, should have no more stupid people than it actually needs.  Moreover, a technologically advanced society does not need many stupid people.

In spite of the bad name Hitler gave eugenics programs, Wikipedia's article Eugenics in the United States points out that Caucasian, Negro, feminist, science, and business pundits stridently encouraged eugenics.  They saw it as the only benign and humane way to improve the gene pool and reduce the cost of supporting stupid, inferior, degenerate people.

" Eugenics was also supported by African Americans intellectuals such as W. E. B. Du Bois, Thomas Wyatt Turner, and many academics at Tuskegee University, Howard University, and Hampton University; however they believed the best blacks were as good as the best whites and "The Talented Tenth" of all races should mix.[10] W. E. B. Du Bois believed "only fit blacks should procreate to eradicate the race's heritage of moral iniquity."[10][11]

"The American eugenics movement received extensive funding from various corporate foundations including the Carnegie Institution, Rockefeller Foundation, and the Harriman railroad fortune.[6] In 1906 J.H. Kellogg provided funding to help found the Race Betterment Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan.[8] The Eugenics Record Office (ERO) was founded in Cold Spring Harbor, New York in 1911 by the renowned biologist Charles B. Davenport, using money from both the Harriman railroad fortune and the Carnegie Institution.

"As late as the 1920s, the ERO was one of the leading organizations in the American eugenics movement.[8][12] In years to come, the ERO collected a mass of family pedigrees and concluded that those who were unfit came from economically and socially poor backgrounds. Eugenicists such as Davenport, the psychologist Henry H. Goddard, Harry H. Laughlin, and the conservationist Madison Grant (all well respected in their time) began to lobby for various solutions to the problem of the "unfit". Davenport favored immigration restriction and sterilization as primary methods; Goddard favored segregation in his The Kallikak Family; Grant favored all of the above and more, even entertaining the idea of extermination. [13] The Eugenics Record Office later became the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

"Eugenics was widely accepted in the U.S. academic community.[6] By 1928 there were 376 separate university courses in some of the United States' leading schools, enrolling more than 20,000 students, which included eugenics in the curriculum.[14] It did, however, have scientific detractors (notably, Thomas Hunt Morgan, one of the few Mendelians to explicitly criticize eugenics), though most of these focused more on what they considered the crude methodology of eugenicists, and the characterization of almost every human characteristic as being hereditary, rather than the idea of eugenics itself.[15]

"By 1910, there was a large and dynamic network of scientists, reformers and professionals engaged in national eugenics projects and actively promoting eugenic legislation. The American Breeder's Association was the first eugenic body in the U.S., established in 1906 under the direction of biologist Charles B. Davenport. The ABA was formed specifically to "investigate and report on heredity in the human race, and emphasize the value of superior blood and the menace to society of inferior blood." Membership included Alexander Graham Bell, Stanford president David Starr Jordan and Luther Burbank.[16][17] The American Association for the Study and Prevention of Infant Mortality was one of the first organizations to begin investigating infant mortality rates in terms of eugenics.[18] They promoted government intervention in attempts to promote the health of future citizens.[19][verification needed]

"Several feminist reformers advocated an agenda of eugenic legal reform. The National Federation of Women's Clubs, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and the National League of Women Voters were among the variety of state and local feminist organization that at some point lobbied for eugenic reforms. [20]

"One of the most prominent feminists to champion the eugenic agenda was Margaret Sanger, the leader of the American birth control movement. Margaret Sanger saw birth control as a means to prevent unwanted children from being born into a disadvantaged life, and incorporated the language of eugenics to advance the movement.[21][22] Sanger also sought to discourage the reproduction of persons who, it was believed, would pass on mental disease or serious physical defect. She advocated sterilization in cases where the subject was unable to use birth control. [21] ..."

Summary and Conclusion

I have identified stupidity and associated irresponsibility as the gravest scourge to hit American civilization.  I have shown how we brought it on by extending undeserved liberation and suffrage to stupid and irresponsible people.  I have suggested that, but for our laws protecting the stupid, "nature" would have killed most of them off or relegated them to their natural state of slavery.  I have proposed cures in the form of eugenics programs to eliminate surplus stupid people from the gene pool, a constitution competency test to keep the stupid from voting or taking government employment, and a modern system of benign treatment of the stupid in a system of supervision and care that limits their danger to society. I have shown how reduction of the stupid as a percentage of the population will increase the value of national productivity, increase the tax base, and reduce the economic burden on infrastructures and on other people.

Naturally, I welcome feedback.  Feel free to write me with your thoughts.  Just realize the counterproductive nature of comparing me to Hitler, calling me a bigot or racist, and other ad hominem forms of trying to assassinate the messenger.  I have brought you a message about improving American civilization.  If you can improve on my ideas, please recommend them.  If you find flaws in them, please recommend improvements.  If you want to denigrate me for opening the discussion, keep it to yourself.

I encourage all US Citizens to promote modification of the Seven Deadly Amendments to strip government of the power to tax people and enterprises directly, and to require responsibility as the cost of liberty.  I encourage all Americans to support amendments that require a constitution competency test of all who would swear an oath to support the constitution, and to outlaw procreation of stupid children.

We owe it to ourselves and future Americans to advance civilization, and that cannot happen with a surplus of unsupervised stupid people who enjoy suffrage.



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