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Many, many Galaxies DEEP in space 


The above article shows an image of Extreme Deep Space, a composite of 10 years of Hubble Telescope observation of a patch of sky.  It claims many galaxies whirl out there, far, far away.


This, of course, is nothing new to readers of The Urantia Book, published originally in English in 1955 by The Urantia Foundation, and now available in numerous other languages.  The Urantia Book contains 196 Papers and nearly 2100 pages.  The authors of the book refer to our world, planet Earth, as “Urantia,” which most readers pronounce “you-ranch-a.”



You can download a Windows Help File version of The Urantia Book here:


You can download a pdf, ebook, and audio version here:;


As to WHY you should download and read it, well, many reasons exist.  But with respect to THIS message, the book reveals the ACTUAL geographical layout of the universe of universes.  So if you read it you will know where all those distant galaxies fit into the grand scheme of our cosmography.  To that end, study these papers, which begin at the geographical center of infinity: - The Eternal Isle of Paradise - The Universe of Universes - The Sacred Spheres of Paradise - The Central and Divine Universe - The Seven Superuniverses - The Evolution of Local Universes - Physical Aspects of the Local Universe - Energy - Mind and Matter - The Constellations - The Local System Headquarters - The Seven Mansion Worlds - The Inhabited Worlds - The Spheres of Light and Life



The Urantia Book contains 196 Papers and nearly 2100 pages.  I have omitted from the above list all the papers that do not deal with the physical universe, except for the last which hints at the evolutionary destiny of our world.  The authors of the book refer to our world as “Urantia” (pronounced you-ranch-a).





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What if police favor whites over blacks?

What If Police Favor Whites Over Blacks?

Let us conjecture that police of all races favor whites over blacks, as 80% of the blacks and 48% of the whites in New York City seem to think (see below article).

Most NYC Blacks Say Police Favor Whites; Nearly Half of Whites Agree
A significant majority of New Yorkers say the Police Department favors whites over blacks, says a new The New York Times survey. That view, as widespread now as it was in 2001 when Rudolph Giuliani was mayor, is particularly prevalent among black New Yorkers, 80 percent of whom say the police favor one race over the other. Some 48 percent of white residents agree.

Concern about police favoritism comes amid intensified scrutiny of the department's extensive practice of stopping, questioning and, in many instances, frisking people. Last year, the police made nearly 700,000 stops; about 85 percent of the stops involved blacks or Hispanics. The poll found that a majority of black residents said the stop-and-frisk tactic had led to the harassment of innocent people, but most white residents viewed the practice as an acceptable way to improve urban safety. Among all New Yorkers, 48 percent said the tactic was "acceptable to make New York City safer," while almost as many - 45 percent - deemed the tactic "excessive." Most of those surveyed rejected Mayor Michael Bloomberg's chief rationale for the practice, saying they did not think that stopping and frisking suspicious people had lowered the crime rate or reduced the use of illegal guns.

New York Times

I have some questions about that.
  1. DO Police favor whites over blacks, or does it only SEEM that way?
  2. WHERE do police favor whites over blacks?  Only in NYC, or elsewhere?  Only in Northern or Eastern states, or all over the USA?  Only in densely populated areas, or sparsely as well?
  3. WHY do police favor whites over blacks?  Does it have to do with skin color or hair texture, or facial features, or with some other natural characteristic like excessive testerone in blacks, or generalized "black" behavior characteristics like clothing, style of walking, speech patterns, or does it have to do with social characteristics like a tendency to carry dangerous weapons, or could body odor have something to do with it?
  4. Does any set of facts explain or justify any favor police feel toward whites over blacks?
  5. Have police simply developed an unreasoned prejudice against blacks, or do the blacks they encounter actually provoke the apparently prejudicial reaction?
  6. Do blacks generally fear police more than whites do, and if so, do police detect that fear, and if so, does that trigger a police feeling of revulsion against blacks?
  7. Do whites have anything to fear from blacks, generally, that might evoke protective instincts from police?

I suppose I wonder most of all whether anything can correct whatever prejudice blights the police, or whether the facts of black behavior and interactions with each other and whites triggers those prejudicial feelings.

I believe average IQ has much to do with how police react to people of different races because low-intelligence people do not evaluate relative importances or solve problems very well.  American blacks have an average IQ of 84 in contrast to white average IQ of 100.

If we assume that police encounter people of every IQ level and race in about the percentage of time those exist in nature, then we can imagine that 20% of the people police encounter are black and half of those blacks have IQ so low they cannot graduate from high school.  By contrast, 65% of the people police encounter are white, and only 17% of those whites have such low intelligence that they cannot graduate from high school.  And those low IQ people behave notoriously stupidly, making many wrong choices about virtually everything in their lives, both privately and publicly.  Those wrong choices often constitute infractions of the law that attract law enforcer attention.

Now I imagine that police everywhere feel drawn to trouble spots - areas where many people break many laws or endanger public safety, justifying their arrest or some kind of police intervention.  If I imagine correctly, it seems only natural that police encounter a higher density of crimes among blacks than among whites, given the foregoing statistics.  Given that reality, I would say the police don't feel PREJUDICIAL favor for whites, but rather they feel entirely RATIONAL favor toward whites because whites exhibit a far lower density of criminality than do blacks.

As for the racial encounter rate of police, I imagine the higher density of crime among blacks has two effects.  First, police gravitate toward blacks because the community needs their law enforcement services more among blacks than among whites.  Second, the smarter blacks, like the smarter whites, tend to avoid crime scenes typical of ghettos - drunken brawls, gang violence, and random attacks for muggings, robbery, and expression of hatred.  In spite of any better way such smarter blacks dress and behave, they LOOK very much like the less smart blacks, so the police tend to target them even though they don't deserve it. 

That might constitute prejudice, but the honest observer can understand why it happens.  Unfortunately for smart blacks, they simply cannot become white in order to avoid such prejudice.  They can only try to stay out of sight of the police.

La Griffe du Lion pretty much put to rest any questions of black on white crime which might make police naturally suspicious of blacks around whites.  La Griffe wrote a mathematical analysis of US Government crime statistics in his 1999 article Crime in the Hood.  There he spotlighted the fact that black thugs prefer white victims.  He showed how government numbers prove that

  • blacks have 3 times the likelihood of committing a violent crime than whites,
  • blacks have 64 times the likelihood of committing a crime of violence against whites than vice versa, and
  • blacks have a 99% chance within any one year period of violently attacking a member of a white family of four living in an otherwise all-black neighborhood. 

Given the government's own proof of these points, I'd say that

  • whites abroad on the byways of America should become circumspect around blacks they might encounter,
  • the facts explain any favor police might feel toward whites over blacks, and
  • that favor does not simply boil down to racial prejudice.

Society can do only one thing to fix the problem of such favor:  ensure that future generations of Americans contain blacks of much higher quality than America now contains.

Why don't we civilization minders engage in national dialogue about how best to accomplish that?

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Citizens Must Excise GERPS Who abused Fein, Baron, Sheid... YOU the Next Victim?

Crooked Judges, Cops, and Prosecutors:  Gerps

They abuse lawful legal activists with arrests, convictions, and jail to stop the activism. I use the term Gerps in reference to  such corrupt/crooked judges, cops , and prosecutors.  Gerp means "Goverment Perpetrators of Crimes."  It refers to sole and collective government criminals who abuse the people under color of law or behind a badge of authority, flouting the laws and rules at will in order to stay in power and reap the associated rewards of misuse or theft of public money, or the iniquitous pleasure of grinding innocent victims under their boot heels.

We have a legal term for such abuse:  SLAPP - Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation.  SLAPP activities offend the public conscience because they "chill" exercise of rights, particularly the right to speak out against the abuse.    By "chill" I mean they suppress, and through the cost of defense, they punish public participation in Government, traditionally outspoken public activism against abuse by Government.

"The American legal system has been corrupted almost beyond recognition..."
Chief Judge, US Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, Edith Jones, speaking before the Federalist Society of Harvard Law School (February 2003)

Most states have "Anti-SLAPP" laws.  Florida has such a law, but I consider it quite weak because it covers only a small area of the SLAPP that actually occurs.

  • Fla. Stat. § 768.295 applies to SLAPPs brought by the government in response to the exercise of "the right to peacefully assemble, the right to instruct representatives, and the right to petition for redress of grievances before the various governmental entities" of Florida.
  • Fla. Stat. § 720.304 (4) applies only to homeowners in a homeowners' association. It protects a homeowner's exercise of "the right to instruct his or her representatives or the right to petition for redress of grievances before the various governmental entities" of Florida. The statute, which applies to SLAPPs brought by individuals, business associations, and government entities, further explains that it is aimed at protecting against lawsuits arising out of a homeowner's "appearance and presentation before a governmental entity on matters related to the homeowners' association."

California put most of its anti-SLAPP functions in the rules of procedure, leaving it up to California's crooked judges to punish offenders.  According to the California Anti-Slapp Project:

  • Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16 - California’s anti-SLAPP statute provides for a special motion to strike a complaint where the complaint arises from activity exercising the rights of petition and free speech. The statute was first enacted in 1992.
  • Code of Civil Procedure section 425.17 - This statute was enacted to correct abuse of the anti-SLAPP statute (CCP § 425.16). It prohibits anti-SLAPP motions in response to (1) public interest litigation when certain conditions are met, and (2) certain actions against a business that arise from commercial statements or conduct of the business.
  • Code of Civil Procedure section 425.18 - This statute was enacted primarily to facilitate the recovery by SLAPP victims of their damages through a SLAPPback (malicious prosecution action) against the SLAPP filers and their attorneys after the underlying SLAPP has been dismissed. It provides that the prevailing defendant attorney fee and immediate appeal provisions of the anti-SLAPP law do not apply to SLAPPbacks, and that an anti-SLAPP motion may not be filed against a SLAPPback by a party whose filing or maintenance of the prior cause of action from which the SLAPPback arises was illegal as a matter of law.
  • Code of Civil Procedure sections 1987.1 and 1987.2 - These statutes set forth a procedure for challenging subpoenas. The 2008 amendment to section 1987.1 allows any person to challenge subpoenas for “personally identifying information” sought in connection with an underlying lawsuit involving that person’s exercise of free speech rights. This amendment also added section 1987.2(b), which provides that such a person who successfully challenges such a subpoena arising from a lawsuit filed in another state based on exercise of free speech rights on the Internet is entitled to recover his or her attorney fees.
  • Civil Code section 47 - Defines privileged publication or broadcast and immunizes participants in official proceedings or litigation against all tort actions except malicious prosecution. This statute figures prominently in many cases. .

Florida, California, and other states need more comprehensive protection against SLAPP - protection that actually labels and punishes the abusers, much as they label and punish sex offenders.  Make no mistake, SLAPP constitutes a form of psychic and financial RAPE that personifies iniquity in government.

Legal activist Dr. Joseph Zernik has cited, and complained about in his screed below, three poignant examples of abuse by crooks in the judiciary and its enablers in other branches of government: 
  • Dr. Richard Fein, whistle blower and former prosecutor in Southern California;

  • Jeffrey Baron of Texas;  and

  • David Schied, a Michigan court watcher.

Anti-SLAPP laws did not help any of them prevent or prevail against the abuse or abusers.

Gerps - the Problem

That kind of abuse starts and continues nationwide because of lack of meaningful consequences to the Gerps.  I have suggested above, and you can see by reading the effete Anti-SLAPP laws of Florida, the suggestion that SLAPP happens because of misunderstanding or something, not by downright iniquity on the part of Gerps who abuse the citizenry for standing up to them.

Collusion and other corruption in the court system causes the problem.  Lack of effective means of relief and remedy, and lack of punishment of Gerps, perpetuate the problem.  Corrupt cops won't arrest, rotten prosecutors won't prosecute, and crooked judges won't convict or jail each other unless their own organizations turn against them.  The corrupt include judges who hand down patently unjust rulings, bailiffs/sheriffs/marshals/police who obey illegal orders and falsely arrest as court henchmen, and prosecutors who coerce 80% of the defendants into abusive plea bargains and prosecute myriad unjust cases.   All turn a blind eye to the malfeasance of the others in their evil good old boys network.

In reality, Gerpitude (Gerp behavior pervading governments) constitutes a form of covert war and treason against the constitutions through the flouting and betrayal of related limits on Government power. Such systemic treason continues unabated because of its popularity among Gerps and the lack of effective systemic tools available to the people for stopping it by apprehension and punishment of Gerps.

So, why do activists believe one can obtain relief and remedy through the court system?  Why do they believe that the injurious system ought to provide relief or remedy as a matter of policy to those who seek to embarrass it by monitoring, discovering, exposing, and reporting on  the corruption?

Minimum Requirement for an Activist - Witnesses

I have said repeatedly, and it bears reiteration, that

an activist must always have one or more friendly witnesses, and must record the incidents,

and obtain affidavits from the witnesses.  ONLY that can give any measure of security against false arrest and harassment by operatives of the policing and court systems throughout America.  Activists should record the incidents surreptitiously to avoid damage to and theft of the record and recording devices by officials.

The incidents identified below prove the sense of my assertions above. 

How to Handle a Bully

Now, when a bully taunts, teases, and beats you in public school, what do you do?  You yell for the guard, teacher, or principal to stop the abuse and punish the abuser.  Then what happens?  The teacher thinks you caused the problem and lets the bully go.  These days the teacher can't beat the bully's butt as in the old days.  So nothing comes of it, and the next day, the bully steals your lunch money, tears your shirt, and causes you more grief.    If you punch the bully back, the teacher catches and punishes you, and the bully loves it.

How should you handle the bully?  Well, you quake in fear and take it.  Hey it only lasts a few years.  Or you do as Jesus said and turn the other cheek.  That might reform the bully, but one must do that with a certain panache that you don't possess.  Instead, you don't alert the teachers by yelling about the bully.  You simply surprise and waylay the bully after school, jump on him, and beat the snot out of him.  You do it after school, looking carefully to ensure nobody sees you.   You do it alone so nobody tells on you.   You tell nobody about it, not your parents or your best friend forever.  Only then does the bully stop bullying you and your chums, and you stay out of trouble with the authorities for taking the law into your own hands.

Apparently, activists feel reluctant to treat Gerps like bullies.  Instead of reading endless complaints like those below, I might instead read the judge's or cop's or prosecutor's obituary, or a little column on page A40 about the judge having a car wreck, or his wife dumping him for philandering, the state's Judicial Qualifications Commission ousting him for bribe taking, his doing hospital time in the hospital for multiple contusions, his sudden and unexpected resignation from office, his taking of a job as a car salesman, his failure to show up for work, his relocation to Tahiti to learn French, etc.

Do I condone going outside the law to deal with Gerps?  No, I do not.  I encourage obedience to the law. 

I also believe that the true test of a spiritual being lies in the ability to make things go right.  One does what one must in order to keep one's self, family, and community safe, healthy, and solvent.  Period.  No maybes. Even at the cost of personal sacrifice.  No matter what.

Gerps Sign Their Own Excision Warrants???

Government exists to prevent, not perpetrate injustice. Every judge and other public employee swore an oath to support the constitutions.  That means the judges have no power outside that given in the constitutions, and the 9th and 10th Amendments mean we the people and the states have all the remaining rights intact. 

Unfortunately, no state or federal law specifically punishes violation of the oath.  I suppose legislators felt reluctant to make such laws because many government employees must often make judgment calls, they can make innocent mistakes, and legislators believe the public should not hold them accountable for those mistakes. 

I don't know about you, but that seems totally idiotic to me.  Why did your parents penalize your wrong behavior and reward your right behavior as a child?  To teach you the difference, of course, and to guide you to right behavior and away from wrong behavior so you could obtain rewards and avoid the penalties.  If we have no laws that identify certain behavior as violative of loyalty oaths, and penalize that behavior accordingly, then we the people will get precisely the opposite of what we intend.  And we will get that onerous behavior from every government employee, at the whim of the employee.  Judges and other elected / appointed officials have NO BOSS but the ignorant, often stupid, irresponsible, or criminal, people who elected or appointed them. If neither the law, the legislature, the executive branch, the courts, nor the people themselves catch and punish Gerps, then Gerps will continue their abuse forever, and more Gerps will arise to fill the boots of those who die in office.

Worst of all, Judges enjoy unqualified immunity for judicial acts, and both prosecutors and cops enjoy qualified immunity for their wrongdoings, particularly their tortious conduct that injures citizens.  No provision in any constitution bestows such immunity.  They have all aggrandized themselves with it, and now public policy enforces it.  That means they can, will, and do unjustly hurt people and get away with it, Scot-free.  And, sadly, they will do the same to you, given the motive and opportunity.

Unfortunately, we the people have no choice but to circumvent government authority, circumvent any prohibitive laws, and do whatever we must to excise the Gerpitude, and if necessary the Gerp, from Government.  It must happen suddenly, by surprise, summarily, without quibble or qualm.

What does that mean in practical terms?  It means the Gerp has no natural right to expect a "day in court." The Gerp waived that right when swearing the loyalty oath, and the Legislature perpetuated it by enacting no law that punished violation of the loyalty oath or denominating such violations as formal treason.  We the People must excise and dispatch the Gerp "without day."  THAT is what the loyalty oath means.  No criminal law penalizes violation of the oath because the founders knew that people won't tolerate abuse beyond a certain point.  They will rally together to tar and feather and run the Gerp out of town on a rail.  They know the citizenry will take the law into its own hands.

If evil state actors (Gerps) abuse your rights, they lose the expectation that they can remain safe from retribution, reprisal, and summary excision from Government, and possibly from the planet, for their crimes.  Thus, they, by their Gerpitude, sign their own excision warrants - they virtually beg for someone to take them out of Government authority by whatever expedient means the excisor deems expedient.

Furthermore, they know that by their Gerpitude they injure the Government (whose other actors refuse to excise or punish them), the electorate, and the remainder of the population by depriving the populace of honorable, lawful government.  They injure EVERYONE incidentally, not merely the individual direct targets of their abuse.  Thus, the Gerp's abusive behavior begs for someone, anyone to terminate the abuse and excise the Gerp by any means expedient and necessary.

Excisors Sign Their Own Excision Warrants???

Anybody with common sense knows that Gerps, particularly officers, naturally protect one another from reprisal by abused, angry, and intolerant citizens.  Therefore, the citizen must exercise extreme caution when considering initiation of a report about the Gerp's abuse to other government operatives.  By making that report, one paints a big X at the center of one's forehead, one that will line up with a Government sniper's telescopic sight, figuratively speaking. 

By that I mean if you make a report, the FBI or other investigators will suspect you as the culprit if the targeted GERP suffers some harm or mishap.   They will suspect you even if you only contemplated what to do to stop the abuse.  They will come after you, find you, arrest you, get the DOJ to get a grand jury to indict you or issue an information against you, get you prosecuted, and get you jailed and fined.  Or, they will simply kill you on the spot.  Only a fool makes himself such a target for counter-retribution.

If you raise an alarm about the abuse, the same thing might happen to you that happened to the three hapless men Zernik discusses below.  Government operatives might come after you, beat you, steal your possessions, and jail you for years.  You could lose your spouse, children, house, car, and boat, your 1954 Fender Stratocaster, your AK-47, your Barrett M95 .50 caliber sniper rifle, your other militia gear, your remote-controlled web-casting spy quadro-copter, your Harley, your bong, your porn collection, your iPhone 5, iPad 3, and iMac, I mean EVERYTHING.

Citizens Too Must Know the Law and Do Right

But, try to see this issue in perspective.  What if YOU, the abused, suffer from such ignorance or stupidity that you don't know the law, don't know your responsibilities as a citizen, don't understand the common sense requirements of life in a modern, fast-paced society in the land of the free and home of the brave?  In other words, what if you only BELIEVE the "Government" or some Government Operative like a judge or cop abuses you, but in reality, you make so many mistakes in your dealings with society, or the members of your household or workplace, that YOU actually abuse the system or those who run it?  What then?  What if you you have such a mistaken understanding of the duties of Government Operatives that you believe they do wrong when actually they do right?  What if they face impossible pressures and you become a victim of circumstance, not a victim of actual intentional abuse?  In all of these situations YOU have certain responsibilities to read and study and know the law, the rules of procedure, the regulations, the ideals of good government, and the ideals of citizenship.  YOU have the obligation to cooperate to minimize trouble.

What if the mistake in a question of abuse comes from your own intolerable and abusive or inept behavior?  You can hardly blame government operatives for lining up their cross hairs on you and making you a "person of interest."

I make this point to illustrate the difference between situations of the three victims Zernik cited below, and YOUR potential situation.  Your own incompetence or lack of literacy in the law might have caused all of your problems with Government. 

For example, suppose you believe that your "right to travel" means you don't need a driver license or license plates.  In that case you obviously don't understand Government obligations to ensure public safety by determining and posting speed limits, testing and licensing to ensure that only competent drivers operate motor vehicles which become dangerous weapons of destruction and death in incompetent hands,  and Government right to impose, levy, and collect taxes, such as driver license and license plate taxes. 

In that case, you don't realize that your right to travel safely on public highways must coincide with the rights of others safely to travel, and safely to stand near or cross public highways.  Immature and ignorant drivers following your lead might stupidly think they can get away with speeding drunkenly at 120 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone, putting the society at risk of terrible loss.  You and everyone else should know better than that.  So you can hardly blame Government Operatives for making you a person of interest for spouting such nonsense as "I have a right to travel, and therefore I should not have to obtain a driver license."

Everything I have written about Gerps falls within this context.  Citizens might stupidly made themselves persons of interest by flouting the practical laws of our land.  Government operatives do not become Gerps merely by arresting, prosecuting, and convicting people for their crimes.  They become Gerps by doing that to the innocent who have not committed crimes.  And the innocent have the obligation to use common sense and reason to stay out of trouble with the law. The innocent and stupid didn't just fall off a turnip truck or get raised by a pack of wolves.  They generally know the difference between right and wrong, and know they have the obligation to do right, even when they find it difficult.

Bottom line, I see no excuse for widespread ignorance or flouting of the law, except among the abysmally stupid who constitute only about 10% of the population.  That means I have little patience with and sympathy for Patriot Myth Mongers such as those who stupidly insist that their right to travel takes seniority over Government power and duty to keep unlicensed people out of the driver's seat.  You must do your duty:  learn the law, obey the law, and become disposed to using the law to obtain relief and remedy for injury.

Whoever stands closest to the snake has a duty:  Grab a Stick and Whack it.

Why whack the snack?  BECAUSE ITS POISONOUS BITE WILL KILL THE INNOCENT UNWARY BYSTANDER.  We don't hate snakes.  We hate the suffering and death that comes from their poisonous bites to innocent and unwary humans.

Gerps constitute society's POISONOUS SNAKES who viciously and whimsically strike the bystanders who don't feed and nurture them.  They often bite even the hands that feed them.  By "whacking" them I don't mean literally beating them to death with a stick.  I mean one must use common sense in defanging them so as to return them to honesty and lawfulness, or
excising them from government altogether

The laws of inertia affect Gerps.  They simply won't become honest again (if they EVER behaved honestly at all) UNLESS and UNTIL an outside force acts to make their Gerpitude far less comfortable to them than honest dealing.  Since we typically cannot trust government itself to apply the discomfort necessary to effect the change, YOU THE CITIZEN must do it.  Somebody has to do that onerous, dirty job, and the circumstance of your standing nearby ELECTS YOU to do it.

And that does not mean putting your life, liberty, and property in grave danger by standing up to Gerps through legal process without witnesses, buffers, and protection of some kind.  Standing up to Gerps requires not only fortitude and action.  It requires common sense application of principles of personal, family, and community safety, solvency, and longevity.  You know that determined Gerps will come after you and intimidate or kill you for threatening their hegemony.  So you should, unless you stupidity guides you, do it surreptitiously, anonymously, with great trepidation and caution, and decisively, possibly through agents, after carefully studying and learning the many means Gerps have of discovering your intentions and identifying you and your methods.

I believe spearheading the excision of Gerps while remaining personally safe requires intelligence, skill, and guts because it constitutes business.  If one must have confederates, one should select a few competent, discrete, and determined associates to achieve a quiet result.  Or, one must arouse a huge crowd across the county, state, and/or nation to clamor against the Gerp and demand excision, stripping of rights, and punishment - a head on a pike, so to speak - very noisy and public.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

I end my comments with this story.

In merry Olde England a calamity or summons by the king or local lord would cause the townspeople to raise a hue and cry through church bells.  Some bells announced prayer time or church services.  The alarm peals told outlying farmers/suburbians to come into town and help, and to bring weapons or tools they would need for the job at hand.  Sometimes the nature of the peals told the suburbians what kind of calamity existed.  Certain bell ringing meant fire, some meant invasion, etc.  In any case, it meant "YOU FARMERS GET IN HERE AND HELP."  When people responded

An English cleric named John Donne wrote about this in a famous "meditation" in 1623:

Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions



Now this bell tolling softly for another,
says to me, Thou must die.

PERCHANCE he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill as that he knows not it tolls for him.  And perchance I may think myself so much better than I am, as that they who are about me, and see my state, may have caused it to toll for me, and I know not that.  The church is catholic, universal, so are all her actions; all that she does, belongs to all.  When she baptizes a child, that action concerns me; for that child is thereby connected to that head which is my head too, and ingraffed into that body, whereof I am a member.  And when she buries a man, that action concerns me; all mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated; God employs several translators; some pieces are translated by age, some by sickness, some by war, some by justice; but God's hand is in every translation, and his hand shall bind up all our scattered leaves again, for that library where every book shall lie open to one another; as therefore the bell that rings to a sermon, calls not upon the preacher only, but upon the congregation to come; so this bell calls us all: but how much more me, who am brought so near the door by this sickness. 

There was a contention as far as a suit (in which, piety and dignity, religion and estimation, were mingled) which of the religious orders should ring to prayers first in the morning; and it was determined, that they should ring first that rose earliest.  If we understand aright the dignity of this bell, that tolls for our evening prayer, we would be glad to make it ours, by rising early, in that application, that it might be ours as well as his, whose indeed it is.  The bell doth toll for him, that thinks it doth; and though it intermit again, yet from that minute, that that occasion wrought upon him, he is united to God.  Who casts not up his eye to the sun when it rises?  But who takes off his eye from a comet, when that breaks out? who bends not his ear to any bell, which upon any occasion rings?  But who can remove it from that bell, which is passing a piece of himself out of this world? 

No man is an island,  entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were;  any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. 

Neither can we call this a begging of misery, or a borrowing of misery, as though we were not miserable enough of ourselves, but must fetch in more from the next house, in taking upon us the misery of our neighbors.  Truly it were an excusable covetousness if we did; for affliction is a treasure, and scarce any man hath enough of it.  No man hath afflicion enough, that is not matured and ripened by it, and made fit for God by that affliction.  If a man carry treasure in bullion or in a wedge of gold, and have none coined into current moneys, his treasure will not defray him as he travels.  Tribulation is treasure in the nature of it, but it is not current money in the use of it, except we get nearer and nearer our home, heaven, by it.  Another may be sick too, and sick to death, and this affliction may lie in his bowels, as gold in a mine, and be of no use to him; but this bell that tells me of his affliction, digs out, and applies that gold to me: if by this consideration of another's danger, I take mine own into contemplation, and so secure myself, by making my recourse to my God, who is our only security.

HOLY MOLY!  Just LOOK at the famous, quotable quotations in that meditation:

  • No man is an island,  entire of itself

  • affliction is a treasure, and scarce any man hath enough of it

  • by this consideration of another's danger, I take mine own into contemplation

  • The bell doth toll for him, that thinks it doth
  • never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee

I hope you get my point, you who read this.  Don't think I have scribbled this commentary for someone else to read and for you only to ponder.

The bell tolls.  It tolls for YOU.  Get off your butt, grab your tools for the job,  muster, and take action.  NOW.

Citizen Action Plan

  1. Live an honorable, righteous life in obedience to the laws of the land.

  2. Study the ideals of good government, constitutions, laws, rules of evidence and court procedure, causes of action, and litigation practice so that you can efficiently and effectively prosecute a case against Gerps.

  3. Communicate with elected and appointed officials; tell them what you expect and demand of them, and what you will not tolerate.

  4. Attune yourself to the behavior of Government employees - YOU CANNOT CONTROL WHAT YOU DO NOT MONITOR.

  5. Document the malfeasance of Gerps and the travails of others against Gerps.

  6. Acknowledge and honor noble, competent, honest Government employees for their goodness and service.

  7. Use private investigators to dig up all the dirt on Gerps, including their financial affairs - ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY.

  8. Learn to make the news media your friend and get them to expose the crookedness of and draw negative public attention to the Gerps.

  9. Become a witness for others, a "court watcher," and learn to write affidavits and give testimony against Gerps for their victims.

  10. Become a political activist to excise Gerps from Government and replace them with honorable men and women of knowledge and intelligence - campaign for good candidates, push hard to get them elected and keep them in office, inform yourself about the initiatives, referendums, and candidates, vote wisely  in every election.

  11. Find and use some method with minimum risk of harm to yourself and your loved ones of terminating Gerpitude and excising Gerps from Government.

  12. Run for public office yourself on a platform of honesty, integrity, competence, thrift, and adherence to the ideals of good government, then govern accordingly within the bounds of constitutional authority.

  13. Encourage and teach others to do all of the above, especially this:

The bell tolls for YOU.  Respond accordingly.

Bob Hurt.

On 07/01/2012 01:44 PM, joseph zernik wrote:
Imprisoned Court Watcher David Schied - The Judicial House of Cards and How it is Falling Down at the Expense of the People

David Schied protested judicial corruption.  David Schied was booked and is held under false records. The habeas corpus petitions are going up and down, repeatedly denied by the courts.  The case increasingly resembles that of the 70-year old, former US Prosecutor Richard Fine, who was held on false records in solitary confinement for 18 months, while his habeas corpus petitions, up to the Supreme Court, were routinely subjected to simulated review and fraud on the courts. The court system is corrupt beyond repair.

Anonymous recommends flying the flag upside down, a traditional signal of distress...

View as PDF:

Los Angeles, July 1 - "How many cases like David Schied in Michigan, [1] Jeffery Baron in Texas, [2] Richard Fine in California, [3] and many others from coast to coast, of obvious ridicule of the rule of law by judges, do we need to realize that the system is broken beyond repair?," questions Joseph Zernik, PhD, of Human Rights Alert (NGO).

David Schied, who has been protesting judicial corruption, was held and confined, and silently watching open court proceedings.  David Schied was booked and is now held under false records, stating that he was imprisoned by the authority of Clinton Court, where he had never sat foot.  The writs of habeas are going up and down, repeatedly denied. 

The case increasingly resembles that of the 70-year old, former US Prosecutor Richard Fine.  Richard Fine showed that all judges in Los Angeles County, California, have been taking "not permitted payments" (called by media "bribes") for over a decade.  His protest eventually required the signing of "retroactive immunities" (called by media "unlawful pardons") for all such judges. Soon after the "immunities" were signed, Richard Fine arrested and imprisoned in solitary confinement for 18 months. 

The Sheriff of Los Angeles County insisted on producing booking records that stated that Richard Fine was arrested and booked on locations and by authority of the San Pedro Municipal Court, which did not exist. Richard Fine's habeas corpus petitions, up to the Supreme Court, were routinely subjected to simulated review and fraud on the courts.

The court system is corrupt beyond repair.

Cases like this do NOT happen in civil societies.  Surely they do not pass unchallenged and patronized by the higher courts, as is the standard in the United States today.

12-06-27 Update - Redford Court Watcher Jailed for Alleged Contempt of Court
[2] 11-04-23 Habeas Corpus in the United States - the case of Richard Isaac Fine
12-03-11 PRESS RELEASE: Ex Parte Receivership over the Person and Property of Defendant Jeffrey Baron racketeering in the US District Court in Texas is patronized by the US Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit


Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2012 11:19:17 -0400
Subject: David Schied - The Judicial House of Cards and how it is Falling Down at the Expense of the People
From: "Trish Kraus"
Attached is a pdf of the precursors to horrific event. [1]

Many things have transpired since the last I've talked to you all. The
corruption within  the Wayne County Clerks office working in collusion
with the courts are apprehensible! Wow details to follow.

"NINE" Writ of Habeas Corpus have been submitted total not counting
Davids to every judicial branch in Michigan demanding release and the
written ORDER to why he is being held.

Below are some uploaded documents that you most have already seen.
David's Affidavit & Crime Report
Three filed Writ of Habeas Coupus'

The only good news is that David is going to be released at 5am in
Midland on Monday the 2nd. However they will not disclose if they have
added any time to his sentence after throwing him in the hole after he
submitted a hand written Writ of Habeas to a sheriff which was
returned to him. (illegal)

P.S David Lonier will you please print off the attached document for
me to reference at todays public forum.

A GRAVE miscarriage of justice has happened the test case for NDAA has
been put into place here. Further moving this country into the
Assemblies of We the People through Grand Juries.

It has been an extremely tough battle working the system the correct
way only to meet with corruption the entire way up to the US District

FYI, this is the first local mass media mailing.
"Please distribute this information to national and international
media the time is right!"

The battle is just beginning!

Trish Kraus

Contact: David Lonier
                                         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Tel: 248-373-9111

Court Observer Jailed
30 days for alleged contempt of court

Wayne and Midland Counties Michigan ­ June 27, 2012 -   After four
petitions (Writs of Habeas Corpus) to gain his release, David Schied
remains locked up in the Midland County jail.  On June 8th the Novi
Michigan man was committed by Judge Karen Khalil of the Redford
Township 17th District Court to spend up to 30 days in jail on a
charge of  “contempt of court” for sitting quietly observing a court
proceeding of which he was not a party.  There have been 4 separate
requests for the “Record of Action”, a transcript and an audio/video
record of the hearing at which David was abducted. All requests have
been denied.

Question:  Can someone be legally convicted of “contempt of court” and
sentenced to 30 days in jail without a hearing or case number, without
a transcript, without due process, without an audio/video, or any
proof whatsoever of having committed “any act which is calculated to
embarrass, hinder or obstruct court in administration of justice or is
calculated to lessen its authority or its dignity”?   Is an observer
of a proceeding, a party to the proceeding and would such an observer
be considered as “under the court’s authority”?

On June 16, David handed a guard (sheriff deputy) an “Inmate Request
Form” in which he crossed out “Inmate” and wrote “Captive” and asked 5
questions to which the answers were totally inane:
Why am I being held in jail?  Ans: You are sentenced to 30 days No Bond

What is the criminal charge?  Ans: Contempt of Court

What act did I allegedly commit?  Ans: Contempt ­ Write the prosecutor
for report & details

Who is the harmed party?  Ans: Clinton County court

Who is my accuser?  Ans: Clinton County court

What makes these answers so despicable is that besides there being no
evidence of “Contempt” as defined by the law dictionaries or
otherwise, David has never set foot in Clinton County court.

With access to only paper and pencil, David was able to draft his own
Writ of Habeas Corpus and submit it to a guard, who is supposed to see
that it gets to the proper authorities.  The guard later returned it
to David and told him that it was refused with no explanation,
whereupon David filed a formal complaint against the prison
administration, which was answered with more time in isolation (the
hole) and a threat of extended jail time.

David has several law suits filed against various administrative and
judicial actors who have committed various crimes against litigants
and the courts, several of which name the judge who ordered his
apparent kidnapping.  He had two deadlines to file court papers and an
appearance hearing scheduled for the time period of his incarceration.
 An attorney who has been helping David with his legal endeavors filed
a request for an extension of the deadline for his appearance hearing
and it was denied.

A fifth petition for a Writ was filed yesterday with the Federal
District Court, Eastern Division of Michigan and a hearing is
scheduled for tomorrow, June 28th.  In none of the previous hearings
was David brought to the court to make his case of unlawful detention
as is required by law.  Will tomorrow’s court hearing obey the law?

Those working to free David believe that due to David’s history as a
crime victims’ rights advocate, exposing judicial corruption and
naming Judge Khalil and Redford Township officials as defendants in
several law suits, as well filing with the Judicial Tenure Commission,
that the evidence is overwhelming that this judge is using her
judicial powers to retaliate against him.

Mr. Schied has earned a high degree of respect and achieved many
praiseworthy accomplishments as an educator, advocate and entering his
doctoral program in the fall.
12-07-01 Imprisoned court watcher DAVID SCHIED - The Judicial House of Cards and How It is Falling Down at the Expense of the People s

Boycott the US presidential vote! It only legitimizes the illegitimate...
12-04-15 2012 Presidential election votes will be counted in Spain
11-12-10 Where should Occupy go next? Civil Disobedience in the footsteps of Thoreau and Gandhi!
http ://
12-06-08 Courts and Judges as racketeering enterprises under RICO (the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) - key element in the current financial crisis
Secede! The US in its current form is simply unmanageable...
12-01-01 Secession - A Smart Business Move!
Get Up, stand up, stand up for your rights!
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
The 2010 submission of Human Rights Alert to the Human Rights Council (HRC) of the United Nations was reviewed by the HRC professional staff and incorporated in the official HRC Professional Staff Report with a note referring to “corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California.”
Human Rights Alert online
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Facebook Friends: 2,211

Take away justice, then, and what are governments but great bandit bands?
Saint Augustine, Civitas Dei (City of God,4.4)
"I think it's difficult to find a fraud of this size on the U.S. court system in U.S. history," said Raymond Brescia, a visiting professor at Yale Law School who has written articles analyzing the role of courts in the financial crisis. "I can't think of one where you have literally tens of thousands of fraudulent documents filed in tens of thousands of cases."
Reuters (Jan 22, 2012)
Foreclosure fraud: The homeowner nightmares continue
CNN (April 7, 2011)
About 3 million homes have been repossessed since the housing boom ended in 2006… That number could balloon to about 6 million by 2013
Bloomberg (January 2011)
"...a system in which only the little people have to obey the law, while the rich, and bankers especially, can cheat and defraud without consequences."
Prof Paul Krugman, MIT (2011)
"...judges tried and sentenced a staggering number of people for crimes they did not commit."
Prof David Burcham, Dean, Loyola Law School, LA (2001)
"This is conduct associated with the most repressive dictators and police states... and judges must share responsibility when innocent people are convicted."    
Prof Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean, Irvine Law School (2001)
* "Innocent people remain in prison"
* "...the LA Superior Court and the DA office, the two other parts of the justice system that the Blue Panel Report recommends must be investigated relative to the integrity of the system, have not produced any response that we know of..."
LAPD Blue Ribbon Review Panel Report (2006) /
"...corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California."
United Nations Human Rights Council Staff Report (2010)
"On July 26, 2010, Laurence Tribe, Senior Counsel for the United States Department of Justice, Access to Justice Initiative, delivered an important speech to the Conference of Chief Justices, challenging them to halt the disintegration of our state justice systems before they become indistinguishable from courts of third world nations."
Prof Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law School (2010), per National Defender Leadership Institute (2010)
"What goes on there is more like gulags of centuries ago."
"More than 100 law professors have signed on to a letter released today that proposes congressional hearings and legislation aimed at fashioning "mandatory and enforceable" ethics rules for Supreme Court justices for the first time. The effort, coordinated by the liberal Alliance for Justice, was triggered by "recent media reports," the letter said, apparently referring to stories of meetings and other potential conflicts of interest involving Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas among others."
More than 100 law professors, as reported by the Blog of the Legal Times (February 2011)
"The American legal system has been corrupted almost beyond recognition..."
Chief Judge, US Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, Edith Jones, speaking before the Federalist Society of Harvard Law School (February 2003)
* In a speech in Georgetown University, Senator Leahy, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee called for a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" on the US Department of Justice.
Transcript of Senator Leahy speech (2009)

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