Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bob Hurt's No-Excuses C.V.

At 67 I study law, write, play guitar, hug my wife. Check out


I own and operate all of those and more. I

- operate from home with zero supervision,
- type fast,
- write prolifically,
- shun to-be verbs and passive voice,
- don't need work,
- might take a job if it interests and challenges me, and I like the players.

I operate the "Lawmen" Google Group, a subscriber base of about 1500 law aficionados, for fun and to share information about law with others. I have posted over 4000 messages to it since May 2006.  I have written hundreds of monographs and at least two dozen technical books, most recently *Loyalty Oaths in Florida* and "How to Serve as a Court Watcher*.  If you Google them along with my name you might find them.

I have diverse education and backgrounds in

- computer programming,
- software engineering,
- electronic design,
- hardware and software manufacturing,
- production test,
- technical support,
- teaching,
- motivational speaking,
- sales,
- marketing,
- product planning,
- product management,
- business planning,
- technical writing,
- marketing writing,
- ad writing,
- designing software user interfaces,
- developing coding standards,
- product exhibition,
- managerial finance,
- managerial accounting,
- executive management (engineering, marketing, sales teams),
- corporate leadership (VP, CEO),
- civil law studies.

I have worked at

- Hewlett Packard Company,
- John Fluke Manufacturing Company,
- Mouse Systems,
- Orchid Technology,
- Control Data Corporation,
- a variety of high tech companies including my own, Data Depot Inc, which developed computer maintenance products.

I stopped working for a living in 2002.

Please convey this personal message to companies in need:

If you hire me, you'll wince at my price...
but you'll love the bargain.

So if you need help,
with anything at all...

give me a call.

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