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Why Cesium Chloride Kills Cancer

What Causes Cancer Cells to Develop

A trophoblast is a generic cell that can follow genetic patterns to produce other body cells such as organs, skin, and bone. A trophoblast’s only job is to reproduce rapidly. Trophoblasts are a normal part of body regeneration or rejuvenation. Until the age of 6 weeks when a pancreas develops and starts emitting enzymes to suppress trophoblast production, the human embryo is comprised mostly of trophoblasts. They are essential to the growth and development of the body.

The body produces trophoblasts as a result of impact or physical trauma to parent cells. Through mitosis (splitting), these quickly produce normal body cells in order to repair the injury.

However, toxins and oxygen deprivation can also produce trophoblasts. Researcher Otto Warburg discovered that cells which are oxygen-deprived produce trophoblasts within two cycles of mitosis. Enzymes and chemicals that surround trophoblasts can cause them to ignore genetic programming and start producing other, unrelated body cells in a helter-skelter manner. These are cancer cells. They have the form and general character of normal body cells, but they metabolize differently and are not related to the organ or area of tissue where they reside, so they debilitate the functioning of that organ or tissue, and, unchecked, eventually kill the body.

How Cancer Cells Grow and Affect the Body

Cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they can live without oxygen. They thrive on glucose, robbing healthy cells of that vital nutrient, and causing the healthy parts of the body to waste away while tumors grow. The metabolism of cancer cells ferments glucose into lactic acid. The acid reduces the respiration of cell walls, and prevents the proper intake of oxygen and elimination of carbon dioxide and other wastes. The huge flow of lactic acid into the blood stream from cancer cells overworks the liver and further depletes energy.

The lactic acid produced by fermentation lowers the cell pH and destroys the ability of DNA and RNA to control cell division. As a result, cancer cells begin to multiply unchecked. The lactic acid simultaneously disables cell enzymes and causes intense local pain. Therefore, cancer appears as a rapidly growing outer cell mass with a core of dead cells. Because cancer cells ignore DNA/RNA patterns, they mutate into any other kinds of cells that can more easily tolerate the toxic environment of the surrounding tumor. That is why cancer tumors often contain the hardiest of body items: teeth, hair, and fingernails.

The effect of pH on Cancer Cells

Researchers Brewer and Sartori discovered that raising pH above 8 in the area of cancer cells kills them. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 being normal. A pH lower than 7 means the body is acidic, and higher means it is alkaline. The body keeps the blood stream at a constant pH of 7.37, but the pH of cells and other body fluids goes up or down depending on diet and other influences. When the body becomes acidic, illness or disease is impending or present. An example is when a person has cancer. Therefore, it is best to make the body more alkaline so as to diminish illness.

Cesium Chloride

Cesium Chloride is a highly alkaline element. It is not the dangerous radioactive form of cesium. When ingested in bio-available form, it raises the body’s pH and oxygen content. In order to make Cesium Chloride effective, one must supplement it by ingesting Potassium, Vitamin C, Selenium, and Zinc.

What Cesium Chloride Does to Cancer Cells

Researcher Hans Nieper discovered that Cesium raises the pH of cells above 8 and oxygenates the cells. It limits the intake of glucose in cancer cells, thereby starving them. This diminishes the production of lactic acid, restores cell respiration, and reduces cachexia. Cesium chloride thereby indirectly kills cancer cells and brings pain relief within a few days. For these reasons, Cesium Chloride, with supporting vitamins and minerals, has been used to raise the pH of the body and thereby provide an excellent alternative or complementary treatment or therapy against all forms of cancer. A typical protocol is:

Swallow 3 times daily after meals:

2 grams Cesium Chloride
3 grams Vitamin C
30,000 units Vitamin A
30 mg Zinc Chloride
250 mg Potassium Ascorbate.

Picky Details (Don’t Read This)

The operation of Cesium in killing cancer cells is as follows:

Sodium makes cells retain water, and potassium makes them give it up. They accomplish this by exerting or releasing ionic (electrical) pressure on cell walls, creating channels that facilitate movement of various elements in one direction or the other. They thereby interact in a pumping action, allowing nutrients and toxins to flow through cell walls.

Cancer cells normally operate the sodium-potassium pump approximately 20 times faster than normal cells.

Cesium readily substitutes for potassium in the sodium-potassium pump, but cannot substitute in the potassium channel. This makes the cell retain both the Cesium and Potassium ions. As a result of accumulation of Cesium and Potassium in the cell, their ions cancel the potential gradient across the cell wall, thereby preventing the sodium-glucose co-transport from operating, starving the cell. This process starves cancer cells more quickly than it does normal cells.

Once Cesium a cancer cell it diffuses out through the cell wall very slowly, requiring more than three months for complete evacuation. Meanwhile, the internal accumulation of Cesium and Potassium ions can cause cancer cells to burst and die. It thereby not only kills the cell through starvation, but keeps it from reviving.

Because Cesium causes cells to retain Potassium, it thereby depletes Potassium levels in the blood, even to dangerous levels. For that reason, one must combine Cesium with sufficient Potassium in order to maintain healthy serum Potassium levels.

Other Alkaline Nutrients

Other alkaline nutrients that raise the body pH are:


In addition, enzymes are alkaline in nature, and certain enzymes are effective not only in raising body pH, but also in making cancer cells recognizable as foreign invaders so that white blood cells can eliminate them. Trypsin and Chymotrypsin are two pancreatic enzymes most useful for this purpose. They dissolve the mucous and fibrin coating that hides cancer cells from the immune system, and thereafter leukocytes and macrophages attack and eat the cancer cells. A diet high in cooked animal flesh conscripts the available Trypsin and Chymotrypsin for digestion, and that is why such diets help to precipitate cancer.

There are other cancer-fighting enzymes in fruit, such as papain in papaya and bromelain in pineapples. Pineapples are also a good source of Potassium.

Oh, By the Way

I just searched the National Cancer Institute web site for Cesium. The only two mentions are of the radioactive form used for radiation therapy. They need to get a life.

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Islam is a Bad Religion - Here's How to Reform It

Letter from Muslim Leader Kamal Nawash

I recently received this from Kamal Nawash, President of Free Muslims Against Terror:

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 1:45 AM
Subject: March Against Terror and For Freedom and Democracy

March Against Terror and For Freedom and Democracy

The Free Muslims Against Terrorism are proud to announce that on May 14th 2005, Muslims and Middle Easterners of all backgrounds will converge on our nation’s Capital for a rally against terrorism and to support freedom and democracy in the Middle East and the Muslim world. This will be the first rally of its kind in Washington DC that is lead by Muslims and Middle Easterners.

Join us in sending a message to the extremists and supporters of terrorism that we reject them and that we will do all we can to defeat them.

We also want to send a message of hope to the people of the Muslim world and the Middle East who seek freedom, democracy and who reject authoritarianism and the use of violence that we are with them and that we will do all we can to support them.

This rally is NOT limited to Muslims and Middle Easterners. All people are welcome to join us. We request anyone and everyone who supports our message to join us at the rally. We want to send a message to the extremists and terrorists that American Muslims, Christians, Jews and people of all faiths are united against terrorism and extremism.

We welcome all endorsers and we ask that you circulate and publish this message to as many groups and people as possible. Help us make history.

Free Muslims Against Terrorism

My Answer to Kamal's Letter

Here was my response to the letter:

Dear Kamal Nawash, President of Free Muslims Against Terror:

I really appreciate your work to unite Muslims against terrorism.

You and I know that, from the example set by Muhammad, Islam teaches hatred and violence against those who resist it. We also know that Islam is as much a force of social regulation and political control as it is a religion.

The Key to the Sins of Islam

You cannot eradicate the evil oppression, theft, torture, and murder from Islam until you do something effective to modify the religious documents upon which it is built. The evil in those documents simply must be excised. If that does not happen, Muslim hate mongers will continue to brew death and destruction in the name of Allah. That is exactly the opposite of what any right-thinking person should want.

So, I have a question for you: Why don't you start upstepping the religion of Islam to a truly benign religion?

Why do I ask this? Because it is obvious that if you don't work to upgrade Islam, rather than merely ignoring the brutality and iniquity in its root documents as you have been doing, you are therefore part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. Marches, and effete political statements are virtually worthless because they don't remove the cause of the problem.

The Cause of Islam's Support of Terrorism

Why are the root documents like the Qu'ran and Hadiths the problem?

1. They contain evil (encouragement to oppress, rob, torture, and murder non-Muslims who resist Islam), and

2. They tolerate the broad interpretation of both ancient and modern clerics as to meaning.

3. Most Muslims, even those who are highly intelligent, see the Qu'ran and Hadiths as being the infallible "word of God", in spite of the evil, superstition, 7th century social stupidity they contain.

Muslims are encouraged by those documents, and by their religious convictions that the documents are bona fide "word of God", to commit acts of murder, mayhem, and terror against non-Muslims.

How to Up-Step Islam

How can you up-step Islam? Well, here are some suggestions.

1. Abandon it in the trash heap of history where it belongs. Islam served a purpose of uniting desert pagans under the banner of monotheism. Now it serves as the laughing stock and object of hatred of right-thinking people all over the world, for it promotes terrorism along with belief in God.

2. Promote the excise of all elements that promote oppression, torture, murder, and holy jihad in the form of war or terrorist acts.

3. Encourage a return to the Gospel, of which Muhammad spoke so highly.

Interestingly, if you read the Qu'ran thoroughly, you do not find the points of that Gospel enumerated, even though Jesus spent his entire public ministry teaching it.

Quick Comparison of Muhammad to Jesus

If anyone had credentials to teach such a Gospel, it was Jesus. When you compare the credentials, words and deeds of Jesus to those of Muhammad, you see a huge difference.

1. Jesus - By Muhammad's own admission in the Qu'ran, and as corroborated by both the modern Urantia Book and the four gospels in the Bible's New Testament, Jesus had better credentials than any other prophet before or since.

a. Was the offspring of God (created by his spirit),
b. Was born of a virgin (Mary),
c. Was a perfect human being
d. Was a creator (made a bird from dust)
e. Was a prophet (spoke for God)
f. Was a miracle worker
g. Was the Messiah (savior)
h. Rose from the dead
i. Is a judge (will decide who goes to Heaven on judgment day)
j. Taught the Gospel (good news plan of salvation)
k. Claimed he was speaking for the Heavenly Father himself.

2. Muhammad - By contrast, Muhammad himself, according to history and his own admission, was intrinsically evil:

a. Was a thief (lead his warriors on raids)
b. Was a torturer and murderer (led his warriors to kill other tribes)
c. Was an oppressor (imposed harsh conditions on society)
d. Was an enslaver (encouraged the keeping of slaves)
e. Was a philanderer (encouraged men to cheat on wives)
f. Was a pedophile (married a 6-year-old girl, consummated the marriage at 9)
g. Was a warmonger (encouraged holy jihad)
h. Was an ignoramus (could not read or write)
i. Was chosen by Gabriel to be a prophet and pass on a revelation.

Considering the above, it is no wonder that Muhammad fomented hatred among backward people. And that makes it all the more surprising that modern, well-educated people of good will, feel it necessary to embrace his teachings while trying to explain away their gross deficiencies, such as those that spawn terrorism and social oppression.

More to the point, the brilliant credentials of Jesus, not to mention the dire warnings of Muhammad that Muslims should embrace the Gospel of Jesus, should impel truth-seeking Muslims to discover what his Gospel actually was.

As I mentioned, you cannot find an enumeration of the points of the Gospel in the Qu'ran, but you also cannot learn it from Christians because they are followers of Paul, not of Jesus. Therefore, let me summarize the Gospel for you and explain why it was such good news for the Jew and pagan religionists of 2000 years ago, as it is for the Muslims of today.

The Gospel

1. The Fatherhood of God - We should accept the fact that God exists, he is our Heavenly Father, we are his children, and he loves us.

Pagans believe in a multiplicity of gods, but Jesus taught there is only one God. Jews and Muslims do not see God as a father, but rather as a sometimes benign and sometimes revenge-seeking deity who will sometimes murder, torture, or torment his subject human beings. Jesus showed through his own behavior what a loving father is like, for he claimed to be revealing the nature of the Heavenly Father to the people around him. And he truly was a loving person.
The point here is that Muslims and Jews, while acknowledging God's love for humans, do not believe that humans can truly become like God. And yet that is what an understanding of the relationship between God and his children Jesus taught leads to. Children can grow up to become like their parents.

2. The Brotherhood of Man - We should believe that all humans are our brothers under God's fatherhood, and so we should love them and serve them unselfishly and lovingly.

Some Pagans see everything as an expression of God, and naturally conclude we have an obligation to show the nature of God to others. However, Jews and Muslims do not believe other humans are their brothers. Jews believe other Jews are their "neighbors". Muslims believe other Muslims are their "brothers."

These beliefs of estrangement from other humans leads Muslims and Jews to feel justified in cheating, oppressing, robbing, torturing, or murdering other non-Jews or non-Muslims, often in the name of God, or just because they feel superior to others. In fact, Muhammad's concept of holy jihad blatantly encourages Muslims to wage war against those they consider to be "unjust" against (resist) Islam.

Jesus, however, taught by example that we should love others, forgive them of their sins against us, and serve them unselfishly and with love in our hearts. Jesus' concept of brotherhood with all other humans forever put to rest any notions that we are entitled by superiority of birth or belief individually to lord it over our fellow humans. Instead, we were charged by Jesus to express the Father's love to them.

3. Faith in Becoming Like God - We should have faith in the effectiveness of the supreme human desire to do the Father's will, to be like God.

Christians, Jews, and Muslims do not believe we can ever be like God. In fact, Christians believe we were all born sinners and only the sacrificial blood of the crucified Jesus can atone for our sin natures. Jews and Muslims believe God can and will punish us in this life. All three groups believe God will punish the sinner or unbeliever in the afterlife by an eternity of hellfire. Many Jews do not even believe in an afterlife.

By contrast, Jesus taught that our progress in becoming like God will be rewarded in Heaven. He intimated that our progress does not end here on earth, but it continues once we get into Heaven, and that we can go on beyond his domain to stand face to face with the Father himself ("No man comes to the Father but by me."). He taught that we earn God's forgiveness by forgiving others. And he taught that we shall live forever by loving God and our fellow humans.

What is the purpose of living forever? The Urantia Book suggests many grand adventures are in store for us, commensurate with our abilities. Where do we get these abilities? By working diligently to bear the "fruits of the spirit," just as prodigiously lifting weights will enable us to lift ever greater weights, to the limit of our individual capacities.

The implication is that we ourselves may someday be sent on missions of grave universe import to the evolving worlds of outer space, in the name of God. As Jesus seems to many humans as an incarnation of God, perhaps we shall be similarly seen by outer space humans of the far away future if we are true to our trusts.

Jesus clearly indicated it is important that we seek personal perfection in our daily lives, that we show God's love to others, and that we be devoted to the Father's will. What is all this discipline of ourselves about if not to train us become more like God? And of what merit is that if not to be a more powerful and perfect expression of the nature of God to others at some future time?

Why the Gospel is So Magnificent for Muslims

Ambitions such as those embodied in the above three points of the Gospel are way beyond those enjoined in the religious texts of Jews and Muslims which tell people to be "good" so they won't be punished by God. The lure of the divine carrot is missing from those texts.

That carrot-lure is the prospect of being like God and with God in eternity, not simply to hang around Heaven and frolic with angels (as Christians and some Jews suppose), or to be waited on hand and foot by and have sex with virgins (as Muslims suppose). Rather it is to be the ambassador from and embodiment of God to future willed creatures on future worlds in the vast reaches of time and eternity. Who can imagine a grander adventure than that? Preparing us for such an adventure is the long-range purpose of our lives here on earth.

Up-stepping Islam, as well as the other religions of our planet, to such a vision is not just a good idea. It is mandatory. And that won't happen by simply ignoring the negative and bad parts of our religions. We cannot merely excise the bad parts from them, for even the good parts are largely blind and limited in scope. Even Christianity is so far from the religion of Jesus - the Gospel he lived and taught - that his religion is barely recognizable in the muck of the atonement doctrine.

In my opinion, the only right action is to abandon those archaic religions with their pagan roots and embrace a new religion based on the Gospel Jesus taught. Then we will not have to apologize or explain away inconsistent and illogical assertions that God encourages his children to oppress, rob, torture or murder one another for this or that reason, or that people should proclaim a sacrificial murder of a perfect, divine human being as an act of atonement condoned by God.

If you want to up-step Islam, the best way to do it is to read the Urantia Book, embrace the Gospel Jesus taught and lived, and encourage all your fellow Muslims to do the same. The enlightened among them will leave Muhammad's faulty seventh-century notions of religion as an instrument of social regulation and political control in the dustbin of the past.

# # #

The Cost of Illegal Immigration

Executive Summary
The USA is facing a Civilizational Crisis in the unchecked importation of illegal immigrants. This article explains how many lack the intelligence to compete for good jobs and therefore resort to crime and welfare abuse to get by. It shows how dependence on cheap immigrant labor discourages the production of machines and supporting infrastructure that keeps our civilization alive and prosperous.

How Illegal Immigration is Threatening the Survival of our Civilization

The Social Cost of Illegal Immigrants
When considering an illegal immigrant for employment (such as your housekeeper), recall that a 1997 National Academy of Sciences study found that an immigrant with less than a high school education will on average cost the taxpayers $100,000 more in government spending over her lifetime than she will pay in taxes.

You might also think about that when you are being pressured to increase the minimum wage.

To some people’s thinking, upping the minimum wage is necessary because it makes unnecessary the above-mentioned $100,000 spent by the government in support of the unschooled illegal immigrant (via medical services, welfare, education, and imprisonment cost for the criminals among them).

While we’re at it, let’s not forget that if the illegal immigrants were not here in the USA, they wouldn’t be taking Americans’ jobs. That means Americans would have to do them, and since Americans are spoiled into thinking they deserve higher wages that such jobs are now worth, employers would have to pay higher wages to get the jobs done, thereby making such jobs more valuable.

Then, more low-wage Americans will be clamoring for them, and no minimum wage laws would be necessary. It serves us well to remember that minimum wage laws were made necessary by the huge influx of illegal immigrants from south of the border.

The Impact of Low IQ
Let’s also not forget that the average IQ of Mexicans is 87. That’s just two points above the average IQ of American Negroes, putting Mexicans and Negroes in virtually the same category of intelligence, or ability to solve problems. Their general lack of ability to solve life’s problems results in their general inability to earn a high school diploma. Fifty (50)% of black American children fail to graduate from high school. Mexicans do a little, but not much, better.

Where do they go from there, if not to the lowest paying jobs? The US Government’s 2000 census gives a hint. 7% of the black population (and 10% of black males) is incarcerated at any given time. Non-whites comprise about 60% of the prison populations, in spite of being less than 35% of the population. And guess who foots the bill for this. Illegal immigrants?

No way, José.

With the current mollycoddling attitude about illegal immigration in Washington, I don’t see illegal immigration from south of the border shrinking any time soon. Meanwhile, thousands of illegal immigrants enter the USA every day. Those who cannot or will not get illegal jobs (yes, it is illegal to hire illegal aliens) resort to crime or welfare abuse.

Moreover, the low IQ problem is getting worse because of the imbalanced rates of procreativity between low-IQ groups and high-IQ groups. Blacks and Mexicans in America procreate at upwards of 4 children per family, while the more intelligent Northeastern Orientals and Caucasians procreate at less than 2 children per family. According to UN statistics, a procreation rate of 2.7 children per family is necessary to perpetuate a racial group.

With this decline of the brain trust of America, where will we get our future geniuses of finance, business, medicine, industry, science, and education? From a burgeoning gene pool that has an average IQ in the middle 80’s?

No way, José. If this trend does not get reversed, such as by limiting the prerogatives of procreation of lower IQ people, American civilization is doomed to become like those of Mexico or Central Africa. That is not a bright future.

The Impact of Immigrant Labor on Industrial Progress

One lesson of history since the start of the Industrial Revolution 250 years ago is that countries don't advance economically by importing unskilled workers to "do the jobs that natives won't do," but by substituting machines for human labor.

For example, because the Roman Empire exploited countless slaves conquered in foreign wars, it lacked incentives to increase labor efficiency through mechanization. Productivity never took off, and eventually the civilization collapsed into poverty.

In contrast, Britain, which, until the second half of the 20th Century, had far more emigrants than immigrants, had the right incentives for an Industrial Revolution.

And now the Japanese have become obsessed with the promise of robots. In part, this is because the Japanese think their mountainous islands are quite crowded enough without admitting millions of immigrants. Japanese officials recently compiled a report predicting that every household in Japan will own a robot by 2015.

In contrast, the US has largely abandoned a commitment to higher productivity and labor savings, and has instead begun sending manufacturing jobs to China and white collar jobs to India and the Philippines, while illegally importing millions of uneducated workers to perform rudimentary service jobs here.

For example, although previous generations of Americans had vastly increased the productivity of workers on Midwestern grain farms, efforts to mechanize California fruit and vegetable farms were largely abandoned over five years ago, because immigrants were cheaper … to the corporate farmer, although not to the country.

It’s true that robotics have not taken America by storm as Robert Heinlein predicted in his 1957 novel The Door into Summer. He assumed cheap labor would go the way of the mastodon. He did not predict the disastrous effect of the 1965 Immigration Act that made it more economical to use immigrant labor than to develop robotic machines.

Summary: Gloom and Doom
The picture of the future is clear. Because of our obsession with illegally importing cheap labor and our refusal to regulate procreation of lower IQ people, we are dooming the USA to and its civilization to extinction. It will take a wise president indeed to reverse these stultifying trends. I don’t think such a critter exists in among Democrats and Republicans.