Saturday, March 12, 2011

Analysis of Sarasota Sheriff Persecution of Joel McNair in Adverse Possession Ministry to House Homeless Families

Dear Sheriff Tom Knight and Prosecutor David Bouviane of Sarasota County Florida:
Please forward to Captain Bell and State Attorney Moreland.

I have attached my analysis of the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office (SSO) persecution of Joel McNair for Adverse Possession (AP), in which the SSO contrived McNair’s arrest based on false or misleading probable cause affidavits.  As I have indicated in prior correspondence, I believe this a political hatchet job.  I believe the complaining homeowners abandoned their houses because of foreclosure, and called the sheriff because they did not know about or understand Adverse Possession laws.  Instead of explaining this to them, you concocted a false basis for arresting McNair.

The attached analysis does not go into exhausting detail of all the probable cause affidavits.  If necessary to make my point to the press and court, I shall fully complete it. I have addressed the attached document to you two. I have included your press releases about arresting McNair, and the documents I obtained in the public records request.

I believe the persecution of McNair has already wasted a fortune in time and effort better spent on learning the AP law, detecting real crimes, and arresting real crooks. 

I want you to back off, NOW, and set a good example thereby for all the Florida counties by dropping the bogus charges against McNair, and leaving people alone in their adverse possession efforts. 

You should take note that the foreclosure plaintiffs don’t complain at all because they know they can get the property whenever they like, and the property fares best to have someone living in it rather than to become run down and to ruin property values in the community.  They know that AP’ers like McNair do them a favor.  You should have figured that out by now.  If you don’t like AP’ers taking property, then you should encourage rightful owners not to abandon it.

I shall send this message to the news media and encourage them to investigate your trumped up charges against McNair by examining the attached letter and documents so they can see your malfeasance and corrupting influence on the courts through filing of fraudulent affidavits.

Your persecution behaviors make me mad as hell.  Unless you stop persecuting innocents like McNair I shall surely campaign your opponents in the next election.  My Lawmen Google Group has 1500 subscribers who spread my writings to thousands.  My blog reaches thousands.  And when the attached document hits, Google will index it and disseminate it to MILLONS.  Printers ink makes people think.  You have the guns.  I have only my keyboard and the leisure time to do such investigations and reporting as you have seen.  Nobody pays me for my work and I do it as diligently as I can.  However, you get paid plenty for your work, and you squander your resources harassing champions trying put homeless families into nice little houses in decent communities.  What planet are you from?

I ask that you email me new documents in the case as you develop them.  I want a copy of any audio or video recordings on CD or DVD. Please let me the cost.  Thank you sincerely for providing to me by email the docs in the attached email.  I do appreciate it.

By the way, see the attached letter here:

Google Sarasota Sheriff Joel McNair and see what comes up first

Sarasota Sheriff Affidavits Warrants and Arrest of Joel McNair Nov Dec 2010 -


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