Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Texas' Proposed Domestic-Help Anti-Immigrant Law

Texas Rep Debbie Riddle

Rep Debbie Riddle of Texas wants to get "Tough" on illegal immigrants (Mexicans).

All except for one thing.  They can stay as "hired help" for domestic chores like housekeeper, yard crew, baby sitter, etc.

She thinks ousting ALL illegal aliens would upset the Texas Economy. "That just ain't the way we do it here," she might drawl with a sweet smile.

So, she has sponsored a bill in the Texas Legislature asking for her ideal anti-immigrant law.  Cheap labor can stay. The rest must go.

Domestic Services by Mexicans

I saw an example of this sublime "common sense" when I visited my brother Norogon in Houston last summer. 

One day I answered a knock on the door.  A handsome, smiling, clean young Mexican man stood there.  He wanted to mow Nororogon's disgustingly overgrown lawn.  $10 for the front yard and $10 for the back yard.  Apparently some people don't mow the back as often as the front because they have it enclosed with a wooden fence the neighbors can't see through.  So who cares if the back yard weeds grow a little high?

As I recall from 12 years ago, I had to pay $45 for a man to come mow my Florida yard.  I'd have LOVED the Mexican rates Norogon gets.

Anyway, Norogon turned the young man down because he had another, favorite yard Mexican named Pedro to do the work. 

I met Pedro a couple of days later when he knocked on the door.  He charged the same price, but he dressed more nicely.  He wore polished cowboy boots, tight jeans, a silver belt buckle, western straw hat, and western shirt with bolo tie.  He looked GQ GORGEOUS.  A little while after Norogon gave the go-ahead, I saw Pedro out mowing the yard in the hot July sun.  He did the yard work in his shiny boots, pretty cowboy outfit, and the bolo tie.  He certainly knew how to look good for his customers.

A few days later I met Chiquita, Norogon's house maid.  She cleans the place for him and charges him $30 a visit.

As she hustled through her chores I asked Norogon sotto voce:  "Are they illegal aliens?"

He replied:  "I don't know.  I can't speak Spanish well enough to ask.  Chiquita doesn't speak English.  And Pedro doesn't have time for chit-chat."

"But," I responded, "What if they're illegal aliens?  They shouldn't even BE here!"

Chiquita swished in from the kitchen and handed Norogon and me sweating glasses of iced tea.  Crushed mint leaves floated on top.  It smelled delicious.  She knew what he wanted without his asking.  She flashed an enchanting smile when she caught me eyeing her. 

Norogon  gave me that "You just fell off a turnip truck" look, and muttered "Gracias" with a wink to Chiquita. he slurped a mouthful of tea and munched a bit of mint.  He turned back to his newspaper without another word. I knew the conversation had ended.  I grinned to think that, apparently, Chiquita had taught him a little Spanish.

I have to agree with Debbie Riddle's sentiments, and Norogon's too.  I think it wonderful to buy a lawn job for $20 when the U.S. Citizen yard crews charge $50 or more for the same work plus, maybe, a little flowerbed work.  Most housekeepers charge $60 to $80.  Of course I'd have to charge Norogon $150 to clean his house OR mow his lawn.  Ugh.  Onerous work.

Flies on the Taco of Cheap Mexican Labor

But I guess that skirts the major question here, one that has Mexicans all over Texas protesting the anti-immigration bill.  They say it encourages slavery.  I consider it hypocritical.  As to US immigration law, it seems a simple matter of statistics and procedures.  Illegal immigrants ignore both.

And why shouldn't they?  Mexico's culture puts workers out to pasture, so to speak, as they approach 30 years of age.  By that age, most of them have a spouse and children, and they require higher pay than a single 19-year-old.  They come to the USA for work, any work, so they can feed their families.

Furthermore, any crackdown on illegal immigration will hurt worst those who help the local economy the most.  Actual hard-core criminals, drug and people traffickers, and street thugs will successfully run and hide from law enforcers.  Family people cannot afford such nonsense and will hunker down to avoid detection, or return to Mexico.  So, naturally the hearts of most Texans go out to such illegal immigrants.  Nobody in his right mind wants to see productive mostly law-abiding families get uprooted and forced back to a homeland that doesn't want them.

Guess what?  The popular American complaint about sending American jobs offshore to cheap labor gets somewhat defeated with Debbie's bill.  Unfortunately, the do-gooders in the state will soon demand that people pay the illegal Mexan immigrants a "living wage."  The feds will start prosecuting people who hire them for less than the federal minimum wage.  So even the traditional Texas hospitality will get ruined by federal law.  That will drive domestic service prices right back up to where Texans hate them.  And that will drive a lot of Mexicans out of work and onto the welfare rolls or into street crime.

Hard Questions about 3rd World Immigration

What does the influx of Mexicans and their high rate of procreation do to the average intelligence of the American gene pool, and what will THAT do to US Gross Domestic Product and competitiveness among nations?  As statisticians have proven repeatedly average IQ correlates directly, highly, and causatively to the GDP.  And Mexicans have an average IQ of only 87.  Thus, importing millions of Mexicans for domestic purposes will ultimately cause a dumbing down of the gene pool and lowering of the GDP and increase in infrastructural costs for the medical, housing, welfare, education, and criminal justice systems.  Do people seeking cheap domestic service actually WANT this unfortunate consequence?

Also, if illegal immigrant Mexicans get the cheap labor jobs, of which domestic services constitutes only one kind, what does THAT do to the employability of existing low-IQ segment of America's population?  People need an IQ of at least 85 to graduate from high school.  I calculate these approximate racial group percentages of the US population with IQ below 85, unable to graduate from high school or compete for the better jobs and mates:

  • Caucasians 11%
  • African Americans 7%
  • Mexicans and other non-white Hispanics 7%
This means that about a quarter of the US population has such low intelligence that it will, either through street crime or welfare abuse, become wards of the more intelligent and productive. So, an influx of Mexicans and reduction in the effort to return all illegal immigrants to their homelands will increase the glut of low-IQ people in America.  That will definitely displace low-IQ US citizens from their jobs, especially since illegal immigrants will complain less to authorities about employer abuse.

It would benefit America in the most ideal sense to import people from Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Northeastern China, and Skandinavia because they have the highest average IQ of all national groups.  Unfortunately for Texas home-owners, such people do not willingly become domestic servants.  Faced with such an obligation, they will simply stay in their home countries.  Such immigrants want to become scientists, engineers, educators, attorneys, doctors, entrepreneurs, and leaders of business and society.  You might ask your legislators why they don't set the low IQ limit of immigrants to 110 (the level needed to graduate from college), regardless of the nation of origin.

Furthermore, most of the smart Mexicans left Mexico a long time ago if they did not have ruling positions in society like those of finer Spanish ancestry have.  Now, the USA receives more of the "dregs," including aboriginal tribal Mexicans who cannot even speak Spanish, much less English. California has over a quarter of a million of such tribal aborigines in its immigrant rolls.  When these people get into legal problems, the courts have a hard time finding translators for them.  Since they did not integrate well in Mexican society, they surely won't integrate well in the USA.

America also suffers from importing systemic, endemic corruption at every level of Mexican society, particularly government.  This established practice has migrated into the USA with the arrival of millions upon millions of illegal immigrants.  It encourages graft and corruption in local, state, and federal politics AND governments.  It eats away at constitutional government like a malignant cancer tumor destroys the proper functions of the human body.

So the grand idea will sooner or later backfire on schemers like Debbie Riddle.  And in the final analysis this question reigns supreme:  why should anyone expect impoverished Mexicans to work an array of menial jobs in order to get by in the expensive Texas economy JUST because they have to skulk and hide from authorities?

Bob's Carefully Considered Verdict:  NO

The raw truth of above observations pretty much rots holes in Debbie's PollyAnna notion of letting the Mexican domestic servants remain in the USA.   It violates US immigration law, and greed motivates it.  You might compare it to the way raw bleach would rot holes in those designer cowboy jeans she wears out on her ranch.  It looks good at first blush, but on closer inspection, it looks bad, VERY bad.

My heart goes out to the Chiquitas and Pedros of America.  However, I know that the net effect of their presence in the USA poses serious problems for the nation as a whole, and for border states in particular.  Therefore, I say they must return to Mexico, regardless of how heartless it seems, if they have come to and stayed in the USA illegally. 

Congress argued long and hard to come up with existing immigration laws.  Everyone ought to obey them or change them through lawful political process.

Therefore, Vote NO on Debbie's bill.

Bob Hurt
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Heather N said...

I'm afraid you are the only one dumbing down our gene pool with your racist rhetoric. Because you are white you are smarter? Absolute nonsense. The only way to move forward is to provide QUALITY EDUCATION to everyone born to this world, white, black, Muslim, Christian, etc. I certainly hope your opinion is a super minority because hearing you talk makes me thing of Nazi Germany and other countries that deemed one race superior to others. There is no place for that mentality in the modern world. It is BACKWARDS thinking. We are all humans with the same potential, if given equal changes.

Bob Hurt said...

Heather, thank you for your comment. Let's look at the points you made in apparent anger.

Rhetoric only dumbs down the gene pool if somebody smart talks somebody stupid into irresponsible sex. I imagine that happens a lot. It didn't in this case.

I cannot imagine any racist rhetoric likely to woo a prospect into having sex, unless, perhaps, both agree with the rhetoric. Well, I guess that means I don't have much of a chance with you. Pity.

What makes you think me "white?" The photo above makes me look pinkish, but I generally look somewhat swarthy. Anyway, statistically I have a greater likelihood of having high intelligence than a Negro or Mexican, and a lower likelihood than a Korean or Ashkenazi Jew, merely because of the racial group to which I belong. characterized generally by approximate skin color. But as you have probably guessed, skin color does not determine or cause intelligence or lack thereof. I have nearly 50% higher IQ than the average American, so you could call me smarter than most, by a long shot. Don't let that fact upset you; The world would suck without smart people on it, but it would get along just fine without stupid people on it.

Wouldn't you enjoy looking forward to a world where the average intelligence stands 30 points higher than it's present average? What ideas can you come up with for raising the average intelligence by 30 IQ points?

The average American Negro does not have the cognitive skill to graduate from high school. Mexican Mestizos fare only slightly better. How do you propose to educate those who haven't the intelligence to pass our exceedingly dumbed-down high school curricula?

I remember seeing the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test scores for the year 2000 high school students. They lay in racial strata virtually identical to average IQs for the various racial groups, showing that a huge percentage of Negro students (close to half) could not pass level 1: getting 40% of the answers right.

Should we assume from these scores that Negro and Mestizo students merely have streaks of "bad luck" when it comes to academic or IQ tests? Should we assume that they can do far better in managing a career and family finances, choosing an ethical, qualified political candidate, performing well at a job requiring considerable cognitive skill, choosing a proper mate, or rearing children?

Bottom line, Heather, doesn't low IQ mean "relatively stupid?" Don't stupid people enjoy a certain notoriety for making stupid decisions? Doesn't the challenge of giving the same quality education to a stupid student as to a smart student seem just a little impossible, given the fact that stupid people simply cannot evaluate relative importances very well?

So, I say a quality education has serious merit only in the context of education smart people because only smart people can absorb and utilize it to good effect. The race, gender, and religious inclination has little to do with it, except indirectly; Smart people benefit enormously from a good education regardless or race, gender, and religion. Stupid people don't.

Continue to Part2

Bob Hurt said...

Part 2

Nazi? What do you know about Nazis or Germany? Do you know anything about the classical education system of Germany, or the fact that the population has an average IQ 4 or 5 points higher than the USA? Do you believe people should ignore all that they know about genetics from hybridization studies in crops and livestock? Do you believe society fares better when people procreate stupid offspring without restraint? Do you not know that the average IQ correlates positively and highly to gross domestic product? Do you not know that stupid people have far lower value of productivity than smart people? Will you use Nazi brutality and Hitler's iniquity in murdering Jews as some kind of carte blanch to denounce everything great that the Germans did then or do now? Do you not see Germany as the most prosperous nation in Europe? If you do, can you not see that such prosperity comes from superior genes?

You really should hope that Americans begin to wake up to their responsibilities to the gene pool, civilization, and future generations of Americans. America becomes stupider with each year that rolls by BECAUSE of absurd ideas like yours. Americans of good sense should find benign ways to implement eugenics programs to improve the quality of its people.

Did I say quality? Yes, and I meant it. A stupid person has far less economic and social value and quality than that same person with 30 points higher IQ. Sure, God loves us all the same, but in point of fact some humans are vastly superior to others. If Americans had any sense they would see this point and stop procreating inferior, defective, degenerate people, and focus on procreating the average and smart.

You have shown in your comments that you don't have a clue about important tenets of genetic and social evolution. Low quality people absolutely cannot create or maintain a superior civilization. The invasion of Moors into Spain, and occupation by them, for 800 years, had a similar effect to the Spanish invasion of IberoAmerica. The Spanish genes got dumbed down. Mexico has an average IQ of 87, in spite of the injection of Spanish genes into the aborigines there.

Also, because stupid people make stupid decisions, they get in trouble more easily than do smart people. From Wilipedia's article on racial inequality in prisons:

"At the end of 2006 the Bureau of Justice released a group of data that stated that there were 3,042 black male prisoners per 100,000 black males in the United States, compared to 1,261 Hispanic male prisoners per 100,000 Hispanic males and 487 white male prisoners per 100,000 white males."

Don't tell me you blame that on the racial prejudice of police, for that would seem like a bigot's view, surely beneath your dignity.

All of the states eliminated their eugenics laws in the past 20 years. Guess what. THAT resulted from "BACKWARDS thinking."

You have grossly misunderstood the nature of human beings. All have differing limits and capabilities. All have inherent capacities. No one, no thing, not even GOD can or will exceed those inherent capacities. A pint container cannot hold as much as a quart container. Some humans have more talents, higher intelligence, superior physiology, FROM BIRTH, and they actually have qualities, in those respects, SUPERIOR to others.

Generally speaking stupid parents procreate stupid offspring, and smart parents procreate smart offspring. Sure exceptions exist, but that doesn't concern us here. We can and must generalize when discussing human characteristics. Humans have different physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual abilities and potentials. THANK GOD FOR THAT. We should ensure that people get equal opportunity to maximize their potential. In time, the world's people will choose to simplify that by improving the gene pool, and that will include a significant increase in the average IQ. This WILL happen, whether or not you like it. You ought to try to get used to the idea, for your own peace of mind.