Friday, March 18, 2011

Spoke with Sherry Jackson this Morning...

I called the church office  and spoke briefly with Sherry Jackson this morning. 

The USDC in Atlanta convicted Sherry on 30 October 2007 of 4 counts of Willful Failure to File a 1040 tax return.  The appeals court upheld the conviction on 11 September 2008, and in February 2010 Sherry began her prison term in Florida's Coleman facility.  During her federal custody, she turned sick and nearly died from neglect.  When the word got out, prison officials moved her to a panhandle maximum security facility, eventually returning her to Coleman. 

On 15 Feb 2011, the parole board released Sherry a year early for good behavior to a halfway house 40 miles from her home in the Stone Mountain hills east of Atlanta.  She works in her church office for minimum wage, from which she must pay one-fourth to the halfway house for lodging.  In April 2011, Sherry will move back home, but remain confined and strictly controlled.  In August she will begin supervised release till February 2012 when she will go Scot-free.

In our conversation, Sherry seemed happy but somewhat guarded.  She spoke in hushed tones.  I loved hearing her voice again for the first time in over three years. She ended the conversation when the parole center called for confirmation of her presence at her workplace.  I took these notes of her comments:

  • Wrote 1 book on prison life, finished except last chapter
  • Must type it in when she gets home, then get it published
  • Has 5 books planned
  • Next Feb (2012) might get out to do public speaking
  • Won't do tax thing; Joe Bannister and Tommy Cryer already do okay
  • Will focus on women's ministry, like Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore
  • Lessons to others:  people need to know truth, stand up for it, become moral
  • Greed in Washington a moral issue
  • Has to get her own house in order before starting a new career in speaking, writing
  • Son Colin a junior in college, majoring in Chinese
  • Daughter a freshman in Georgia State nursing school
  • Family can visit her at halfway house on Saturdays only from noon to three.
"Can they visit you at church?" I asked.  Silence, then another call came in.

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Jock Doubleday said...

A true American hero.

Bob, is there any way I can help Sherry financially or otherwise?

Please friend me on Facebook, if you like:!/profile.php?id=100001359335487

Jock Doubleday

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MichaelM said...

Thanks for the update. Very good to hear and I look forward to seeing her finally and totally free