Friday, March 12, 2010

Civilizational Lessons from Göbekli Tepe

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When you first encounter a discussion about Göbekli Tepe, you think "Yeah, just some more stuff about ancient ruins." But after a while, you begin to realize these ruins have an extraordinary tale to tell. They show that a civilization of highly capable people flourished around 10,000 years ago in an area of Turkey between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, that it waned over time, and that it disappeared so emphatically that later people intentionally buried all traces of it.

Now you face a conundrum. Why would a civilization of superior people suddenly appear and then die out over a 2,000 to 4,000 year period of time? Why would later people bury it on purpose?

If you read the article at the above Wikipedia link, you might want to argue with the analysis of excavator and scientist Klaus Schmidt. He says the civilization started as a full-scale revolution based on religion. He thinks of the people there as hunter-gatherers. The area has a desert-like climate now, but 10,000 years ago the climate probably favored agriculture, even though Schmidt found no traces of agriculture. So, maybe they liked agriculture more than he thinks. And what about the religion gasis for the civilization? How does that make sense?

On the other hand, these superior people would naturally have conquered outlying tribes, had they possessed a bellicose nature like the North American aborigines. But they don't seem to have done much conquering, or their civilization might have survived.

The Urantia Book provides plausible explanations. Its authors explain that Adam and Eve lived to the West of Göbekli Tepe 38,000 years ago, and that they had numerous superhuman characteristics, but they did not eat animal flesh or vegetables. According to the Urantia Book and the Bible, the generations of offspring succeeding Adam and Eve lived ever shorter lives till they attained the human norm. They became increasingly human and decreasingly superhuman because of admixture with human genes. The descendants of Adam and Eve, according to the Urantia Book, created the civilization in the region approximately surrounding Göbekli Tepe.

What lesson do we learn from this story and from the facts of archeology?

A superior civilization can and will deteriorate if the people responsible for its brilliance mate with the dregs of the gene pool.

Of all the qualities necessary to develop a high civilization, intelligence (measured by IQ) constitutes the single most important. And intelligence has a genetic nature, other factors like culture, opportunity for education, and diet standing equal. Bottom line, a degenerate and inferior people cannot evolve a high quality civilization, but they certainly can destroy one.

Now let us look at American civilization.

The early Red Man of the lands of the US and Canada had both a spiritual and warlike disposition, genetic in origin. Because they could not get along even with each other they remained tribal and relatively low-tech. They enjoyed limited biodiversity. When the White Man arrived from Europe, Red-White conflict ensued. Because the Red Man could not defeat and would not serve the White Man, disease and war ravaged the red race, killed off the crème of their gene pool, leaving behind only the dregs as today's scant remnants.

By contrast, the White Man did enslave the aborigine tribes of Mexico, Central, and northern South America. And the White Man did enslave the Indigo Man, tribal people from Africa, bringing them to the Americas. For this reason, the Red Man declined to nearly nothing in population, while the Mestizos and Blacks in the Carribbean and America have flourished. They now constitute nearly 30% of the population of the USA.

But unfortunately this has not brought much benefit to the people of America in terms of intelligence. The average IQ of Indigos in the USA stands at 84, that of Mexicans stands at 87, and that of all non-white Hispanics stands at 90. Contrast that with the average IQ of 100 for Whites in the USA. Oh, and lest you think I pick only on Indigos and non-white Hispanics, I note that the USA contains about 35 million Whites with IQ below 85. Add that to about 19 million Indigos and 21 non-white Hispanic, and we have around 75 million sub-85 IQ people in the USA. They don't have the cognitive ability to graduate from high school, compete for the better jobs or mates, or avoid lives of crime and welfare abuse. Essentially, with the decline of manufacturing jobs suitable for them in the USA, they clog our courts, hospitals, street corners, prisons, and welfare roles, effectively mugging the rest of the nation and clamoring for support, ultimately at gunpoint through federal and state programs. This constitutes a genetic, not a racial, issue.

We have the leftist intelligentsia of America to thank for much of our decline of our gene pool and government integrity. Honest students of history will admit that the stellar growth in power and prosperity of the USA descended from its form of government AND the genes of those who founded it and developed the nation's legal, commercial, and educational infrastructures. But we see the same thing happening commercially in the USA that happened to Argentina, once an economic powerhouse, and now an impoverished third-world country. Deficit budgets and grand schemes to redistribute the wealth constitute more than the dreams of Communism. They constitute a proven toolset for destroying an economy and nation.

What does the gene pool have to do with this?

Well, to begin with recall America's beginning. In the early government only free white adult male property owners could vote. That guaranteed some degree of good sense and responsibility in the electorate. Today women, indigents, children, and the abysmally stupid can vote. When you mess with the law of the survival of the fittest like that, you will pay a heavy consequence if you don't take care to retain the benefits that law provides to a civilization. Predictably, the nation has nose-dived into economic disaster as a consequence. For whom do those 75 million stupid Americans vote when elections roll around? They vote for the demagogue who promises them change for the sake of change, and pork, free health care, free housing, nicer prisons, fear-based bailouts for the insurance industry, and so on. They just love handouts because they always get more than they pay for.

To make matters worse, the population of Indigos and non-white Hispanics keeps increasing because of virtually unchecked immigration and procreation by those groups. That applies also to the stupid Whites of America.

What conclusion can you draw? Do you think the USA heads down the furrow plowed 8,000 years ago by the people of Göbekli Tepe? If you don't, perhaps you ought to think it over a bit more and try to discover any factors that will prevent the USA from duplicating Göbekli Tepe's gravest of grave errors – the snuffing out of its civilization because of the gradual decline of the average IQ of its population.

What can anyone do to forestall the decline? Well, to begin with, stop with the political correctness already. Only by frankly facing the realities of the genetic science and the lessons history teaches us can we become honest enough to enact programs that improve the quality of the gene pool WITHOUT simply murdering the defective members of the gene pool. Any reader of this article feels who intimidated by this discussion should take this matter to heart, and not fret that the crosshairs of eugenics seem to line up on the reader's particular gene group. It is not your fault or my fault that the crosshairs line up that way, but it IS our fault for failing to acknowledge that and the need for benign eugenics programs to correct the problems before correction becomes genetically impossible.

If a set of parents knowingly procreate an utterly stupid child, those parents have for all practical purposes committed a criminal act against that child by committing that offspring to a whole lifetime of stupidity and the certain consequences of relative poverty and inability to defend against the far smarter folks of average IQ in the population. I shall go to my grave not knowing why we have not made procreation of the inferior, degenerate, and defective a crime. Eventually, a society must take control of procreation in eugenics-wise manner, or that society will go the way of Göbekli Tepe.

Now the $64,000 question: what will you do to foster legislation (including constitutional change) to keep the fate of Göbekli Tepe out of our future?