Friday, March 11, 2011

Political Hatchet Job Destroying McNair's Adverse Possession Dream to House Homeless Families

How on God's Green Earth can ANY government entity encumber legislatively protected Adverse Possession (AP) of realty in foreclosure when every state in the nation faces this utter disaster?

Foreclosures and Job Loss = HOMELESS CHILDREN

Sheriff Harasses AP Occupants, Hoping to Find a Crime in AP

I received a report today that a Manatee County, Florida woman who had to leave the adversely possessed house she lived in met a deputy sheriff who wanted her to testify against Joel McNair for some imagined crime.  She declined, telling the investigator that she loved McNair’s program for putting families into affordable homes, and considerd him an angel sent by God.

Sheriffs Harass APers for Homeless Ministries

Joel McNair, you might recall, spent nearly a month in jail and paid $12,000 to a bail bondsman after Sarasota County Sheriff deputies arrested him for scheme to defraud and grand theft.  They have not dropped the charges even though the Assistant State Attorney told Joel’s attorney they had no case and could prove no wrongdoing.  I examined the probable cause affidavits and found that at least one affiant seemed to have committed felony perjury, probably under orders from on high. 

Clearly, Sarasota County’s authorities intend to crucify McNair for helping homeless families get a house to live in through his adverse possession program.  The program hurts NO ONE and helps EVERYONE involved, including the lenders, homeowner, community, county, and law enforcers by increasing property values and reducing crime, and finding lodging for families who otherwise would have to winter in tent cities or sleazy motels.

Does that seem right to you?  Should politicians and law enforcers enforce a veritable Angel from God for helping suffering, homeless families have a nice place to live in – a modest home in a decent community?

Also, look at this thread between me and APer Cheryl Kissel.  She spent thousands of dollars paying taxes and fixing up the abandoned home she APed 

> Cheryl,
> I heard that the sheriff snatched you up from the house you had adversely possessed, and that you lost a bunch of money as a result. I hope you
have seen my adverse possession writings since I last spoke with you. 
> See the letter to the Sarasota sheriff at
> Contact Joel McNair right now -, or call 941 737 7919

Yes, the sheriff's used force and coercion to get me out of the 1st one and I DO want to go after them.  Can you believe in the wisdom of the County Commissioners...he IS NOT bonded!  I have hit a brick wall with admin court AND I guess I need to sue.

I do have a small claims hearing against the owner on March 1st to recover my expenses...but she is in foreclosure and I NEED the lien/judgement on hr house...not her personally.

I would LOVE to speak with Joel.  It's sunday...I'm available, but want to respect that others may not work on weekends.  352-419-6067

News reports indicate that Polk County’s Sheriff arrested 4 people for Adverse Possession recently.  Such harassment continues in AP (foreclosure) hotspot counties around the state.  Officials seem determined to persecute those who help others in the face of the joblessness and foreclosure crisis.

See my AP-related blog postings on this subject here:

If you disagree with Sarasota County’s abusive campaign against McNair and his efforts to help suffering families that have no other affordable alternative, maybe you should write to the Sarasota Sheriff and tell him to CALL OFF HIS STORM TROOPERS.  The deputies have made their rounds to numerous members of McNair’s program and interrogated them, seeking any crime of which they might accuse McNair.  They upset the occupants of the adversely possessed homes, and some flee because of police pressure and exposure to risk that the deputies imply.  Clearly, the Sheriff and possibly the State Attorney want to destroy McNair AND his beneficial adverse possession program.

Write your disapproval to the sheriff at this email address:

Ask yourself this nagging question:  Does the Governor support Sheriff efforts to undermine Adverse Possession law by arresting adverse possessors for Breaking and Entering,  Grand Theft, and Scheme to Defraud?  Does the Governor WANT thousands of displaced, impoverished families to hunker down in sleazy motels and inadequate, risky homeless shelters, when Adverse Possession programs like McNair’s shine brightly as temporary alternative?

Maybe you should ask the Governor personally:


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