Saturday, March 05, 2011

How Patriotism arises from crimes in government

I have published a variety of issues to show the spread of interest in the Patriot movement.  I have addressed issues having to do with the IRS, foreclosures, police abuse of the people, and so on.  I assert this reality as the fundamental theme:

Government Crimes  Stimulate Patriot Response Demanding Return to Constitutionality and Excise of the Criminals.

I see our government as essentially good to the extent its employees enforce the Constitution's limits on government power and its guarantees of the rights of the people and the states. 

When they don't do that they thereby invite their excision, whether by letter writing, voting, million man marches, Watts riots, guerilla assassination, or violent open rebellion as  the Declaration of Independence described and justified. 

The People will use the degree of physical force they deem that they must in direct consequence of the egregiousness of Government employees' crimes.  

Essentially, a criminal in government operates a shadow, ultra-vires (unconstitutional and unlawful) government under color of law and legitimacy.  Their ultra-vires behavior constitutes a crime of treason, or betrayal of trust.  Its iniquity monumentally exceeds that any crime committed by a street thug who operates openly as a criminal.  Why?  Because Government perpetrators of crimes (I call them "Gerps") commit the crimes under color of law.

Gerps typically disguise their crimes as lawful behavior.  And they encourage their enabler-operatives in ACORN (R.I.P.),  the Anti-Defamation League, and Southern Poverty Law Center to attack any who expose the crimes.  They accuse such targets as racists, bigots, anti-semites, anti-government, pro-lifers, homophobes, birthers, tea-baggers, etc.

Just as government draws criminals because of its potentially unbridled use of power and lethal force, so does the more militant side of the Patriot movement.  So, some people outside government can begin to commit crimes in the name of patriotism, just as criminals inside government commit crimes under color of law.  Thus, the People should see both types of criminals as dangerous to the state and the nation, and eliminate their presence in positions of power.

The press has the best opportunity to mold public opinion in favor of the ideals of good government, but to do this, reporters and their executive managers must understand and adhere to those ideals.  They can only do that by shunning special interest enablers who seek to demonize Government in general, or the Patriot movement in general.  Always must we journalists deal in specifics, encourage adherence of government employees to the constitutions and compliance to their oaths through destruction of any "good old boys network" that fosters crime or flouting of law and rules. 

The nation has far more to fear from Gerps and their enablers in the courts and partisan political groups than from overzealous patriots.

No single characteristic of government causes more disenchantment with government than the concept and unconstitutional practice of sovereign immunity.  Judicial immunity constitutes the most disastrous form of sovereign immunity because the people have virtually no defense against rogue judges who declare themselves above the law.

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Unknown said...

"Judicial immunity constitutes the most disastrous form of sovereign immunity because the people have virtually no defense against rogue judges who declare themselves above the law."

These maybe the truest words ever spoken.