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US Agents Steal Herbalist Greg Caton from Ecuador for Curing Cancer

Folks I write to you about a grave travesty of justice in the situation of herbalist Greg Caton. His wife Dr. Cathryn Caton writes her story below of Greg’s abduction from Ecuador, including the subornation of Ecuadorian officials. I ask you to read it, to visit their web site and Greg’s site, and read his story about the FDA destruction of their family business in Lake Charles Louisiana in 2003, his imprisonment for two years, his release, and their flight with their son to Ecuador to reestablish their herbal products business.

And I ask for your help, advice, influence, and any other action you can provide that might activate US Government officials to effect his release and return to his family.

I have known Greg and Cathryn since 1998, shortly after I created a web site devoted to using alternative means for curing cancer ( Greg had developed a product known as Cansema, based on the attached Black Salve Patent. Cansema had proven 99% effective against skin cancer. Because Greg told people about it and sold it, the FDA crushed his business and jailed him. When he got out of prison, he moved the family to Ecuador in order to continue to make the product available. He contacted me by phone just over a year ago to tell me the FBI had sent agents to Ecuador to abduct him, and he had narrowly escaped. He reported the incident to the Ecuador Government and it expelled two US embassy employees for their complicity. Now, a year later, US Government agents suborned Ecuador officials and under the color of authority, just kidnapped Greg and whisked him back to the USA.

You can contact Cathryn by email at gregcaton at and by phone at 830 299 3427. If you can assist in any way in getting Greg released and returned to his family, please do it quickly.


Posted on 11 December 2009 by Dr. Cathryn Caton


The latest...

Greg and I received residential Visa's to live in Ecuador two years ago. We reopened Alpha Omega Labs in the summer of 2008 here in Ecuador legally. We received all the proper permits to manufacture and sell our herbal products at that time. Greg did have 1 1/2 years of probation left to serve of his probation. He did have permission to fly back and forth from the US to Ecuador. Because of the corrupt FDA agent, John Armand that had Greg arrested in 2003, we made a joint decision to just stay here in Ecuador.

In November of 2008, John Armand, the corrupt FDA agent that arrested Greg in 2003, illegally tried to kidnap Greg and have him flown back to the US. He failed.

Shortly after this attempt, President Correa of Ecuador had two US diplomats expelled from the US embassy here in Ecuador. President Correa was fed up with the corruption of these officials illegally bribing Ecuadorian police and officials and illegally kidnapping people and flying them back to the US... and not going through the legal extradition procedures.

Greg was arrested here in Ecuador at a planned license check point by Ecuadorian police on 12-2-09. False charges had been brought against him. The false charges were that Greg was here illegally and that we were selling herbal products illegally. At the first hearing before a judge, we proved our innocence and that the charges were totally false. The judge signed papers to have Greg released from jail. The police chief is over jail inmates as to if they are released or not. The police chief had already been pressured and bribed by the US. He signed paper work to deport Greg... illegally.

We appealed the police chief's decision. At the second hearing, the Judge froze and said he was not qualified to make a decision. A US consolate official was at the hearing. Some Ecuadorian Judges have residential Visa's is the US and do not want to piss off the US.

We filed another appeal and had this appeal approved. The hearing was scheduled for next Monday or Tuesday. I received a phone call from Greg this morning. He told me that what ever legal work we were doing was not working. He was at the airport getting ready to be flown out. I immediately called our assistant who called our attorney who called the new Judge. This new judge drove to the chief of police to release him of his authority. The Judge then drove to the airport to stop immigration from deporting Greg. They had him flying out on American airlines flight no. 952 from Guayaquil Ecuador to Miami Florida. The immigration officials heard of the Judge coming and put Greg on the plane. They told this Ecuadorian judge that had the legal paper work that Greg was not to leave the country, that he was on American property and could not be removed. The Judge talked to American airlines and they would not listen. The Judge talked to the airport tower to have the Americal airline flight stopped. American airlines and the pilot would not listen. The Judge called a general in the Ecuadorian military to have the plane stop and land in Quito... American airlines would not listen.

I have not heard from my husband since.

What the US did was totally illegal according to Ecuadorian law.

Greg is the writer in the family. He wrote about his case in an online book that he

Also, please read his newsletters that he posted on our website called the Ashwin's at

We have to stand together to fight this evil. Anyone that has cured themselves naturally from any disease needs to stand up and tell their story. After Greg's arrest in 2003 by the FDA and our herbal company was shut down, one of the phone calls that we received was from a women that had cured herself of breast cancer using our products. She had tried to get her story told on the Opra Winfrey show. She was told that they could not air here story because they were supported by the pharmacuetical companies. So here is Opra of the most influential, wealthy personalities on the planet... controlled by the pharmaceutical companies.

I challenge any one that has cured themselves naturally of any disease to stand up and fight and get your story told in the main stream media. We have to stand up and fight this evil.

Cathryn Caton,N.D.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Official Google Blog: Finding the laws that govern us

Official Google Blog: Finding the laws that govern us

Google has established Google Scholar ( to help people with detailed scientific and academic knowledge.

Google Scholar should warehouse the entire contents of Jon Roland's because, among other things, it contains the searchable, scanned Statutes at Large up through 2007. No government web site contains such a reference, to their everlasting shame.