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Why I prefer the term Negro or Indigo over African American

Why I prefer the term Negro or Indigo over African American

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I use the respectful and polite term "Negro" or "Indigo" rather than "African American" or any other “politically correct” term-du-jour, as a descriptor of a person or group of predominantly Negro or Indigo ancestry.  In this commentary, I shall mostly use the term Indigo, or Indigos to refer to one or more Indigo people, and Indigoid to refer to physical, cultural, mental, or behavioral characteristics typical of Indigos.  I also consider Negro, Negroes, and Negroid just as appropriate, but I use the Indigo root to avoid any possible concern over pejorative intent.

I use the term Negro or Indigo to clarify meaning in reference to race, since many descendants of Africans have predominantly Caucasian, Indian, Berber, or Bedouin ancestry, and because Indigos do not constitute the only race of people living in Africa now or in historical times.  The following selective excerpts from Paper 64 of The Urantia Book corroborate this fact.

From The Urantia Book, Part 3, Paper 64, The Evolutionary Races of Color

[Editor’s Glossary:  Urantia – the name of planet Earth; Andon and Fonta – names of the first two humans, evolved from lower-ordered primates about 1,000,000 years ago; Badonan – a tribe descended from Andon and Fonta; Sangik – generally means one of the 6 colored races; Adam and Eve – supehumans materialized on this world as biologic uplifters of all races.]

64:5.1 500,000 years ago the Badonan tribes of the northwestern highlands of India became involved in another great racial struggle. For more than one hundred years this relentless warfare raged, and when the long fight was finished, only about one hundred families were left. But these survivors were the most intelligent and desirable of all the then living descendants of Andon and Fonta.

64:5.2 And now, among these highland Badonites there was a new and strange occurrence. A man and woman living in the northeastern part of the then inhabited highland region began suddenly to produce a family of unusually intelligent children. This was the Sangik family, the ancestors of all of the six colored races of Urantia.

64:5.3 These Sangik children, nineteen in number, were not only intelligent above their fellows, but their skins manifested a unique tendency to turn various colors upon exposure to sunlight. Among these nineteen children were five red, two orange, four yellow, two green, four blue, and two indigo. These colors became more pronounced as the children grew older, and when these youths later mated with their fellow tribesmen, all of their offspring tended toward the skin color of the Sangik parent.

64:5.4 And now I interrupt the chronological narrative, after calling attention to the arrival of the Planetary Prince at about this time, while we separately consider the six Sangik races of Urantia.

64:6.1 On an average evolutionary planet the six evolutionary races of color appear one by one; the red man is the first to evolve, and for ages he roams the world before the succeeding colored races make their appearance. The simultaneous emergence of all six races on Urantia, and in one family, was most unusual.

64:6.24 The European researches and explorations of the Old Stone Age have largely to do with unearthing the tools, bones, and artcraft of these ancient blue men, for they persisted in Europe until recent times. The so-called white races of Urantia are the descendants of these blue men as they were first modified by slight mixture with yellow and red, and as they were later greatly upstepped by assimilating the greater portion of the violet race.

64:6.25 6. The indigo race. As the red men were the most advanced of all the Sangik peoples, so the black men were the least progressive. They were the last to migrate from their highland homes. They journeyed to Africa, taking possession of the continent, and have ever since remained there except when they have been forcibly taken away, from age to age, as slaves.

64:6.26 Isolated in Africa, the indigo peoples, like the red man, received little or none of the race elevation which would have been derived from the infusion of the Adamic stock. Alone in Africa, the indigo race made little advancement until the days of Orvonon, when they experienced a great spiritual awakening. While they later almost entirely forgot the “God of Gods” proclaimed by Orvonon, they did not entirely lose the desire to worship the Unknown; at least they maintained a form of worship up to a few thousand years ago.

64:6.27 Notwithstanding their backwardness, these indigo peoples have exactly the same standing before the celestial powers as any other earthly race.

64:6.30 There are many good and sufficient reasons for the plan of evolving either three or six colored races on the worlds of space. Though Urantia mortals may not be in a position fully to appreciate all of these reasons, we would call attention to the following:

·          1. Variety is indispensable to opportunity for the wide functioning of natural selection, differential survival of superior strains.

·          2. Stronger and better races are to be had from the interbreeding of diverse peoples when these different races are carriers of superior inheritance factors. And the Urantia races would have benefited by such an early amalgamation provided such a conjoint people could have been subsequently effectively upstepped by a thoroughgoing admixture with the superior Adamic stock. The attempt to execute such an experiment on Urantia under present racial conditions would be highly disastrous.

·          3. Competition is healthfully stimulated by diversification of races.

·          4. Differences in status of the races and of groups within each race are essential to the development of human tolerance and altruism.

·          5. Homogeneity of the human race is not desirable until the peoples of an evolving world attain comparatively high levels of spiritual development.

64:7.3 Between the times of the Planetary Prince and Adam, India became the home of the most cosmopolitan population ever to be found on the face of the earth. But it was unfortunate that this mixture came to contain so much of the green, orange, and indigo races. These secondary Sangik peoples found existence more easy and agreeable in the southlands, and many of them subsequently migrated to Africa. The primary Sangik peoples, the superior races, avoided the tropics, the red man going northeast to Asia, closely followed by the yellow man, while the blue race moved northwest into Europe.

64:7.12 All efforts to identify the Sangik ancestry of modern peoples must take into account the later improvement of the racial strains by the subsequent admixture of Adamic blood.

64:7.13 The superior races sought the northern or temperate climes, while the orange, green, and indigo races successively gravitated to Africa over the newly elevated land bridge which separated the westward retreating Mediterranean from the Indian Ocean.

64:7.14 The last of the Sangik peoples to migrate from their center of race origin was the indigo man. About the time the green man was killing off the orange race in Egypt and greatly weakening himself in so doing, the great black exodus started south through Palestine along the coast; and later, when these physically strong indigo peoples overran Egypt, they wiped the green man out of existence by sheer force of numbers. These indigo races absorbed the remnants of the orange man and much of the stock of the green man, and certain of the indigo tribes were considerably improved by this racial amalgamation.

64:7.15 And so it appears that Egypt was first dominated by the orange man, then by the green, followed by the indigo (black) man, and still later by a mongrel race of indigo, blue, and modified green men. But long before Adam arrived, the blue men of Europe and the mixed races of Arabia had driven the indigo race out of Egypt and far south on the African continent.

64:7.16 As the Sangik migrations draw to a close, the green and orange races are gone, the red man holds North America, the yellow man eastern Asia, the blue man Europe, and the indigo race has gravitated to Africa. India harbors a blend of the secondary Sangik races, and the brown man, a blend of the red and yellow, holds the islands off the Asiatic coast. An amalgamated race of rather superior potential occupies the highlands of South America. The purer Andonites live in the extreme northern regions of Europe and in Iceland, Greenland, and northeastern North America.

Thus in modern times, the ancestors of all Indigos originated at some point in Africa, but other races live there and people of other races, including many Caucasians, originate there.  So, All Indigos have African origin, but not all African origin people belong predominantly to the Indigo race.  While the dark-skinned people of Africa bear similarity to those of Australia and India, their other racial characteristics also differ considerably.  Therefore, we should not refer to dark-skinned people of Australia or India as Indigos.

Truly politically correct people should refrain from using the term African American because non-Indigo Africans might feel insulted by it. I see the evolution of and insistence upon use of the term African American as politically incorrect pandering to Indigos who generally seek to embarrass other racial groups over using any term at all to refer to people of the Indigo race.  And perhaps Indigo pundits feel so embarrassed over the uncivilized behavior of thuggish or riotous Indigos in inner cities that they want a more sophisticated term to distinguish themselves, so they insist on referring to U.S. members of their race as African American.

But to me, the term Negro or Indigo seems accurate, historically appropriate, respectful, and not tinged by racism, anti-racism, or phony political correctness intended to embarrass Caucasians into ignoring blatant racial differences and racial characteristics that have a deleterious impact on civilization.  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King used the term Negro in reference to himself in his "I Have a Dream" speech, and I personally endorse its use and find it completely inoffensive in and of itself.

The term Indigo, though also accurate, would cause confusion if used without explanation, as many lack familiarity with Indigo in a racial context.  I feel no compulsion to popularize the term Indigo in reference to Indigos, but I hold the term African American in disdain.  The fact of one's race has only coincidental bearing on one's nationality, for one can find Indigos, both American, and especially non-American, all over the world.  The term "American," in popular usage within the United States, means someone from the United States.  But the term also applies to people from North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico), Central America, and South America. 

Indigo pundits devised the term African American to refer to Indigos born in the United States, not within other areas of the Americas.  And for that reason it lacks accuracy and specificity.  It also lacks political correctness, for it imputes no consequence to Indigos from others areas within the Americas, casting them off as irrelevant, third-class, or no-class people.  It applies exclusive to Indigos within the United States, while seeming to apply to Indigos throughout the Americas.

After all, Indigo pundits would find some reason to object to that term the way they object to the word Negro, and the way they objected to Nigger, Niggra, Colored, Darkie, etc.  They seem to ignore terms like Spade, Brutha, Soul Brother, and so on which Indigos themselves popularized.  The US Army does not support such terminology, but it did support use of the word Negro until this month.  It also supports the term Black in reference to Indigos, but I do not because, as I pointed out, other non-Indigoid groups from India and Australia have very dark or blackish skin.

Two key points underscore the evolution of terminology referring to members of the Indigo race

  1. Indigo pundits embrace the change from one term meaning Indigo to another when the former term becomes pejorative.  But they seem powerless to change the reality that their term-du-jour becomes pejorative because members of other racial groups consider general Indigo behavior repulsive, disgusting, revulsive, embarrassing, common, low-class, or otherwise unprepossessing and inferior.  In time, the term begins to mean something akin to low-class, embarrassing, disgusting, etc., as well as to constitute a reference to a member of the Indigo race. That, of course, annoys Indigo pundits, so they initiate the use of some other term and tell others to stop using the old term because of its “racist” nature.

  2. Indigos generally hate for members of other racial groups to consider the Indigo race as generally inferior.  However, they know that happens anyway because of the inferior behavior of so many Indigos.  Many Indigos have the intelligence and drive to escape that image of inferiority through advanced education, good jobs, polite manners, non-Indigo speech (intonation, diction, grammar, linguistic) mannerisms, conservative and professional attire and grooming.  But they realize that they simply cannot change their skin color and other Indigoid physical characteristics, so they have no hope of escaping the Indigo paradigm other than by elevating the general impression of Indigos with new, non-pejorative terminology referring to Indigos, or by procreating non-Indigo children, such as by choosing a non-Indigo mate.  Upwards of 10% of US Indigos choose non-Indigo mates, and that naturally results in the propagation of mixed-race offspring who still have some Indigoid characteristics.  This might constitute the only possible mechanism for improving the Indigo race, by making it disappear.

Superior members of all racial groups have similar problems caused by the inferior (less intelligent and less educated) members giving them a “bad name.”  The pejorative term “white trash” attaches to such inferior Caucasians, for example.  And similar terms have attached to stupid or economically misfortunate Caucasians or non-Caucasian Hispanics of different nationalities, like Italians (Wop), Irish (Mick), Poles (Polacks), Jews (Yids), Mexicans (Spicks), etc.  So Indigos don’t singularly suffer from such aspersions.  But unlike those groups, Indigos generally seem immune to the Americanizing process.  Many, owing to low intelligence and economic misfortune, have remained inferior in culture.  So, they flaunt their characteristics behavior that earns the enmity of Caucasians and Hispanics around the nation, including the following: 

·         Ebonics speech patterns;

·         Rude and blatantly sexual prison-origin rap and hip-hop music that denigrates police and women and deifies drugs and violence;

·         Afro and dreadlock hair styles;

·         Low slung and baggy pants;

·         Gold tooth overlays with stencil cutouts;

·         Crude sexual gestures like cupping their hands over their genitals and shaking them;

·         Gang crimes and general thuggery that leads them into trouble with police;

·         Referring to one another as “Nigger” and acting resentful or hateful toward non-Indigos who use the term, as though the Nigger word belongs only to them, as if they have captured it as booty from Caucasians who once abused them with it.

Such behavior seems like an effort to force Caucasians, or just anyone, to notice them and accept them and their behavior, no matter how disgusting.

As I pointed out above, many Indigos use the term Negro or Nigger in reference to Indigo individuals or groups.  As I see it, that, in principle, legitimizes its similar use by people of other races, and Indigos have no right at all to express resentment about it.  Some even use the term Nigger in reference to any person, as a crude substitute for the terms people and person.  I do not consider it polite to refer generally to Indigos as Niggers, but neither do I consider use of the term Nigger any cause for alarm, nor do I consider it necessary always to speak politely to people of scurrilous behavior.  The term Nigger connotes inferiority or commonness and disdain.  That term often applies perfectly in a pejorative sense to Indigo behavior. Indigos use similar terms like Honky and Cracker apply to Caucasians.  Unlike the popular Indigo use of Nigger as a self-reference, Caucasians almost never refer to themselves as Honky or Cracker.

The dispute over usage derives from the centuries of enslavement of Indigos by Indigos and members of other races throughout the Western world. For all of recorded history, Indigos have remained a “race of slaves,” until the middle of the 19th century. Western civilization no longer endorses slavery, but that does not make racial groups any more or less inferior to others now than when Western civilization supported slavery. Some non-Western civilizations still embrace and practice enslavement of people of any race, particularly Indigos.  Slave traders and sex traffickers steal people, primarily Caucasians, but also children of all races, right off the streets in the USA and sell them to buyers in the USA and other countries.  The United States contains many traffickers in slaves, mostly for sex, and judging from news reports, many such traffickers become pimps, and many if not most such pimps are Indigos.

On top of that, people of all races have become economic slaves through widespread indebtedness to obviously superior creditors such as the great banking families of Britain, Europe, the USA, and the Far East.  That type of enslavement might never become illegal because people enslave themselves to debt voluntarily.  Nobody twists their arms.  But, because of 24/7 advertising of the glitz of the American Dream, people of less than good sense cannot resist it.  Indigos of the United States would have the highest percentage of indebtedness if they could qualify for the loans because half the Indigo population lacks the cognitive ability to graduate from high school, and stupid people make stupid choices and take stupid actions, by definition.

Applying the terms inferior and superior to race raises the hackles of people widely considered as belonging to an inferior racial group.  In particular, Indigos typically take offense at any implication that they stand inferior to any other people because of race. As I see the issue, they would not take offense if the notion had no merit, or if they understand that the members of any gene group or species of creature might have qualities inferior or superior to any other member, and we have no choice but to generalize when discussing characteristics of any racial groups.  A human being born identical to another, but without hips and legs, is obviously inferior for purposes of walking, running, dancing, hopping, bicycling, kneeling.  Such inferior people can cure the deficiency to some extent through artificial or bionic limbs.  But no cure exists for those born with lower native intelligence than others.  Ambition, determination, and drive can compensate for stupidity to some extent, but no known science can cure the genetic defect of stupidity. 

A gene group might have some characteristics superior other gene groups and other characteristics inferior to other gene groups, for any specific purpose, function, or context.  But only one context interests me in this discussion:  contribution to the advancement of civilization and betterment of mankind.

US Indigos tend to have superior physical bodies for the purposes of sports requiring fast response time and physical force.  However, Indigos tend to have inferior intelligence, according to standardized IQ tests and civilization building qualities. Perhaps that resulted from the selection of slaves who populated the Americas.  But low average IQ simply means that one cannot effectively solve problems without creating worse problems.  That makes it difficult for those with low IQ to prosper without the assistance of crime or welfare.  Low IQ and social conditions in Indigo society in the USA generally has created weak family structures dominated by women who denigrate Indigo men because so many of them divorce or refuse to marry at all.  Thus, around 70% of Indigo children have no father at home to impart family values and teach their male children how to become ideal, civilized, responsible men.  These two factors, low average IQ and lack of widespread, solid two-parent family structure, spell disaster for US Indigos.  Building of advanced civilization requires superior intellect and strong family structures; that spells disaster for US Civilization to the extent Indigos generally have influence over it.  One need only cast a glance in the direction of sub-Sahara Africa to see what Indigos there have done with the civilization European Caucasian colonizers handed them over the past few centuries.

Thus, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Indigo race, in terms of the needs of advanced civilization, stand inferior to Caucasians, particularly European Caucasians, and to Northeastern Orientals like those from Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.   Evidently, Indigos generally cannot build a superior civilization, and, given the opportunity, Indigos will destroy a superior civilization.  Broad recognition of that reality, and its societal evidences, explain their centuries of enslavement and call into question the validity of their complaints about the names by which people refer to their race.

The general Caucasian sense of resentment and disdain for the Indigo race has its roots in the foregoing realities.  Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation might have seemed fair, but it threw millions of hapless Indigos into lives of irresponsible liberty and made them victims of carpetbaggers, land-owners who wanted sharecroppers and tenant farmers to continue working for them as virtual slaves, and so on.  Thus, emancipation threw those Indigos from a condition of lawful enslavement, where their owners had economic reasons to care for them, into a condition of liberty that constituted virtual enslavement where no one felt an obligation to care for them beyond their willingness and availability to do work commensurate with their intelligence and physical ability.  Generally speaking Indigos then and today, have a much more difficult time earning a living and enjoying the American Dream than do Caucasians, for one central reason:  low average IQ.

Congress over the years has realized this and tried to equalize the races through affirmative action, protective laws, and all manner of handouts, particularly to Indigos.  Many who receive these handouts today believe the Caucasians of the USA owe welfare payments, food stamps, and housing assistance to them because of the slavery their ancestors had to endure at the hands of Caucasian masters.  Even if that idea had merit, anyone of common sense wonders when such reparation should stop, and whether US citizenry should convert such reparation into a one-time offer of a ship ticket to Liberia, the country the American Colonization Society established in 1820 in West Africa just for former slaves and their progeny returning to their ancestral homeland.  That society knew Indigos would remain a permanent racial underclass in the USA.

People of low IQ, regardless of race, gravitate to crime and welfare abuse to get by because they cannot compete against smarter people for the better jobs and mates.  Their productivity, if it exists at all, has a very low value in contrast to the productivity of smarter and more industrious people.  Low-IQ people reliably make stupid choices, followed by stupid actions, because they lack the ability to evaluate relative importances. They waste their educational opportunities because they cannot utilize them, which explains why more than half of US Indigos do not and cannot graduate from high school unless administrators intentionally dumb down the curriculum or matriculate students in spite of their failing grades.

But even when high schools do grand diplomas to failing students, the later contributions of those students to the Gross Domestic Product falls below the contributions of students who deserved their diplomas.  And that diploma simply misleads employers into expecting what the stupid employee simply cannot deliver.  In time, employers devise their own tests to determine ability before taking a chance on a high school graduate, and the same principle applies to employers of graduates of colleges with dumbed-down curricula.  Thus, such schools dumb down curricula to keep from angering, alienating, and seeming racially prejudiced to Indigo parents whose children are simply too cognitively challenge to compete against smarter students.  And in so doing, the destroy the value of their diplomas to industry.

Gaussian distribution of IQ test scores reveals that for an average IQ of 85, only about 17 percent of US Indigos have an IQ of 100 or more, the average IQ for US Caucasians, but but likewise 17% function as morons who need close supervision at all times.  About 2.5% have IQ above 115, the approximate level needed to earn a Master's degree, and only .015% or less have IQ above 130, typical of business leaders and successful entrepreneurs and scientists.  So, with about 42 million Indigos in the USA, 21 million cannot graduate from a normal, non-rigged high school in spite of their best efforts, and 7 million of those need constant supervision by significantly smarter people.  See the numbers in the chart below, which I calculated using Excel 2013's normal distribution function which approximates the distribution of IQ test scores.

US Indigo IQ Distribution, Approximate, 2014




Standard Deviation


Mean IQ

IQ (x)

Probability IQ will occur

Probability IQ < X

































Genius - 140















I don’t believe these numbers accurately approximate US Indigo IQ distribution, but if they do, then less than 6,000 have genius-level IQ, and only about a million have the cognitive ability to graduate from a college that won't grant diplomas to underachievers. 

This explains the meager benefit of Indigos as a racial group to the advancement of civilization.  In point of fact, the USA government and taxpayers spend a fortune maintaining the low-IQ and other irresponsible people of the land, comprising at least 25% of the population (IQ below 85, cannot graduate from high school).  And,  up to another 25% of other irresponsible people lack the proper home life, motivation, discipline, work ethic to graduate from high school and become reasonably self-sufficient members of society whose value of production exceeds that of their consumption. 

Just over half of the people provide financial benefits to the other half through welfare programs, muggings, robberies, carjackings, the cycle of drug dealing, and associated and other crimes.  These have overloaded the criminal justice, education, welfare, and health care infrastructures with inferior people who cause problems that simply waste public money and increase costs for the more productive.

The 1979 NLSY IQ test showed Indigo and Caucasian IQ score curves as follows:

In recent years, Indigo and liberal multiculturalists have gone into “overdrive” in their effort to disprove the validity of these differences in IQ, claiming the IQ gap has shrunk and will continue to do so, as though it does not exist and does not matter even if it does exist, so as to make Indigos and Caucasians seem equal.  Unfortunately, they have one thing right.  US Indigos have about a standard deviation (15 to 16.5 point) higher IQ than Indigos in sub-Sahara Africa, owing to the fact that US Indigos have become upwards of 18% Caucasian through miscegenation.  This will ultimately dumb down the so-called Caucasian race if it continues, and no one can legitimately claim that will benefit civilization.

This explains why I have maintained for some time that forced integration of Indigos with Caucasians constitutes a form of detrimental genocide of the Caucasian race, at the cost of a much more diminutively beneficial genocide of the Indigo race. Indigos become whiter as Caucasians become blacker, as the decades of unrestrained miscegenation roll by.

While all racial groups have their share of inferior people of low IQ who cannot contribute to the advancement of civilization unless coaxed, guided, or coerced, none have as high a percentage of low-IQ people as the Indigo race.  This lack of factual equality with smarter races in no way encumbers their equality in the eyes of God, but it does have a powerful and negative effect on society and on civilization.

One needn't have a PhD education to grasp these realities.  So, it seems safe to assume that only a powerful counter-education in related falsehoods would cause the USA Indigo pundits to hide or downplay the facts of IQ differences between races, or to pretend that IQ does not have an essentially genetic cause, or to pretend the differences and the low average IQ of US Indigos simply do not matter.  In fact, they matter very much.

So much of the Caucasian population simply cannot fathom the feigned or actual outrage of Indigo pundits over

·         Use of the word Nigger or Negro in reference to Indigos, or

·         The obviously high percentage of Indigos who run afoul of the police and get arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned, or who get injured or killed while committing a crime or avoiding arrest.

By contrast, Caucasians have good reason to feel aggrieved against Indigos generally because Indigo thugs tend to prefer Caucasians, when available, as victims.  Naturally, that gives rise to use or pejorative language in reference to Indigos who, by virtue of skin color and stereotypically Indigoid behavior, obviously belong to the same racial group.  To most observers, if an Indigo street thug and an Indigo PhD behave stereotypically Indigoid, the education that should differentiate them did little real good.  But much of the outrage and hostility expressed in the media by Indigo pundits over the killing of other Indigos, such as Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, Jr. flies in the face of the reality that both of those Indigo thugs, according to related juries, got what they deserved.  This means the pundits ignore reality of widespread Indigo thuggery and the underlying causes (stupidity and bad parenting in Indigo families) in order to complain about police abuse and anti-Indigo prejudice in  Caucasian-dominated juries and courts.

Indigo pundits should not feel alarmed or annoyed by derisive or convenient appellations like the words Negro or Nigger, because such usage of words constitutes behavior typical of race, nationality, religion, social, and gender groups when referring to or stimulated by differences from others.  People of all kinds tend to express insults and verbal barbs at others simply because of differences and feigned or presumed superiority.  Feminists, homosexuals, academic, and other groups engage in rivalry and competition, trying to one-up each another, a normal social function.  That has become normal everywhere.

Anyway, US Indigos have advanced significantly in IQ, diet, culture, and education over their sub-Sahara African cousins, owing to the effect of Caucasian cultural influence, protective laws, and miscegenation.  US Indigos contain approximately 18% to 20% Caucasian, Asian, and other non-Indigo genes.  Those influenced have cumulatively affected US Indigos by making them a full standard deviation (15 IQ points) smarter than African Indigos.  That should absolutely delight US Indigos and send them into raucous paroxysms of joyous, rapping hip-hop.  From the viewpoint of average IQ alone, US Indigos have indeed become superior to African Indigos.

It doesn't bother typical Caucasians much if Indigos refer to them as Honkey or Cracker because Caucasians know their intellect and culture stands high among others in the world.  It makes no sense, therefore, that references like Negro or Nigger would bother typical smart US Indigos, for they should know they stand superior to most other Indigos in the world.  If they don't know, maybe the time has come for them to find out.

To me this means US Indigos have no special or exclusive license to use the terms Negro and Nigger in reference to themselves and other Indigos.  Nor should they take offense at such language or derision, particularly since their typical civilizational performance warrants it.  According to IQ test results, Indigos and Gentile Caucasians sit inferior to Koreans and Ashkenazi Jews, for example, and no amount of complaining or acting indignant about it will change that fact.  Inherent capacities do exist in the human race overall, in racial groups, and in individuals.  And, none of us, as mankind, a racial group, or individuals, can exceed our inherent capacities - a pint simply cannot hold a quart, no matter how sincerely we wish it could.

If Indigos don’t want the term-du-jour for their racial group or its members to become pejorative over time, as all in the past eventually have, then they have to remove the cause for such pejorative use.  Racial rejudice did not cause pejorative use of the term Nigger or Negro or colored or darkie.  Racially identifiable, stereotypical behavior caused it.  And it will cause the Indigo pundits’ favorite terms of “Black” and “African American” to become pejorative in due course, precisely because of the pontification of Indigo pundits and the riotous rampaging by Indigos that followed the jury decisions in the Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner deaths.

Indigos must correct their bad behavior if they want to stop the term-du-jour meaning Indigo from becoming pejorative.  They have to stop acting like Indigos.  Right now I cannot think of a single thing that will accomplish that outside of a widespread eugenics effort to uplift the Indigo gene pool in the USA so as to bring the average Indigo IQ roughly equal to the average Caucasian IQ.  I do not recommend miscegenation for that purpose because it will only serve to lower average Caucasian IQ.

To do something effective to improve the gene pool will take a monumental effort and devout commitment by many people smart enough to grasp the significance and importance of the activity.  Frankly, I don't expect Indigos, Caucasians, or any other racial groups aside from Ashkenazi Jews and Koreans to have the sense to improve their gene pools through selective mating practices beyond what they already do.  And since Indigos have the nation's lowest average IQ of any racial group, I expect them to take the least effective action, if any at all.  Furthermore, I don’t expect Congress or the State Legislatures to enact laws criminalizing the infection of innocent babies with inherent stupidity through procreation by stupid parents.

In the final analysis, no one forces the stupid to behave stupidly.  They just cannot help it, regardless of their racial persuasion.  And demanding that others change their language habits to refer to Indigos some new, less-offensive term typifies stupidity.  It solves no problem that I know of.  People who have a negative view of Indigos harbor it because of the behaviors they have observed and news stories they have heeded. 

A people of inferior average intelligence can do nothing about it other than to work together to improve mate selection, marry and stay married prior to procreation, and refuse to procreate with their low-IQ members of the race. In other words, they must practice eugenics, a benign form of genocide.  That will have a much more beneficial effect on civilization than whining about Caucasians using the "N-word" or insisting that others refer to them with misnomer "African-American." 


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