Sunday, March 06, 2011

Understand the Core Cause of Sovereign Citizen Movement

Crimes in government spark the rise in the Patriot Movement, of which the sovereign citizen movement comprises a somewhat misguided element.

The "misguided" nature comes from insufficient formal education in the ideals of law and good government and the extent to which our existing government has strayed from those ideals because of misbehavior by government employees.

If you Google Sovereign Citizen you'll see hate-mongering by the ADL and SPLC, painting the movement as anti-government, racist, anti-semitic, genocidal, murderous, loony, etc. 

Hiding the law and court documents from the people, keeps the people ignorant.  It makes the law and court rulings inscrutable and unknowable to and by the masses.  That results in fear and distrust of law, law practitioners, and government.  Thus, the more angry folks will naturally seek physical forms of redress of abuses by government criminals.

Generally, patriots only want government employees to
  1. comply with laws and rules,
  2. enforce the Constitutions' restrictions on government exercise of power, and
  3. enforce the Constitutions' guarantee of  the rights of the people and the states.

Physical force applied against government employees by patriots to the above end seems loathsome.  And yet real and threatened physical force clearly characterizes government to a Tee.  Therefore, one can hardly blame the citizenry for gravitating toward it when election fraud thwarts their choice of representatives, legislatures and government commissions ignore complaints about judicial abuse, and petitions for redress of grievance fall on deaf ears. 

The nation's founding documents completely justify physical force as legitimate political action against intractably recalcitrant criminals in government.  Read this in the Declaration of Independence and every original state Constitution.

So before embracing the hate-mongering drivel of ADL and SPLC, truth seekers should carefully examine the issue and grounds for complaint by the sovereign citizens.  The people should correct outnesses in government, and government employees should correct their associates' criminal and unconstitutional behavior BEFORE targeting and punishing the patriot responses to that behavior. 

If Government employees merely start behaving constitutionally,  patritot uprising and public dissent will largely disappear.


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