Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Replacement for that Abhorrent Term "Nigger"

This news item video refers to a Caucasian substitute teacher who referred to two Negro school girls as Niggers, and the big stir it caused:

I write in response.

Negroes should not call one another "Nigger" and then condemn Caucasians, Orientals, or non-Caucasian Hispanics for referring to them as Nigger. Nor should Negroes refer to Nigger as the "N-word" as though it is unspeakable in polite society.  It is what it is. Nor should Negroes refer to people of Mexican or Puerto Rican descent as 'Spics, Greasers, and Wetbacks.  Nor should Negroes refer to Caucasians as Honky, Cracker, or Conky.  Nor should Negroes refer to non-Negroes as Nigger.  In fact, Negroes should not use the word Nigger at all, ever, in any but a historical respect.

Not long ago I heard a Negro middle schooler  say something like "Ain't Mao the Nigger whut used to run China?"  I'd give him a nod for knowing a little history, but I'd gig his language skills.

It's time to stop the Negro hypocrisy over use of the word Nigger.  And that has to start at HOME.  Everyone should remember how Negro sterotypes become reality, and behave with grace and dignity, and develop classy language skills in an effort to eliminate that stereotype.  

As to the school teacher's faux pas, the students should have learned the grace at home not to act offended at use of the word Nigger in reference to them. Given the only facts that came from this report, I believe the school girls blatantly disrespected the teacher and the principle should have given them detention for it.

You see, from the report we don't know what the students said or did to provoke the substitute teacher to call them Niggers.  And until we know that, we shouldn't rush to judge the teacher as wrong.  Negro students often and widely behave with profound disrespect to their Caucasian teachers, sometimes cursing them, calling them names, and beating them. 

Pundits and leaders need to give their first concern to the disrespect people of their racial or cultural group show toward all other people.  That will go a long way toward curing the disrespectful terminology others use in reference to members of their own group.   Just imagine the conflicts that would arise if Caucasians acted up every time a Negro referred to them as Cracker, Honky, or Nigger. That might start a lot of unnecessary violence in the land.   

Regardless of the names people use in reference to us, we cannot change our race, origin, or present life condition, so the names should not offend us. People often use disrespectful terminology to others not in their "group," whether in sports, languages, states/cities/countries of origin, employment type, academic status.  That's typical of competition everywhere.  And competition is socially healthy. I believe most people only resent such terminology words because of the possibility the impolite words might have underlying truth.

Throughout my lifetime, I have noticed an incessant evolution of the terminology meaning Negro that Negro pundits and opinion leaders seem to find acceptable.  As a child I noticed that most Caucasians referred to Negroes as Niggers, if they referred to them at all, and neither seemed to think anything of it. But formally, Caucasians and Negroes alike referred to Negroes as Colored.  Drinking fountains and public toilets were marked White and Colored.  Colored sat in the back of the bus and didn't eat in Whites-only restaurants or attend Whites-only schools.  At 15 I heard a teacher admonish a student to stop using the impolite term Nigger, and I thought the teacher was crazy.  But, according to her, "Colored" was just fine and Negro was even better. 

Colored went out of fashion several years later.  Pundits replaced it with the very polite term Negro.  Dr. MLKJr referred to himself as Negro in his I Have A Dream speech. I have used that term formally ever since, and I see no point changing.  

But new Negro pundits disagreed.  After the rise of black power, the panthers, Malcolm X, etc, the term Black seemed to become popular.  Now many Negroes seem to resent the perfectly fine dictionary term NEGRO, and even Black has become unfashionable.  Now Negroes seem to want others to refer to them by the technically inaccurate oxymoron "African American".  I guess the Negroes who invented that term forgot that a substantial percentage of the population of Africa is not Negroid, and those non-Negro Africans who live in the USA might resent application to them of a term meaning Negro.

I think this pestilent Negro effort to find a term that means Negro or its predecessor, Nigger, boils down to an effort to embarrass Caucasians into eventually substituting the pronoun "they" or "them" for Negro or Nigger so as to make it impossible linguistically and politely to refer to Negroes by any term that identifies them as having Negroid characteristics.  Negroes cannot change their racial characteristics except by either acting like members of another race or through miscegenation with other races... in other words, becoming non-Negroes.  And since most Negroes reject both options, insisting that "Black is Beautiful," etc., I suppose their academicians and pundits prefer to embarrass Caucasians about their use of terms meaning Negro, and concoct ever-more-ridiculous terminology to embarrass Caucasians ever more, until the end of time.  They seem to resent the fact that Black IS beautiful to Negroes, but generally not to Caucasians.  And no amount of embarrassment or knockout games or riots in the street or marches on Selma will change that.

I'd also like to express umbrage at the fact that Negro pundits never invent corresponding new polite terminology for Caucasians.  They have pretty much worn out the term "White."  What's wrong with "European American" or "Blue People?"

Maybe I shouldn't mention it, but US Negroes have become upwards of 18% Caucasian, a feat African Negroes might never accomplish, through miscegenation.  Did you know that at least 6% of Negro men choose non-Negro mates? If you think Black is beautiful, take a look at the beautiful progeny of Negro and Caucasian or Negro and Oriental parents.  Now THAT result often has striking beauty.  Don't feel surprised if a new Mulatto racial group begins to exert prominence, owing to that gorgeous skin color and higher average intelligence, over the blacker Negroes of America.  Now genuine Negroes will have two racial groups to hate - Caucasians and Mulattoes.  Don't slap your forehead in anger.  Exactly that happened in Haiti.  The lighter skin Negroes, the Mulattoes, began to take over middle management in industry and government, and that caused quite a ruckus among the darker skin Negroes on plantations.  Could it happen here?  Why not?

I mean to point out that I feel really tired of witnessing the seething hatred of Negroes who resent the names used in reference to them around the country when the real importance lies in the REASON such names ultimately become pejorative.  As I see it, the reason has to do with stereotypical Negro behavior.  Gene pool improvement (selective mating among the smarter Negroes, and sterilization of welfare recipients) plus better educations and a commitment in  Negro communities to having a married mother and father throughout the childhood of offspring (building strong families) can cure that problem.  But hating pejorative terms and insisting on new terms will not.

Right now African American has become the term du jour meaning Negro, or, honestly, Nigger, but in time, it too will become besmirched by traditional, stereotypical behavior that so many Negroes exhibit, unless those changes happen which I suggested above.  Negro pundits will then seek out another droll term meaning Negro and insist that polite society abandon African American and start using the new term. 

Perhaps they will suggest a term like "Indigo."   The term Indigo seems quite elegant to me.  It probably more accurately describes the original skin color of the most historically remote Negroes who ever existed.

Would you like to join me in saving the pundits the trouble of inventing a new, absurd term meaning Negro?  We can institute use of the term "Indigo" right now, in reference to Negroes.  Who knows?  It might outlast all the rest.  If we succeed, we might become the first NEW Indigo pundits.  We ARE Indigo, aren't we?

Bob Hurt

Monday, January 05, 2015

Citizen's Guide

On 2015-01-05 11:02, alec wrote:
Greetings Bob,   ALEC (persona ficta) here. How are you doing? I am  fairly new to the entrance of my true freedom. Now I have heard  things and can clearly see Individual Sovereignty has been so much  propagated and manipulated it sickens me.Now I am 23 years old and  my generation at least in my area of FL is ridiculed by homeless  alcoholics and drug dependant junkies. All due to greed, wealth  segregation & enslavement. I do not judge by any means and feel I  need to take a stand not only for myself, but for not only mine,  but future generations. It is clear the dark side has an agenda  that thru justice shall not prevail. My goal which is only to help  others know the truth and live free as intended, not to be used as  cattle or a source of revenue. I will be upfront Bob I need  guidence. Where do I begin as far as specific forms in order (if  possible). I actually work [near] the Perkins you had a  seminar at in 2012 which almost made me feel led to ask for your  help. Thank You. Look Foward to speaking further.  

Alec (and other readers):

We become sovereign citizens by exercising the sovereignty remaining after delegating other sovereignty to government.  We delegate it simply by living in the USA and not rebelling against government.  We have lots of sovereignty remaining. We exercise that by learning the law, becoming disposed to using it, by coordinating politically with our fellow citizens, and by doing our best to become educated, marry the perfect spouse, and rear a passel of kids, teaching them the principles of integrity, good family and community relations, responsibility, and reasonable self-sufficiency.
You can subscribe to my e-letter (Lawmen) and browse the archives if you want to see other things I have written.

I encourage you to stay away from patriot myth mongers who want to sell you books and videos and forms on all the stuff you can do to get out of the system or express your sovereignty through violence or disobedience to constitutional laws.  

Focus on these well-established means of exercising citizenship, and encourage others to do the same:

  1. Do your best to memorize the US Constitution and Florida Constitution
  2. Study the Annotated US Constitution so you will know how the US Supreme Court views the meaning of its provisions.
  3. Learn how to look up state and federal laws/statutes, and refer to them when you want to know the law.
    1. Florida Laws enacted by legislature
    2. Florida Statutes - codified laws
    3. Florida Administrative Code
    4. US Statutes at Large, searchable
      1. 1951 to present, by Congress
      2. From the beginning - privately scanned and OCRed
    5. US Code
    6. Code of Federal Regulations
  4. Realize that the law means what the highest court of jurisdiction says it means.  Read appellate decisions in order to clarify
    1. Go to Google Scholar and select federal/Florida courts, then look up any law or topic and read the court opinions.
  5. Write letters to newspapers and public officials reporting on bad things you witness and demanding obedience to the Constitutions and laws
  6. Actively campaign for political candidates of choice, and encourage your fellows to learn and vote intelligently.
  7. Learn about the power of Juries, then contact the local county clerk and volunteer for jury duty.
  8. Keep yourself out of harm's way, and surround yourself with intelligent, well-educated people.
  9. Resolve disputes non-violently to the extent possible, starting with reasonable debate, discussion with those who influence your adversary, and as a next-to-last resort, litigation; remember that if you must ever opt for violence, you cannot prevail except through proper preparation, training, arms, strategy, confederates, evasion, stealth, and escape.
  10. Learn to Negotiate - this can include litigation; you can find many good books on the subject
  11. Learn to litigate.  Memorize, if possible, the rules of court and evidence code so you can develop the ability to litigate without an attorney
    1. Florida Rules of Court Procedure (civil, criminal, appellate, family, administration, probate, small claims, traffic)
    3. Federal Rules of Evidence
    4. Federal Rules of Court Procedure Appellate, Civil, Criminal, Bankruptcy
    5. Purchase the Jurisdictionary course to learn the basics of Civil Litigation
  12. Learn other strategies for resolving conflicts
    1. Sun Tzu's The Art of War
    2. Carl von Clausewitz's On War
    3. Comparison of  Sun Tzu and von Clausewitz
    4. Principles of Military Strategy & Tactics
    5. See the Art of Battle in action, through animated strategy maps
    6. Mao's Principles of Guerilla Warfare
  13. Learn weapons techniques, safety, and laws, get training in usage, arm yourself, and defend the Constitutions against foreign and domestic enemies, always in keeping with the law, to the extent possible - remember that law and ethics only matter to the living.
  14. Become as self-sufficient as possible, building and caching reserves of food, weapons, money, gems, and bullion for emergency.
  15. Become community-conscious, organizing your family and neighbors for emergency action.
Feel free to contact me for an academic discussion on any topic.

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