Friday, December 25, 2015

How to Survive in Egg and Steak Heaven without a Circulator

Copyright © 25 December 2015 by Bob Hurt. All rights reserved.
Yesterday, I decided to test the slow-cook egg theory (sous vide) without a thermal immersion circulator.  Pressure cooker 2/3 full of reverse osmosis water, upside down bowl on bottom, small dish on top of that, digital thermometer probe lying on the dish between the eggs.
I set the pot on the medium electric range burner and turned the heat to high until the thermometer showed 120 °F, then I turned the heat down to 2.   I swirled the water around with my tongs.  The temperature went up to 130 °F. A few minutes later the heat had risen to 152 °F.  I turned the heat down to 1.5, the temp came down to 146 °F, my target temperature.  I turned it up to slightly less than 2.  The temperature stabilized.
I lowered 3 eggs onto the dish using tongs, leaving them submerged a couple of inches.  I swirled the water again, and set the lid firmly onto the pot, as though I planned to twist-lock it, but I did not twist-lock it.
I let the eggs cook for about an hour.  I removed them from the water.  I used my kitchen knife to chop off the pointy end of each shell about 1/4 down from the point so as not to pierce the yolk. I up-ended each shell and the contents slid out onto a softened dollop of butter.  The whites and yoke seemed a little loose, but not runny.  With a little salt and pepper on top, I had a perfect dish of 3 eggs.
For an eating comparison, I point out that I normally feel still hungry after eating 2 pan-cooked eggs, but sort of sicky, bored, or over-worked when not quite finished eating 3 pan-cooked eggs.  That explains why I normally eat only 2 pan-cooked eggs at a sitting.
Now when I compare the slow-cooked egg eating experience to that of 3 scrambled eggs, or the 3-egg Chef Pepi-style French omelet, or 3 eggs over-easy, or soft-boiled eggs, I honestly prefer my slow-cooked-in-the-shell eggs to any of the other pan-cooked eggs.  The slow-cooked eggs have a perfect, creamy texture in the mouth and a sumptuous, non-raw flavor.  Plus, I didn’t feel bored, or hurry-up-and-get-done, or sicky feeling as I do when working my way through three pan-cooked eggs.
I know what you think:  “That fool drug out a huge pot, dishes, and thermometer, and spent at least an hour and a half cooking 3 eggs the sous vide way without a fancy expensive circulator that keeps the water at a constant temperature surrounding the food. He had to watch that temperature like a hawk the whole time, and had no clue about what burner temperature would keep the water at 151 °F.  He went to all that trouble for 3 eggs!??.  He must have a lot of time on his hands.  What a waste of life!”
Really, I do see your point.  But we’re talking Egg Heaven here, not just garden-variety boiled, scrambled, fried, or omelet eggs.  I imagine that the inventor of the cooking circulator (a standard chemistry laboratory item) for cooking purposes went through the same ordeal as I before deciding to make that circulator.  And you
guessed correctly.  I do have a little time on my hands.
Maybe someday I will buy a circulator when the retail price drops to 50 bucks.
Meanwhile, I shall use the above technique to cook a couple of 2-inch thick strip, rib eye, or tenderloin steaks at 130 ºF (medium rare, the perfect doneness) for 5 hours.  I shall put each steak in its own Ziploc bag and use a drinking straw to suck all the air out before sealing, the cheap-man’s vacuum sealing method.  I shall finish them by grilling them at medium-high temperature for 30 seconds per side.
Right, we’re talking Steak Heaven.
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Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Newly Bald Man's Perfect Texas Saturday... in Florida

A Newly Bald Man's Perfect Texas Saturday... in Florida

Quasi-Fiction, Copyright (C) 18 December 2015 by Bob Hurt. All rights reserved.

A pair of other men, disgustingly hirsute, gawked at me as they strode past me into the barber shop.

"I dare you to say a word," I muttered under my breath as I walked away from the shop, my freshly balded pate gleaming proudly, nay, brazenly, in the 10 A.M. Perfect Saturday sun.  I felt like a man not to be messed with, in spite of my small frame and slight build.

I sucked on the butterscotch hard candy my barber had handed me as she surveyed her work.  Mimi, my hot, Bronx, bleach-blonde barber, had taunted me with her irresistible cleavage as she assiduously removed every hair on my scalp.  Her lipsticked, pouty mouth seemed as brash as my slickly shaven dome.  "Not a hair out of place," she had smirked, "or rather IN place." She had cackled, and then shaken her sumptuous buttocks to make them quiver lewdly over her handiwork and wisecrack. 

I grinned as I turned over the big engine in my 1970 Caddy convertible.  I pictured how marvelously those tight yoga pants rode up into Mimi's butt crack, leaving almost nothing to my rabid imagination. Mimi, a natural perfectionist, had remained my favorite barber for a decade, ever since I had moved into Clearwater Florida from Silicon Valley to crank the handle on the money machine. 

I loved working as a software/hardware entrepreneur in the fast-paced computer diagnostics development business.  My competitors had grown to fear me and the state-of-the-art software releases in our diagnostics package.  My new, shaven-head look would probably shake them up even more when they saw me at the computer exposition in Hanover Germany this coming March. Judging from our sales, technicians the world over far preferred our PC Clinic diagnostics over competing products. And when it comes to competition, nothing says "Kiss my ass, and give me your best shot" like intentional baldness.  

Within minutes I had grabbed a cup of scalding joe topped with half-and-half at the Dunkin Donuts drive-through.  I set it in the cup holder, cranked up ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man on my stereo, caught the on-ramp, and rumbled south on US Highway 19.  I noticed that my hair didn't whip in the breeze as it usually did.  I headed for my appointment with the Tampa Bay Times reporter.  I had a new computer diagnostic test card I wanted him to announce to the world.  I owed him a scoop for helping emcee my Test Theories seminar last month in Tampa. 

As I hit the gas and felt the surge of the beefed-up 500 cubic inch engine under the hood, I reveled in the demonic but heavenly roar of the quad glasspack exhaust system. I had enough power to do wheelies at 100 mph, if I chose to live that dangerously. Nothing sounds or feels quite like sitting at the helm of a steroidal Cadillac convertible at 70 MPH with the top down on the open road, except, perhaps, doing it bald.  Ah, what a marvelous day!

More good times lay ahead of me on this perfect Saturday, events that would parallel those I had enjoyed many times while residing in Houston, Texas. 

I'd finish my appointment in St. Pete around noon, then meet Maria's ex-husband and my fast friend, Eddie, at Fat Boy's Barbeque for ribs, jalapenos, buttered southern cornbread, baked beans, slaw, and iced tea.  Then we'd head over to Top Of The World gaming room for a few matches of pocket billiards.  Eddie, "El Palo Largo" (the big stick), we called him, would discipline me repeatedly in the fine art of running the table.

After the games, we'd meet Willie-T down at the pistol range and spend an hour blasting hot lead at paper-covered metal targets.  I love the sound of bullets making those steel plates clang like a bell.  I spent hours last night reloading the three hundred .45 caliber rounds we'd expend in target practice.  I'd love watching Willie do some of his trick shooting, hitting the target with his eyes shut, and wonder how he does it.

We'd top off our afternoon with a stopover at The Oasis "Sports Bar" for a little topless entertainment by some of our Facebook friends. There we'd also watch UFC reruns while nursing a few brews to take the edge off the day. We'd talk about guns, bullets, cars, and pool, and have a few innocent laughs. Finally, we'd head home for dinner and a date with whoever awaited us.

My darling Maria and our mini-Schnauzer, Dxtr, will greet me at the door, of course.  Dxtr will jump excitedly around on his hind feet to express his delight at my arrival home, and bring me a toy to tug on with him.  Maria will, I imagine, find it impossible not to put her hands on my scalp to feel its smoothness.  If she gets carried away, we might never make it to the dinner table.

But if we do, afterward we'll snuggle up romantically on the couch and watch whatever TV show she fancies.  She won't ask me much about my day because she knows how such Saturdays go.  But she always seems curious about Mimi for some reason. She'll tell me about her adventures and how much she made or lost in the stock market. Before too long we'll both fee drowsy and mosey off to bed. 

And I shall have enjoyed a Perfect Texas Saturday, in sunny Florida.

Oh, how great to experience life, friends, family, and competition with a new and studly look!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I appreciated the Midnight Ride documentary film.  It should have more assiduously emphasized individual and community RESPONSIBILITY, not merely complained about government tyranny that has grown as a consequence of an ignorant and irresponsible electorate.

After long and frequent pondering I have concluded that people cannot support what they have not read and studied and do not understand, in particular the US and State constitutions. 

Therefore as the number one requirement for all oath keepers, the organization should requires that all who would swear or affirm to support a constitution shall first demonstrate competent knowledge of it, particularly the obligations of government and limitations on its power.

It seems axiomatic that bad electors produce bad government.  "Bad elector" means one who will not or cannot KEEP the loyalty oath he swore in order to become a registered voter.  In other words, "bad" means "irresponsible." 

But somehow even the leaders of the OATH KEEPERS organization seem to have forgotten or ignored this axiom.  NO organization like oath keepers should blithely assume that its members have read, studied, and understood the constitutions they swore to support.

I believe every high school should require students to answer 80% of a 100 question constitution competency test correctly, as a requirement for graduation.  And every government should require the same of anyone who would register to vote or take government employment of any kind (from the lawn maintenance crew to the President/Governor), especially legislators and law enforcers.

The USA has a serious problem with average intelligence of various groups.  I have calculated that as many as 25% of the population lacks the cognitive ability to graduate from a high school for which the administrators have not dumbed down the curriculum to allow the cognitively challenged to graduate. 

Under my recommended requirements, those 25% would not or could not pass the constitution competency test, and therefore would never qualify to register to vote or get a government job.  In fact, they do gravitate to crime and welfare abuse to get by in life. Realistically, why should such people ever vote or work for government?

It seems axiomatic that the right to keep and bear arms (to defend oneself against wrongful aggression) should apply to all Americans.  In reality such application makes little sense because that 25% I mentioned above notoriously make wrong decisions followed by wrong actions.  The Congress realized this when passing laws limiting application of the 2nd amendment to exclude children under a certain age, mental incompetents, felons, and illegal aliens.

So, axiomatically, the 2nd Amendment applies only to "RESPONSIBLE" people who have a legal nexus to government. 

I believe it axiomatic that someone too stupid to graduate from high school and pass a constitution competency test should not have unfettered right to keep and bear arms.

In reality, by my observation, such people (the "stupid") bear constant supervision at home, at work, at school, and when on their own.  In other words, they should never become "on their own" because their stupidity will result in their injuring others or becoming the victims of others.

Liberty-loving Americans seem unwilling to admit that responsibility goes hand in glove with liberty.  But we learn as children that we will never get the liberty to drive the family car unsupervised until we show the responsibility to learn the rules of the road, learn to operate the vehicle, and learn to maintain it properly.

Where do we demand such a demonstration of responsibility from those who would keep and bear arms or who would procreate?  Only in the laws, not in the Constitution.  The constitution does not say this, but "We the People" means "We the RESPONSIBLE People."  We must remember that the American colonial governments allowed only free, white, propertied men (in other words, "responsible people") to vote.  But a slough of amendments changed that so that now even children 18, the stupid, the indigent, and other irresponsibles can vote.  That has changed the meaning of  We the Responsible People to include the irresponsible.  That constitutes civilizational insanity, in my opinion, and we can see the result in our governments of today.

My final point:  the right to keep and bear arms should mean the obligation of responsible people to keep and bear arms, as in Switzerland.  Every RESPONSIBLE American should give two years of military service to the nation, and every American who finishes firearms training in the military should have the obligation of keeping a government-issued rifle, shotgun, and pistol, with 1000 rounds of ammunition for each at home, properly locked securely against intruders.  It seems axiomatically that ONLY such a measure will keep the government from growing out of control into an abusive police state.  The people cannot support the constitutions without the physical ability to do it brutally under force of arms.  This means militia organizations need to possess sufficient armament (like police swat teams have) to withstand attack by government, foreign or domestic.

I believe OATH KEEPERS leadership should take a stand on these issues of constitution competency testing for all who would swear an oath, and demonstrable responsibility, including political control, as the cost of liberty.


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Sexual Perversion explains Low Muslim IQ?

The average Arab Muslim has an IQ of 81, 4 points lower than the average American Negro, which sits 15 points lower than the average American.  For supporting information, see the attached article by academician Donald Templer, The Mankind Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 3, Spring 2010

I believe low average IQ explains why so many American Negroes have stupidly embraced Islam as their "religion." 
US Negrord have an average IQ of around 85.  Because of that, fewer than half of US Negroes have the cognitive ability to graduate from a high school that administrators have not dumbed down to accommodate them. 

Adherents to Islam think of themselves as religious because Muhammad, through the Qur'an, promoted monotheism, daily pray, and alms-giving.  But their religion is much more a political system of social regulation than a religion.

Stupidity constitutes the main reason the men and women in Arabic lands tolerate the oppression of Islamic law and social regulation (Shari'a). 

The chief reason for Arab Muslim low IQ:  endogamy. 

Inbreeding became a direct consequence of Muhammad's permissiveness regarding the sexual excesses of Muslim men regarding women (as chattel) and children (both boys and girls).

Ann Barnhardt reads then burns offensive pages
of Qur'an, bookmarked with bacon strips

Qur'an-burner and lecturer Ann Barnhardt sets the record straight on Islam's dangers as a POLITICAL SYSTEM disguised as a religion, AND on Islam's sexual weirdness that most Americans, certainly American women, will HATE.  See Barnhardt's video here:


Barnhardt claims that Muhammad designed Islam to enrich himself (if you want to get rich, start a religion), to rally an army (needed for conquest and pillaging), and to facilitate and legitimize his sexual perversions. 

Islamic clerics have made no secret of the fact that, of his 13 marriages, Muhammad at age 50 married 6-year-old Aisha, the daughter of Muhammad's remote kin, and then consummated the marriage when she turned 9 years of age.  That would land him in prison if he did it today in the USA.  From the American legal  perspective, Muhammad was a sexual deviate, child molester, and criminal.

Barnhardt also pointed out that Shari'a allows Muslims to amputate the clitoris of each daughter, age 2 to 15, and then to amputate the vulval labia and sew the vagina mostly shut.  The men do all this because they don't want the girls to grow up with an enjoyment of sex, and don't want them to go off with other men for sexual pleasure.


Barnhardt explained that the sexual perversion of Islam extends to sodomy and homosexuality, particularly of young boys.

Barnhardt believes the US Government should arrest all Muslims, strip them of US Citizenship, deport them, and block all Muslims from entering the US for any reason whatsoever.  Why?  Because she has proven to her own satisfaction by her study of the Qur'an and various Fatwas (religious doctrines by Muslim clerics) that Muslims generally believe Muhammad wanted to slaughter all infidels (non-Muslims) who would not submit to Islamic social regulation under Shari'a law. 

History shows that many lands have fallen to Islam under military conquest and terrorism.  And now invasions of Europe and the USA by Muslim "refugees" from Islamic terrorism in their home lands threaten every Western government.  In other words, Barnhardt makes excellent points in her expression of moral outrage.

I personally believe that ALL Muslims who fail to take up arms or aggressively support war against jihadists and denounce Islamic social regulation and Shari'a law constitute part of the problem rather than the solution.  I believe that because virtually all Muslims, including the allegedly "peaceable" ones, support Mosques and Islamic clerics through their religious taxes and alms-giving.   And those clerics enforce Shari'a through "religious police" wearing garb like these religious cops in Saudi Arabia.

Barnhardt shows how "peace" means the same to Muslims as it does to Communists.  Peace is the condition that exists when no one opposes the political force of the respective group leaders.  When nobody else opposes Islam, peace exists.  Till then, the Qur'an supports holy jihad in order to slaughter the opposer to bring about peace.

In the face of the points in Barnhardt's lecture, linked above, how do you feel about Judge Carolyn Walker getting sworn in with her hand on the Qur'an?

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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Roll of ISIS in the West

Copyright © 29 November 2015 by Bob Hurt.  All rights reserved.

Let me begin by observing that for thousands of years largely unseen spiritual forces in charge of this planet have seen fit to interfere in the mess man made of the advancement of civilization. Man had largely failed to bring alive and keep alive the light of spiritual truth. Man had worshiped idols, volcanoes, and a multiplicity of Gods, losing all personal intimacy with deity. Man had murdered, conquered, enslaved, and abused fellow humans simply because he could get away with it.

To fix this, the unseen spiritual hierarchy of planetary and universe government sent seers, prophets, and revelators to wake up the people and get them back on track. The Bible records some of them. Other books like the Bhagavad-Gita, Book of Mormon, Qur’an, and Urantia Book record putative others. Yet others have gone somewhat less recorded, but have become nonetheless vibrant with followers.

Allow me to remind you of at least a few serious incidents of revelation:
  • 2000 BCE – Melchizedek brought a revelation about monotheism to Abraham
  • 650 BCE – Daniel revealed the appearance of Michael, the Universe ruler, to hearten the captive Jews; around the same time Gautama Siddhartha, Confucius, and Laozi spread their enlightened teachings in India and China
  • 7 BCE – Jesus of Nazareth came into the world to spread his incomparable gospel of love, unselfish service, and forgiveness to the spiritually starved people of the Levant.
  • 610 CE – Muhammad brought a new monotheism to the people of Arabia, and filled them with a zeal for converting the whole world to become submissive to the will of God.
  • 1955 – The Urantia Foundation published The Urantia Book which purports its teachings as the 5th epochal revelation of truth to the people of this world.

Pay particular attention to the revelation to Muhammad. According to the Qur’an and other writings, Muhammad received a revelation from the angel Gabriel in the form of a message from God, and because of his illiteracy, he recited it to a scribe. Much of his recital has survived in the form of the Holy Qur’an.

Islam means submission to God; Muslim means one who submits to God. He propounded 5 pillars to his new monotheist religion:

  1. Only one god exists: GOD. Muhammad is his prophet.
  2. People should worship God, praying 5 times daily.
  3. People should observe fasting during the month of Ramadan;
  4. People should give alms to the poor, widows, and orphans.
  5. People should make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime.

The so-called Hadith of Gabriel, an Islamic holy writing, spells out the five pillars, plus the six articles of faith (spiritually motivated living), plus doing what is “beautiful.”

How do we know the Qur’an accurately reflects the Muhammad recital?  We do not.  However, many listeners over a period of years heard his recitals, and the rather universal Qur'an consists of whatever remains from the generally agreed sayings of Muhammad as delivered by Gabriel. Scribes have recorded his commentary in the Sira and Hadiths, collectively the Sunna, and those generally guide Muslims in their interpretation and application of the Qur'an.

Just as the teachings of Buddha Gautama differ greatly from the tenets of Buddhism, and the teachings of Jesus differ greatly from the religious philosophy of Paul that religionists codified as Christianity's atonement doctrine, Islam of today must differ greatly from the original ideals of Gabriel as expressed by Muhammad.

We cannot know what Gabriel said to Muhammad, or whether Gabriel or some other personage said it, or whether Muhammad dreamed it up, or whether the Qur’an came from the scrivener rather than Muhammad.

However, few can doubt the goodness of acknowledging the existence of one God (GOD), worshiping him through daily prayer, and giving alms to the poor, widows, and orphans.

Some may wonder whether Muhammad saw himself as the only prophet, in effect the only reliable messenger of divine revelation.  A bit of study of Islam’s roots will reveal that he did not.  

Muhammad acknowledged numerous prophets from the Torah, and acknowledged Jesus as a prophet and the spiritual offspring of God and the ultimate judge at judgment day, and his gospel as something folks ought to heed. Islam clearly had Judeo-Christian roots.  In fact, it seems that Jesusonian missionaries from Philadelphia (Amman Jordan) contacted Muhammad, for he professed distinctly non-Catholic views about the nature of Jesus and Mary.

Muhammad recognized the difficulty of remaining loyal to his recital, so he admonished his followers to struggle inwardly against injustice and the temptation to do wrong. He referred to this struggle as “holy jihad.”

Against this magnificent backdrop of spiritual motivation, we have the murderous, torturous insanity of Islamic Terrorism, the effort to destroy EVERYTHING non-Muslim, and even fellow Muslims who don’t toe the line.

ISIS Ninja & Flag
In dealing with this paradox, we simply MUST acknowledge that God’s spiritual agents probably sought out Muhammad to bring him this revelation during a time of abject darkness (the “dark ages of Christianity”) when the light of Jesus’ religious truth faced certain extinction, with only monks keeping it alive. But, NO SANE person can possibly believe God’s agents had Islamic Terrorism in mind.

We in the USA have seen in videos and photos the ISIS black flag with white Arabic script on it. I have symbolized it with the roll of black toilet paper in the photo below. Murderous men in black ninja outfits wave that horrid, evil flag around proudly, as though shoving its message up the bottoms of everyone else.

What does that script mean? Surely, it must mean “We will blow you up and cut your heads off, and slaughter you any way we can, regardless of anything, and nothing will stand in our way.” No, it does not mean that. It means this:
  • Top Line: “(There is) no god but Allah. Muhammad (is the) messenger (of) Allah.” – The standard Muslim profession of faith encompassing the first pillar of Islam.
  • Circle: “Allah(‘s) messenger(,) Muhammad.'” – From a seal allegedly derived from Muhammad’s long lost signet ring.

Regarding the words, I honor the monotheist message and Muhammad’s effort to bring it to a spiritually starved people.

ISIS Flag, Wipe-Worthy
Regarding the black ISIS flag, I drop mud on the iniquitous terrorism for which it stands, and the terrorist cowards who hide their terrorism behind a potentially benign religion the way a bully hides behind his mother’s skirt.

I need not say what I would do with the flag, given the chance.

Regarding my inclusion of The Urantia Book in the above list of major known revelations or advocates of spiritual awakening, some might wonder whether the “space aliens” sent here to correct errors in the bible also corrected errors in the Qur’an.

The Urantia Book photoThe Urantia Book has a less impeachable source than ANY source of revealed religion, EVER known to this world. All other sources have sketchy credentials and hundreds or thousands of years of opportunity for proponents and opponents to editorialize and mangle the teachings.

By contrast, the Urantia Foundation founders attended the sessions during which they indited or transcribed much of the book. Its teachings have the backing of scientific discoveries made since its inception. It has the distinction of delivery in modern American language, and it enjoys philosophic consistency from cover to cover.

On top of that, its religious teachings center on acknowledgement of the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of man. It propounds the divine obligation of all humans to demonstrate unselfish, loving service to one another while acknowledging the Universal Father as their spiritual father and eternal companion. No religious philosophy anywhere stands as exalted as that.

So yes, one or more of a diverse array of non-humans purport authorship of the 196 papers that comprise The Urantia Book. Some of the authors had once lived as humans on other worlds, and evolved into spiritual beings.  Some came into existence as spiritual beings.  Some earthbound "Midwayers" experienced birth on this world but remain invisible to most humans. Thus, the authors do not all hail from space (Heaven), and some have enjoyed “native” (not alien) status on this world for many thousands of years.  And the authors definitely are Heavenly beings.

Anyway, the original text of The Urantia Book has a glaring difference from all previous written revelations or holy books. Non-humans authored it and then supervised the editorial process that produced the published book as a philosophically consistent, scientifically accurate (for the most part) masterpiece of American Language literature. If you read its 2097 pages, you might decide it did not come from "space aliens," unless, of course, you consider God and his Angels aliens.

The Urantia Book contains much information that no other single work contains, it refutes some of the errors in the Bible relevant to the mission of The Urantia teachings, and it does not address the Qur'an at all, although its teachings differ measurably from precepts in the Qur’an.

For example, the Qur’an teaches that God has no children and man is God’s subject and man had better obey him or suffer eternal damnation in hell.  By contrast, The Urantia Book teaches that God is man’s ultimate father, and that man is his beloved child, destined to grow to become like God through discerning and devotedly doing his will, and thereafter to become the Father’s companion in untold adventures in the eternal reaches of space and time.

The Urantia Book devotes the last third of its pages to the Life and Teachings of Jesus. A “Midwayer” Commission authored the related papers because they actually witnessed the life of Jesus. You can read the book online at or
# # #

Monday, November 30, 2015

Russians set up Syria no fly zone with bad-ass missile system

Well, Obama could not very well set up a no fly zone before the Russians swooped in to help Assad because Obama worked for years (remember Hillary Clinton's Benghazi arms-to-ISIS treason?) to get rid of Assad by funding ISIS AND the rebels. 

It's all about allowing or preventing a Qatar-to-Europe gas pipeline through Jordan, Syria, and Turkey.  That would compete against Russian gas, and cause a price collapse.  Russia won't allow it because US economic sanctions (including lowering of oil prices) to punish Russia for taking the Crimean peninsua have hurt Russia. 

Naturally, the US wants to help Qatar (where the US maintains a critically important air base for flying drones to Yemen, Iran, etc), so together the US and the Arabs have funded the so-called rebels (who did a poor job against Assad) and then funded ISIS (who did a pretty good job and sold $800 billion in oil to Turkey). 

That put the US into direct opposition against Russian interests, so naturally Russia stepped in and creamed the oil truck fleet, destroyed as many rebel groups as they could, and took out some ISIS bad guys in the process.  That's what the US could have done, had it allied with Assad.  But of course, that would have alienated Qatar, and bye-bye air base in Qatar as a result.

Maybe the Joint Chiefs have hunkered down with our supreme commander to plan sending in F35 Lightning II's and F15 Strike Eagles and F/A18 Super Hornets and F22 Raptors to obliterate that Russian S-400 radar and missile system and the aircraft defending it. 

And maybe the USA will back off the way it should have long ago.  At least our supreme commander can tell Qatar "Hey, if you want to go in and take out that missile system, have at it.  Let us know when you've eliminated it and we can pick up where we left off.  Otherwise, I've got to make Tee time."

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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Equal before the law? Stupid.

I'd like also to point out the stupidity of the consideration that all people are or should be equal before the law.

The stupid, having IQ so low they cannot graduate from high school, notoriously make stupid choices, which explains the term "stupid" in reference to them. They cannot compete for the better jobs and mates, and so they gravitate to crime and welfare abuse to get by.

That means the rest of society must support them or pay to defend against their criminal behavior. Bottom line: unsupervised, the stupid become criminals.

So it constitutes a crime against humanity to procreate a stupid child. Society could prevent that crime by outlawing knowing infliction of a debilitating disease (stupidity) on an innocent baby. That would justify sterilization of the stupid.

And since the stupid make stupid choices, of course they should not vote. Furthermore, the smart, making smarter decisions than the mediocre, should have more votes than the average. So the law should never allow universal suffrage, and the suffage it does allow should let the smart and educated and responsible and productive have more say than the non-so-smart, less educated, less responsible and productive.

One can easily make the case that the stupid and irresponsible, having the right to vote, have put criminals into government, and will do that to a greater extent as they increase as a percentage of the population.

The stupid and irresponsible do increase as a percentage of the population because they procreate at nearly double the rate needed to sustain the gene group, whereas the smart procreate at less than the rate needed to sustain the gene group.

Well, heck, how smart are the smart after all?


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The ride. We love, love, LOVE the ride...

Dxtr, like me, loves the wind in his whiskers, adventure ahead, and history at his back.
Unlike me, he cares naught for future or history, let alone those of our planet and universe.
We both take joy in the journey, the ride up front, the pedal to the metal. 
The destination, meanwhile, for all its importance, wallows in the back seat for its turn.

No, that is not a photo of a rabbit.


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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

SCOTUS: Borrower Lacks Standing to Challenge PSA Violations

SCOTUS:  Borrower Lacks Standing to Challenge PSA Violations

By Bob Hurt, 4 November 2015

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The 2 November 2015 US Supreme Court denial of certiorari in Tran v Bank of New York settled once-and-for-all the spurious assertion that borrowers can challenge putative violations of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement (PSA) creating a securitization trust.  Borrowers, encouraged by Glaski v BOA, a California appellate win for the borrower, have claimed that because New York Law voids assignment of a note into a trust after its closing date in the PSA, the assignee has no authority to enforce the note in a foreclosure effort. 

This argument boils down to nothing more than a borrower's effort to use quirks in the law to get a "free house" by preventing foreclosure because the borrower did not make timely payments.  Bottom line the courts will not allow a borrower to get a free house unless the lender team injured the borrower sufficiently to justify it.

Numerous California courts have deprecated the Glaski opinion, as have other courts across the land.  Now the US Supreme Court has flicked its chin at it.

The US 2nd Circuit supported the NY Southern District in its reliance upon the 2nd Circuit's Rajamin v Deutsche Bank opinion that borrowers lack standing to challenge the PSA or any assignment of the note because they

1.       Never became a party to the PSA or assignment

2.      Did not get injured by the PSA violation or assignment, and

3.      Receive no 3rd party benefits from the PSA or assignment.

Now, the SCOTUS has put the KIBOSH forever on the frivolous argument that the borrower can cite irregularities in obeying the PSA and assigning the note as a basis for stymieing a foreclosure.  I have presented full opinions of the relevant cases.  READ THEM.

If you want to know how to prove the lender team injured the borrower, and how the borrower can use that proof to win millions in compensatory and punitive damages, visit

Court Opinion Links:

1.       Tran v. Bank of New York, Supreme Court of the United States 2 Nov 2015

2.      Tran v. Bank of New York, Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 2015

3.      Tran v. Bank of New York, Dist. Court, SD New York 2014

4.      RAJAMIN v. DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 2014

5.      Glaski v. Bank of America, 218 Cal. App. 4th 1079 - Cal: Court of Appeal, 5th Appellate Dist. 2013

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