Friday, May 27, 2011

What troubles or difficulties do you have in life?

You might like this fast therapy.


Ask someone “What troubles or difficulties do you have in life?”


Instead of life, you can say your relationships, your marriage, your job, your profession, your school, your church, your golf game, your traveling, and on.


When the person gives you a glib “Oh everything’s just great, no problems at all,” show the person the following list of awareness characteristics, tell the person to start at the bottom, look at each word, and when the person finds on that reminds the person of something going on in life (or whatever) to stop and tell you the word and how it reminds.


Awareness Characteristics


Total Freedom  ß The Ultimate Goal
Power in every area of life
21 Source
20 Existence
19 Conditions
18 Realization
17 Clearing
16 Purposes
15 Ability
14 Correction
13 Result
12 Production
11 Activity
10 Prediction
9 Body
8 Adjustment
7 Energy
6 Enlightenment
5 Understanding
4 Orientation
3 Perception
2 Communication
1 Recognition
-1 Help
-2 Hope
-3 Demand for Improvement
-4 Need of Change

Levels below "Need of Change"
from human to materiality:

-5 Fear of Worsening
-6 Effect
-7 Ruin
-8 Despair
-9 Suffering
-10 Numbness
-11 Introversion
-12 Disaster
-13 Inactuality
-14 Delusion
-15 Hysteria
-16 Shock
-17 Catatonia
-18 Oblivion
-19 Detachment
-20 Duality
-21 Secrecy
-22 Hallucination
-23 Sadism
-24 Masochism
-25 Elation
-26 Glee
-27 Fixidity
-28 Erosion
-29 Dispersal
-30 Disassociation
-31 Criminality
-32 Uncausing
-33 Disconnection
-34 Unexistence



You have this intermediate goal.  Take the person from awareness (possibly of unexistence) all the way up till the person begins to brighten, then WORK the person by getting an admission to needing change, demanding improvement, regaining hope, and seeking HELP.


When you do this, you can get someone to reach for help.  Without it, the person might hate you for trying to help.  You might get something like “How can you help me when you have such a screwed up life?”


Have fun.  I see much fun to have.


Just remember that friendships and therapy have the same ultimate goal:   to bring the participants to TOTAL SPIRITUAL FREEDOM.


Incidentally, I have found that this technique works excellently in making sales.


Where did I get the list?  L Ron Hubbard, of course.



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