Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sourdough Birthday Dreams

People have already started sending me birthday greetings, for which I feel sincerely grateful.  Thank you all.

In honor of the occasion, I have baked sourdough bread 3 days last week, and given loaves to friends. Each batch takes me about two days, depending on the starter I use. Friday I baked my last batch for the week.  I froze one loaf as soon as it cooled.  I just put the loaf in a plastic vegetable bag, twisted and tied it shut, and shove it in the freezer.  I left one loaf, bagged, out, waiting for Maria's arrival home from a little adventure to Orlando to see the family. She loves my bread.

I made these loaves from dough I made with South African starter, a culture someone gave me from South Africa.  It rises much faster than San Francisco starter dough.  The loaves looked like this when I took them out of the oven.  I removed them from the pans quite easily.  Then I set the loaves on a wire rack and set the rack on the empty hot bread pans.  This keeps the loaves from sweating on the bottom as they cool.

When I gave some loaves to my buddy Vinnie, he said he could smell the bread baking all the way down the passageway to the elevator.  The bread tastes delicious.

Sourdough loaves from South African starter 20110527.jpg

You can obtain 1837 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter (absolutely excellent, fast-rising) from FREE (SASE).

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