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Sovereign Citizen - Oxymoron?

From: C Gonzalez
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 4:11 PM
To: Bob Hurt
Subject: sovereign citizen


Hi Bob:


That phrase is an cannot be a sovereign AND a citizen


"As I explained to to a CBS producer, the Patriot movement (of which the
sovereign citizen movement comprises a subset) arises as a direct
consequence of crime in government."


We were born sovereign...NOT citizens.

Bob responds:


Dear C Gonzalez:


The term "sovereign citizen" implies that the citizen constitutes the source of the government's sovereignty, for the government obtains only that sovereignty which the citizenry yields to it.  Non-citizens have no authority to imbue the government with such sovereignty.  The citizenry (free white adult men of property – in other words, the "people") inscribed the rules for such yielding in the federal and state constitutions.  Aside from those, the citizenry retained all other rights and powers to themselves to exercise as they see fit.


We should consider ourselves fools and eventual slaves for yielding more than those inscribed powers without long and serious deliberation.  And we should return to negotiations every hundred years to further restrict the yielding so as to curb unauthorized liberties, such as waging no-win wars without a declaration of war by Congress, and such as outlawing violent rebellion, or letting private bankers mangle money and lending, or treating everything under the sun as interstate commerce.


Thus, "sovereign citizen" consists of a principle of voluntary yielding of sovereignty in conjunction with the implicit threat of withdrawing it for abuse.   It therefore does NOT constitute an oxymoron, but rather a term of art.


Unfortunately, pinkos and leftists like the ADL, SPLC, and CBS want to vilify every effort of the citizenry to limit the abuse of yielded sovereignty, halt the taking of sovereignty not yielded, and excise from government, and possibly from the planet, the ultra vires oligarchs who abuse and take without authority.


We should not dispute as to whether the term is an oxymoron.  We should instead instruct people who want to function as conscientious sovereign citizens how to do it without miring themselves in patriot mythology that makes the ignorant public view all of us as fools, dunces, bozos, morons, and idiots.


We should insist that each and every sovereign citizen learn the ideals of good government, state and federal constitutions, rules of evidence, rules of civil and criminal procedure, code of judicial conduct, ideal functioning of courts, basic structure of laws of the land, and how to research case law and prosecute a lawsuit. 


We should demand that patriots operate honestly, morally, ethically, and loyally in private and public matters, become litigious against crooks in government and big business, form and train militias in the art of rural and urban warfare and guerilla tactics, teach families to conserve resources, save, and stockpile an use precious metals as money, stand up for their rights, become self-reliant, become good and charitable neighbors, study and value a good education, and worship God and demonstrate his wise and loving nature to others.


When we see patriots or sovereign citizens blowing a head gasket, we should corral them and talk sense into them or get away from them and disavow them.  We should not consort with senseless thugs, crooks, and murders.  When we see people searching for truth, we need to direct them away from strawman and travel and other goofy theories, and into the blackletter law and rules of procedure and evidence.  We all need to sponsor and participate in community study groups using Jurisdictionary as the starting point.



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