Monday, May 16, 2011

CBS Prevaricates about Sovereign Citizens, supports ADL and SPLC Pinkos

Did you see this 60 min interview with cops and so-called sovereign citizens yesterday?


The story fails to point out what I told Clem Taylor, a producer of the segment repeatedly:  the patriot movement (incuding sovereign citizens) arises as a direct consequence of crime in government ( by government employees under color of law). 


The show pointed to the SWAT murder of father and son educators Jerry and Joe Kane in a Wal-Mart parking lot as JUSTIFIED by the notion that they had murdered the police chief's son and nephew during a traffic stop on an I41 offramp near West Memphis Arkansas last year.  Donna Kane, Jerry's widow, has filed federal lawsuit for torture killing against the SWAT and their seniors.  She has proven uncontrovertibly that Jerry and Jo did not kill those cops, and that the SWAT murders of J and J amounted to an execution for their activism, as targets of opportunity.  I know DOnna personally and have listened to her explain in detail how the cops altered some evidence, suppressed other evidence, and lied about J and J, who had nothing to do with the cops' deaths.


Thus, CBS used its bully pulpit to smear J and J, justify their SWAT murder, and justify nationwide persecution of innocent sovereign citizens (fed up with government crimes in courts, by cops, and by the IRS) across America.  Apparently they do so under direction of the Anti Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center, both Pinko groups whose leaders and propagandists hate seeing Americans stand up for their rights against government crooks, in spite of that very purpose symbolized by their names.


Let us face a harsh reality here.  IF cops or other government employees abuse people or stomp on their rights, under color of law or not, they thereby BEG for their own assassination by people who righteously, and justifiably, HATE crime in government.  The Chief and his son may have had a reputation for abusing people.  CBS refused to address that important issue.  The evidence showed that they stopped a white van with an orange roof (which J and J's car did not have) and hispanic men killed them with automatic machine guns that fired bullets in such quantity as to eliminate the Kanes from the suspect list, for the Kanes did not have weapons that could put that amount of metal (28 rounds, according to CBS, but Donna indicated many more than that) into those cops.


J and J had an AK47.  It does not shoot the kinds of bullets found in the cops' bodies.  J and J had no other automatic weapons.


Bottom Line, J and J did not kill those cops, and SWAT killed J and J, and CBS implied J and J did kill the cops.  Clem Taylor failed to include Donna Wray's comments in the story, even after I gave them her contact info and told them they needed her story to get at the truth.  Apparently CBS does not care about the truth and only wants to make cops hate sovereign citizens.  I expect to hear an increasing array of stories about cops abusing people as a result.



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