Saturday, April 01, 2006

What We Should Say to Oligarchies that Abuse Us

How does one nation say something like the below to another?

“You have violated our rights and we don’t like it. We do not like your hostile rhetoric and financial support to terrorists who intend to kill us. We believe your national behavior has resulted from your oligarchy government. We’re going to give you 2 years to change it into something more benign, not only to outsiders, but also to your own people.

“If you don’t do it in that time frame, we’re going to declare war upon your country, destroy your military forces, remove and exterminate your bad leadership, install a government of our choosing, and nationalize your natural resources to pay the cost of policing and transforming your nation into something more suitable for a modern, peaceful world. Most likely our forces will occupy your country for the next hundred years or so, and millions of your people will die in the associated fighting. We shall impose a eugenics program that will eliminate the most inferior and troublesome elements from your gene pool. We shall destroy all institutions that teach it is good to kill others or destroy their property, even if those are religious institutions. We shall imprison and execute all religious and secular leaders that advocate any kind of oppression or violence to further an ideology. We shall ruthlessly hunt down and execute all who oppose us, including their immediate families. We shall hunt down and capture all financial assets of your nation’s wealthiest families, even if those assets sit in secret Swiss bank accounts. And we shall make you pay the entire cost of our subjugation and occupation efforts, even if it takes you a thousand years.

“During the next two years, we shall monitor your activities, and we shall undermine and destroy any and every effort of yours to support entities hostile to our nation, our people, and our property. We shall in the middle of the night lob destructive bombs at targets we deem deserving, and as we see fit we shall destroy your military capability, assassinate your leaders, foment civil war, freeze your assets, disrupt your infrastructures, and impose embargos and other oppressive conditions on you, as we must to minimize your threat to our security. That’s before we invade your land and take full control of it.

“If you prefer a more enjoyable solution, you may petition for our help right now, and promise to abide by certain rules of relationship. In exchange, we shall send our advisors into your country to help you gather data and analyze what you can do to bring your nation peaceably and lawfully into the modern era, and then we will help you implement it. You will pay for this service, but you will eventually see it as the cheapest of all options available to you, certainly much cheaper than the terrible loss of life and property if we harass and invade you.

“Here’s a proposed constitution and bill of rights for your new limited constitutional republic. We patterned it somewhat after ours, taking into consideration your country’s history and social customs. Look it over and think about our proposal. Get back to us in one month with your decision. We will interpret no answer as a “no” answer, and we shall respond accordingly. You will not get a second chance.”

I believe America must help people governed by primitive oligarchies exercise responsibility for their own governments. Look at the relationship between the USA and Mexico for an example. They manage self-government pretty well, given the average IQ of their nation, and at least they have pretty much learned not send full-scale military invasion forces into the USA. Other primitive peoples can learn the same, particularly if our advisors hang around to help them.

I believe the most significant way to help primitive countries is to provide them with contracts to provide goods and services to the USA, and make it possible for them to manufacture or do R&D work under contract for USA companies and the government. This will force higher quality, broader education upon the land, and that will result in an increase in the wage base and standard of living. Whenever people feel free to pursue business interests, they work to support a government that prevents others from destroying their business.

We cannot approach such a significant help level without having boots on the ground to eliminate insurrection and terrorism.

I feel profound disappointment over Bush’s refusal to do anything effective to eliminate Afghanistan’s opium production. They have been delivering about 5000 tons of opium a year to international illegal drug markets, and none of the money they receive goes into government coffers. If it did, the USA would have to wage war against the government it just installed. Our military should destroy the opium business in Afghanistan and work with our industrialists to set up factories and international agriculture operations there. Afghanistan contains plenty of people who can work in factories, and their wage base is probably sufficiently low to allow them to be competitive in textiles and other labor-intensive operations. The president is strangely silent about this. I wonder why.

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