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Prager Confused about Low Jobless Rate

Prager's article about the low jobless rate (below) is good, but it misses the point. People have to work because their savings have disintegrated and their paychecks have dropped in value as a result of our corrupt congress’s hidden tax – inflation, and because our president refuses to lop off OPEC’s balls.

I have written for several years about the manner in which oil became the de facto backing for our currency, and you have seen some of those articles on your list, so I won’t rehash that now.

Here’s the upshot: when Saddam and Hugo began selling oil for Euros in 1999, the worldwide demand for US dollars plummeted, thereby devaluing the dollar. That combined with our staggering annual budget deficits to make our currency ever less valuable as the days roll by. If you don’t believe me, look at the price of gasoline. Expect it to hit $4 to $5 per gallon within a year. The collapse of the US dollar is in full bloom, right before our eyes, this very day.

Runaway deficit spending by the government always gives the apparency of plenty of money to go around. Employers can hire now because they know the dollars they pay their employees will drop in value fairly quickly, making the employees cheaper to have as months roll on. People know intuitively that they must buy houses NOW (if they can find fixed rate mortgages) because the house payments drop in value as inflation soars to double digits, even out of the teens.

Sure the economy is booming and employment is low. This is one of the best times in America’s history to mortgage yourself to the hilt and buy everything you can on credit.

Take my advice and buy precious metals or real estate. And if you work for a living, start demanding a bigger paycheck (low unemployment means your boss will have a harder time replacing you). Do anything you can to get rid of your increasingly less worthful dollars by exchanging them for something of intrinsic value.

By the way, if America contained no illegal aliens, it might enjoy a jobless of only 2%, and wages would hit all-time highs. Dennis Prager doesn’t seem to have a clue about the negative impact of illegal aliens on our country, and on Europe. He fails to mention of the main reasons for Europe’s failing socialism: the rate of immigration of low-IQ or criminal people from third world countries since the formation of the European Union and the dropping of border controls between the countries of Western Europe. Europe now receives floods of illegal immigrants from Africa and the Mideast, just as the USA does from Mexico.

Do you see the real issue here? We’re not talking about the mystery of the unemployment rate. We’re talking about the factors that KILL civilizations. Civilizations either grow or they die. It’s that simple. When we see illegal aliens streaming into the USA from Mexico or into Europe from Africa, we don’t see an enlightened civilization helping an unenlightened one. We see members of a depraved civilization wittingly (in the case of Muslims terrorists) or unwittingly (in the case of people looking for a better life) working to KILL an enlightened civilization by importing to it their corrupt cultures and gene pools. And we really shouldn’t care whether such interlopers do it wittingly or not. When somebody tries to kill that which you hold dear, you’d better take it seriously and do something to stop it dead in its tracks.

Before I get to the point of how to stop efforts to kill our enlightened civilizations, I want to address the problems of socialism. Philosophers devised socialism (government control of the means of production) in an effort to reconcile their consciences with the reality of mixed gene type pools in a society. It’s hard to see inferior people struggle to get by and not feel some pangs of conscience. Socialism intends to help those people. Unfortunately, such philosophers didn’t give much thought merely to moving the unproductive people outside of their society. Socialism depends upon the notion that at least some percentage of the population produces enough to feed those who can’t care for themselves. Thus, socialism like that of Europe, can only work if a huge percentage of the population produces high-value work. What big clues to this reality do you have? Consider these:

  1. The USA’s social infrastructures are swamped by illegal aliens and low-IQ people. The government cannot pay for social security, Medicare, Medicade, and all of the entitlement programs because the nation contains too many indigent, incarcerated, and non-productive people.
  2. Mexico – the reason low IQ people stream across the border: Mexico’s welfare system sucks.
  3. Sub-Saharan Africa – the reason so many Africans stream into Europe: African nations offer no welfare systems.

You see? The dwindling spiral of socialism works like this:

  • The more personal liberties people have,
  • The more the government spends what it does not have,
  • The higher the incentive to retain wealth,
  • The fewer the wealthy procreate,
  • The more the indigent procreate,
  • The more politicians pander to the indigent and stupid,
  • The lower the average national IQ,
  • The lower the productivity,
  • The poorer the people,
  • The lower the value of their work product,
  • The lower the tax base,
  • The less money available for socialist projects (like welfare checks, free medical care, free housing, food stamps),
  • The higher the crime rate for non-productive people,
  • The greater the loss of life and property for productive people,
  • The greater the infrastructure costs (prisons, medicine), and
  • The more people want to leave the land for a better life (and a free ride or socialist safety net) elsewhere.

I say it’s time to stop pussy-footing and dancing around this issue. It's time to stop conjecturing wildly about what scheme of social tolerance might or might not be the problem or solution. Our world has only two possible ways to terminate this horrible death-spiral of civilization:

  1. Eugenics programs to reduce the percentage of low-IQ people in the world’s population (yes, we need a form of benign genocide).
  2. Government mandated organization of all indigent, criminal, and low IQ people for controlled menial labor in both private and public enterprise.

Until then, we should throw every possible illegal alien out of our country, and slam the door against the entry of any more low-IQ people. Why? Because they are KILLING our civilization.

# # #

Why the low jobless rate challenges Left and Right
Apr 11, 2006
by Dennis Prager

The latest jobless rate -- 4.7 percent -- is at a
five-year low.

Yet, despite this and other good economic news, the
Left is frantic to repeal the Bush administration's
tax cuts. In fact, even if every single economic
indicator were better than at any time in American
history, the Left would still want to repeal the tax

The reason is that the essence of the Left is ever
bigger government for the purpose of controlling ever
more of the economic and social life of society. That
America is so much more economically efficient than
the major socialist countries of Europe, such as
France and Germany, is of no concern to Democrats and
others on the Left.

Even a child would readily understand that the more
of their money citizens are allowed to keep, the more
money they will spend and the more workers they will
hire. But liberals want high taxes not in order to
improve the economy, but in order to expand government
and reduce economic inequality. Therefore, the obvious
economic benefits of lower taxes do not much interest

The socialist economies of the major European
countries are failing -- the French and German
economies are stalled, and the entire socialist system
is unsustainable -- but this, too, has no impact on
the Left in America. The future they want for America
has actually been tried in fellow Western democracies
and is failing. To invert the famous statement of
Westerners who praised communism, "We have seen the
future and it doesn't work." One wonders if ever
before in history such a large number of people had
such a clear view of the consequences of their
policies, and despite the failure of those policies,
continued to devote their lives to enacting them.

And the Left thinks religious Americans are

That is why the language of liberal condemnation of
tax cuts is that they are "tax cuts for the rich"
rather than that they are "bad for the economy." It is
resentment of the wealthier -- and most productive --
sector of America that animates liberal opposition to
tax cuts, not concern about unemployment.

But the unemployment data not only challenge the
Left. The record low jobless rate also challenges a
widely held belief of many on the right -- that
illegal immigrants have been taking jobs away from

There are excellent reasons to be concerned about the
vast number of illegal immigrants in our society. But
their taking jobs from Americans is not one of them.
If we have historically low unemployment rates while
at least 11 million illegal immigrants are here, how
many jobs have these people really taken away from
Americans? What would our unemployment rate be if we
had no illegal workers here? One percent? And wouldn't
our inflation rate be higher without millions of
people working at such low wages helping to keep
consumer prices low?

It must be emphasized that while just about everyone
on the left is opposed to what they describe as "tax
cuts for the rich," many on the right do not argue
that illegal immigrants have taken jobs away from
Americans. But an energetic segment of the Right does.

And they do so despite what the conservative
Washington Times reports: "The economy appears to have
achieved what analysts call 'full employment' -- a
state where nearly every worker who wants a job can
get one fairly easily."

How, then, does the whole Left and a significant part
of the Right argue things that just aren't so -- that
tax cuts are bad for the nation and that illegal
immigrants have taken millions of jobs from Americans?

The answer is that passion often trumps reason. The
Left is passionate about inequality and ever larger
government. And the Right is passionate about America
remaining American.

I share the Right's passion and agree with the
conservative voices that argue for (1) building a
fence to prevent millions more from illegally entering
America, (2) creating a national ID card, (3) making
English the official language of the United States
(thereby ending, for example, ballots being printed in
myriad languages), and (4) ensuring that American
schools Americanize foreigners rather than celebrate
multiculturalism (if all cultures were equally
wonderful, millions of Mexicans wouldn't be leaving
theirs to live in ours).

But those of us who are very worried about the demise
of American national unity, identity and security need
to argue about those things, not about illegal
immigrants taking millions of jobs from Americans.

And those on the left need to cheer the unemployment
data. But they can't do that until they love the low
unemployment figures even more than they hate George
Bush and his tax cuts.

Dennis Prager is a radio talk show host, author, and
contributing columnist for Townhall.com.

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