Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Do Illegals Create Jobs?

Uncle Bill (a nomme de plume) wrote:

There is a line of thinking that suggests so good will come from offering citizenship to currently illegal aliens. If they pay their taxes, obey the laws of the land and support their families, we all benefit. If they were required to pay a citizenship tax of say 2% to their families 'back home' for say 20 years, everybody wins. This also creates new jobs which provides revenues.

One additional benefit, this action is more in keeping with a forward progression of social action rather than resorting to elements of a police state.

I respond:

Bill, that is a baloney line of thinking because your big Ifs never materialize. For example, chasing Mexicans down to collect that citizenship tax costs more than the value of the tax.

Remember 1986? Our daffy duck congress legitimized 3 million illegal Mexicans then. Now, twenty years later their offspring, amounting to another 6 million Mexican-
“Americans” may vote. For whom do you think they will cast their ballots? Bush thinks he must pander to them out of fear that they otherwise will vote mostly for Democrats. That means both the Democrats and the Republicans have lost their minds and are pandering to Mexicans.

Mexicans don’t create jobs. They take jobs that 60 million other low-IQ Americans should have, and meanwhile, they lower the average wages of labor and servant class people, thereby diminishing the per-capita tax base. Our governments incarcerate Mexicans at nearly 3 times the rate of Caucasians. Considering that a result of the inability of Mexicans to speak English properly, integrate into the productive cut of American society, and effectively solve problems (because of their a low average IQ and corrupt cultural backgrounds), you might rightly conjecture that Mexicans have 5 to 10 times the likelihood of Caucasians to require welfare or commit crimes in order to get by. Their presence deteriorates our gene pool and reduces our national productivity. At least 45% of them don’t have the mental abilities needed to allow them to graduate from high school. Being barely more able than our nation’s Blacks to compete for the better jobs, many have no choice but to resort to crime and / or welfare.

Supporting such people costs much more than the benefits they give our society. They impose an enormous burden on our systems of welfare, medicine, education, and criminal justice. Allowing them to flood into and remain in our nation constitutes civilizational insanity.

We do not demonstrate a police state nature by throwing them out. We demonstrate a lawless and socially suicidal nature by allowing them to enter and remain. Letting them stay here might allow them some forward social progress, but it will certainly deteriorate America in the process, just as it already has.

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