Tuesday, April 11, 2006

No Immigration Solutions from Sowell

Thomas Sowell is a good economist, gifted writer, and clear thinker, but as his Immigration Solutions article shows, he's woefully short on solutions.

Sowell pointed out the obvious realities about immigration and the demonstrations, plus the efforts of organizers to keep Mexican culture separate from mainstream American culture so as to manipulate it as a political tool and voting block. Numerous other pundits have made these same points. Then he went on to say, effectively that we might as well kiss your dreams of America good-bye, because Congress is going to push through the president’s phony substitute for amnesty that will end up being amnesty anyway. That seems to me like an under-the-table way of gloating over the joke of the Senate’s effete immigration reform efforts.

But, what does Sowell claim as his real position on this issue?

Well, he seems kind of Americanist, doesn’t he? But he actually adopts NO position, and proposes NO solution, in spite of the misleading title of his article: Imigrant “solutions”. In my opinion, Sowell should not have bothered to come into the office to write that article.

Why should I expect better from him? Sowell serves as a kind of pedagogical, quasi-conservative, sub-rosa apologist for American Blacks. For example, in his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals he asserted, as Steve Sailer pointed out, that Blacks have absorbed too much self-defeating culture of poor Southern whites.

Yeah, sure. Southern White trash made Blacks invent disgusting jailhouse poetry called rap, refuse to speak proper English, impose nearly 8 times the incarceration rate of Caucasians on America’s criminal justice system, commit 3 times more violent crimes than Caucasians, commit crimes at more than double the rate of non-White Hispanics, fail massively (50%) to graduate from high school, and fail massively (70%) to provide live-at-home fathers their children. That’s the fault of Southern White trash? I don’t think so. That’s Africa, right here in America. And, since most American Blacks have enjoyed zero direct influence from modern-day Africa, we can only conclude that most of their problems have a genetic cause.

Sowell seems unaware of the number Blacks populating America’s inner cities who have never experienced a self-defeating Southern white culture, and in fact who seem to loathe and do their very best to avoid any semblance of absorbing the best white culture has to offer. For some strange reason, Sowell refuses to admit that the decrepit general condition of African-Americans comes more from their African genetic endowment and cultural heritage than from American culture. He seems to think American Blacks’ African characteristics contributed nothing to their problems.

In spite of his stature and pedagogical manner, Sowell still wants to “blame Whitey.”

He also seems powerfully reluctant to analyze situations to their logical conclusions.

For example, he refuses to discuss low IQ, low value of production, and corrupt homeland cultures as the root of America’s immigrant problems. Those seem to me to be the lowest common denominator of both Ibero-America and Sub-Saharan Africa. In general, the countries whose natives suffer most miserably in the world today have large low-IQ, low-productivity populations, and corrupt governments. For some clues about this, refer to the book IQ and the Wealth of Nations, as well as La Griffe du Lion’s incisive statistical analyses of the matter here and here.

What else should we expect when the average IQ of America’s Blacks and Mexicans average nearly a full standard deviation lower than America’s Caucasians? Bottom line, third world immigrants cause problems for America because they are not very smart, and not very productive, and that allows crooked politicians to pander to them effectively, just as we see today in the USA. Stupid people result in low GDP and corrupt government. Sowell should have pointed this out in his analysis.

Furthermore, Sowell generally shows little aptitude for proposing workable solutions to problems. The subject article provides a striking example.

You won’t find that problem in my writing. I always try to propose sensible solutions. For example, try this proposal: when it comes to immigration issues, you’d be far better off subscribing to this source of information, rather than to Thomas Sowell’s do-nothing analyses.

We cannot get rid of the 65+ million American citizens who have IQs below 85, and cannot even graduate from high school. We will have to deal with that the best we can, and just suffer through it while they procreate in record numbers. However, we can do something to prevent millions upon millions of low-IQ Ibero-American illegal immigrants from joining their ranks. My solution to the illegal immigrant problem begins with this:

  1. Round up and deport all of them, and don’t bother apologizing for it because they won’t appreciate it or understand it.
  2. Slam the door shut on further immigration of low-achievement, low-IQ people from third world countries, especially from Africa and Ibero-America.

Yes, I know Sowell is less fractious than I, but then he sells his articles, doesn’t he? They must appeal to his black, Jewish, and liberal supporters, and to his family, or he’ll catch all kinds of hell, and they’ll call him an Uncle Tom the way they do Bill Cosby. That’s why his essays are so namby-pamby when it comes to solutions. As you know, I am not similarly hamstrung.

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