Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Krauthammer's Humanity to Illegal Aliens Costs Inhumanity to Citizens

In his article First the Wall, then Amnesty sensibly advised erecting a wall between the USA and Mexico, but otherwise his proposals fail the commonsense test.

First, just like the people who claimed we were evil or wasting out resources to invade Afghanistan or Iraq, he claims we are evil or wasting resources to eject 11 million illegal aliens. He didn’t’ even mention the moral and possibly legal difficulty of tossing out illegal alien parents of children born in America. He didn’t mention a number of very legitimate reasons to toss Mexican nationals out of the USA.

  • Mexico has lost an enormous number of its working-age citizens, as well as the tax revenue those citizens would be providing were they still in Mexico
  • Illegal aliens in general pose a tremendous financial and physical burden on our infrastructures that deal with medicine, education, welfare, housing, and criminal justice
  • Illegal aliens drive many low-income Americans into welfare and crime because they seriously depress wages resulting from the surplus they impose on our menial labor pool
  • Illegal aliens cause factual loss of income tax revenue for USA because so many of them hide their income
  • Illegal aliens send a flood of actual USA cash to their impoverished families in Mexico.

In other words, the USA government is doing the job of Mexico’s government, and meanwhile is letting the corrupt Mexican government off the hook. I read one estimate that 40% of Mexico’s labor force has left the country for the USA. If that is true, I cannot think of a better reason either to slam the borders shut and throw out all illegal aliens. Maybe we could solve the problem easier by declaring war on Mexico, disbanding its miserably corrupt government, and depleting the bank accounts of the wealthy land owners in Mexico who keep that corrupt government in power.

The real cause of our problems with Mexico: low IQ and lack of organized utilization of low-IQ people. Mexico’s citizens have a low average IQ - 87, just two points higher than the average IQ of USA blacks. Social science pundits never say anything about that, do they? But note, that when millions upon millions of low-IQ people flood into the USA from Mexico, the USA is thereby importing Mexico’s problems – low-IQ to deteriorate the gene pool, and a corrupt culture that supports and legitimizes a corrupt government.

No government of smart, sane people would declare war on the government of a bunch of stupid people unless forced to by a hostile invasion. All that will do is accelerate the cross pollination and dumbing down of the USA. But let’s be frank. Mexico is invading the USA. And if you have any question as to their hostility, take a look at their incarceration rate. – nearly 3 times the rate of whites, albeit less than half the rate of blacks. But, start throwing Mexicans out of our country and watch how more hostilely they act.

Do you see our dilemma here? We will never eliminate the problem of Mexicans trying to enter the USA so they can feed off the fat of the land and largess of our government. Mexico will never do anything to improve the average IQ of its citizens. So, how much sense does it make for the USA to take on the problem when the USA won’t do anything to improve the average IQ of its citizens. In fact, it seems as though the USA now does everything in its power to guarantee that the average IQ of the land, and its productivity, falls ever lower with every passing day, week, month, year, and decade.

We have only one solution – a huge wall, absolutely slammed shut against any and all immigration from Mexico, including menial labor, guest workers, and so on. Last night I heard a funny suggestion from Bill Maher on HBO – instead of erecting a 1,951-mile WALL, out government should erect a 1,951-mile WAL-MART, right on the border. Mexicans can enter on one side to work in the store, and Americans can enter in the other side to buy goods.

Only isolation and highly selective immigration have any chance of granting our nation some relief. For the next 100 years, the USA should allow only productive, self-sufficient Mexicans with IQ above 125 to enter out country for any reason, including travel, vacation, or work. And, the USA needs to deport ALL illegal aliens, regardless of family circumstances. Illegal aliens who have American children can take those kids with them. Meanwhile, the USA needs to stop granting citizenship to anybody born here. The constitution should allow people to be born citizens of the USA only if at least one parent is a citizen. The law should require all people residing in America for more than 5 years to become citizens within one year or leave the country, regardless of family connections or any other reasons. And it should require all applicants to pass a literacy test and score at least 85 on an IQ test.

Of course, if the USA devises and implements some kind of eugenics program and method of utilizing low-IQ people in an effective and organized way, the nation will suffer far less from immigration from third-world countries.

Unfortunately, political correctness and denial of the realities of IQ make that impossible. So, let’s get that wall up fast and start the exodus of illegals from our land.

As for the wall, Krauthammer advised wisely, but his idea of humanizing our response to the millions of illegals who live here makes no sense, and I want to examine that a bit further than I did above.

Krauthammer writes of humanity to illegal aliens through the hypocrisy of inhumanity to real Americans.

This thinking reflects the disintegration of rational and humane thought brought about by America’s obsession with political correctness. Charles thinks it okay to screw over real Americans so we can let non-Americans enjoy the American Dream which they could have in Mexico if they stood up to their government and demanded it, even through violent revolution if need be.

We see the same corrupt thinking in our welfare laws. Since when should a government feel entitled to steal money from people (just because they happen to have some money) and hand it over to people who don’t have it (for any number of thousands of irrelevant reasons)? Charities hold the responsibility for doling out money they receive from charitable contributions, and Americans have shown the tendency toward greater voluntary charity than any people on earth.

Aside from facing the natural illegitimacy of legal plunder as reflected in our welfare system, we also face the unfairness of the redistribution of wealth. Even if enforced welfare had a legitimate side to it, our welfare system does not ensure that people who receive the money truly need it because of circumstances beyond their control. Redistributors should manage all such redistribution, whether by charity or government, locally, using local agents who know or know of the recipients, and can personally ascertain their worthiness, and deny those of proven unworthiness.

In other words, nobody actually “deserves” a free handout, particularly when the person giving the handout raised the money at gunpoint from an unwilling donor.

Similarly, no Mexican “deserves” any of the following:

  • To live in the USA, regardless of the hassle he will face by having to move back to Mexico.
  • A job that should belong to anyone of millions of indigent US citizens who should and could get off welfare to take that job.
  • A life of free support on our welfare or in our prisons.
  • Free medical care in our hospitals.
  • To enjoy American citizenship just because they are born here to illegal alien parents who intentionally moved here illegally in order to get that citizenship.
  • A free education at the expense of American citizens.

Charles needs to revisit the meaning of humanity and direct it to the millions of impoverished, decrepit American citizens who get the short end of the stick just because so many millions of illegal aliens reside here.

We need to boot those illegal aliens out of this country and keep them out.


Bob Hurt

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