Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Walter Willams "Black Self-Sabotage" article

Professor Walter Williams:

I write to express appreciation for your article and to encourage you to broadcast it to anti-Zimmerman-verdict bloggers and pundits.

Here's an example of three black chicks who consider themselves worthy authors of blog material.  One wrote hatefully about one of the Zimmerman jurors.  Her comments invoked invective from an array of sympathizers, I guess all black:

From the beginning news of the Trayvon Martin killing, I knew black pundits would make a big deal out of it.  I knew they would ignore the numerous outrageous black hate-murders of whites, and play up Martin as an innocent child victim.

The black pundit community has missed a beautiful opportunity to use this incident to encourage black parents and youths to get back in line with the common sense of the 1940's black family structure.  Children cannot grow up with proper ideals or ideas of adults without both a mother and a father at home during formative years.

You might want to broach a subject that black and white pundits alike have utterly ignored:  the ultimate legal responsibility of Trayvon Martin's parents for his criminal, miscreant behavior.  The world seems to have forgotten that they bear responsibility for the behavior of their minor children, whether good or bad.  If good, that means they taught him well.  If bad, that means they did not.  Their negligence as parents resulted in Trayvon's use of disrespect and violence, rather than kindness and respect, to confront George Zimmerman.

What does this mean?  It means George can and should sue Trayvon's parents for the damages he suffered from the injuries Trayvon did to him, and for the expense of defending himself against ill-advised and unjustified murder prosecution.  A substantial damages award would send a loud, clear message to all pundits that parents must train their children to become gracious, good, law-abiding citizens or suffer the consequences.

You might also discuss the economic aspect of broken homes, particularly in the black community.  Johns Hopkins rightly wrote that fatherless households suffer from lack of the man's paycheck.  Most single mothers wallow in poverty and crave the safety net of a man's income.  Instead of encouraging women to get married and stay married, feminist and other liberal pundits howl demands for job and wage equality for women.  Now our beautiful girls will join men on the front lines of battle, and many will return home with horrific injuries and missing limbs from their ridiculous "equality."

Look at the economic indicators.  Government trillions of dollars in debt, wasting money on foreign aid and foreign wars, giving boundless handouts to the needy greedy, and robbing the productive through confiscatory taxes, increasing the debt by billions daily.  This happens because of bad government.  Bad government arises from bad legislators and executives, and bad judges enforce it, leaving only political solutions.  Bad people put most of those bad officials in office.

Bad people?  Did I actually make that politically incorrect assertion?  Yes, I did, and everyone with half a brain understands GIGO - Garbage in produces Garbage OUt.  The ethics of a democracy can never exceed that of the electorate, and our republic fares little better because the superwealthy corporations and individuals contribute enough money to own the legislators and executives through campaign contributions.  Smart, informed, responsible electors would not let that happen.  They'd ignore the glitzy ads, study the candidates, and nominate and elect only those good citizens competent to rule.

Why has the electorate become irresponsible?  For the same reason that so many black and liberal pundits have expressed outrage at the acquittal of Zimmerman while bemoaning the just fate of Martin:

  1. Evil agenda cloaked in "political correctness" by badly educated elitist liberals
  2. Stupidity of at least 75 million Americans
  3. Suffrage and procreation rights for the stupid and irresponsible
I suppose I needn't harrangue you about liberal elitism in universities where students become educated to ignore reality about genetics as the chief cause of stupidity and the iniquity of allowing the stupid to procreate and vote.  You know it first hand because you work in it all the time.  That's where black leaders learn to hate white folks just for the heck of it and learn to deny the problems of black families in American society.

But maybe I do need to point out that more than half of all the black students cannot graduate from high school, and at least half could not graduate no matter how good a home life they had because they are, to tell the truth, stupid.  It takes an 85 IQ to graduate, and US blacks have an average IQ of 84.  They have such a high IQ mostly because of having 18% white genes, and somewhat because of superior diet, education, and culture to sub-Sahara blacks in Africa who enjoy an average IQ of 70.

I have calculated the following approximations of IQ in the US by race:

% of 310M Popu Avg IQ
% <85 IQ
# <85
Non-White Hispanics
Northeast Orientals

Total # stupid people in US


Mama Gump said "stupid is as stupid does."  We refer to people as stupid because they reliably make wrong decisions and take wrong actions that cause  problems for them in life.  The stupid cannot compete for better mates or jobs and they tend to resort to crime and welfare abuse in inner cities.  I have arbitrarily chosen 85 as the IQ point below which a person suffers from stupidity, but in reality, those with IQ below 90 fare little better, and I think that should become the boundary.

Stupid people cannot evaluate relative importances well and so they don't bother evaluating much because it doesn't serve them.  They shoot from the hip as they go through life, leaving in their wake the flotsam and jetsam of troubles they cause and suffer.  They impose terrible burdens on societal infrastructures including health care, education, criminal justice, and welfare.  And many of them, like Trayvon Martin, resort to mugging and street crime to gain peer stature and to obtain the goods  they see advertised on TV, goods they could not otherwise afford.

I say it is cruel and inhumane to allow irresponsible parents to procreate stupid children, and even more irresponsible to do so without providing the means for their care, such as home, marriage, job for the man, and understanding/skill at managing a household budget and planning for kids and old age.

Our society owes children something better than a welfare promise to the stupid and their children, for that puts a huge burden on more productive people.  It owes those children a life FREE of stupidity.  I think procreation of the stupid should become outlawed as a crime against the child.  We wouldn't tolerate a person infecting a living human being with stupidity for life, would we?  So why do we let parents do it to the unborn? 

It just does not make ECONOMIC SENSE.

Now since the stupid generally prove by their misdeeds that they cannot make prudent choices for their own lives or manage their lives properly, why should we expect them to make prudent choices at the polls?  We cannot.  That's how spendthrifts like Barack Obama and warmongers like George Bush got into office.  Only the stupid or leftist liberals or people with a money interest in the election results would vote for such people.  They got the US into serious financial trouble.

That just does not make ECONOMIC SENSE.

The solution:  a massive push by people of good sense to outlaw suffrage and procreation by stupid and other irresponsible people.

I remind you that the States originally accomplished this by allowing only free, white, landed men to vote.  The Constitution now mandates that children between 18 and 21 and women and the "slave class" may vote.  By "slave class" I mean people so stupid that they cannot exercise the responsibility commensurate with their liberties.

I believe every citizen needs to take a battery of tests and exhibit certain demonstrations of responsibility to establish their "class" of citizenship.  Only the highest class may vote.  Or all can vote, but the lower classes have a dramatically scaled-down vote.

I personally believe everyone should have some say in governments of families and nations, but some voices have higher credibility because of their higher degrees of demonstrable responsibility.

I apologize to you if I have worn you out with this appeal.  Your article inspired me to write it.  Perhaps you will see fit to respond with proposals of your own.  We don't do enough when we merely denounce and admonish.  We need to recommend specific, workable solutions, starting with ideals, and adjusting them as necessary to get the community to embrace them.

Xena of the 3 black chicks politico blog refused to publish my comments because I refused to bash Zimmerman or the jury, and I tried to present the above facts to her readers.  Maybe you can get her to listen to reason because of your skin color and altitude.


Bob Hurt


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