Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Florida Negress returns to house, fires warning shots, gets 20 years


The above article must certainly anger America's Negroes over what they consider unfairness of the Florida courts.

In this case the woman, in a heated dispute with her estranged children, went outside to her car and returned with her pistol, then fired warning shots, whereupon her husband and the kids ran out of the house.  Her lawyer begged the court to acknowledge her immunity under Florida's STAND-YOUR-GROUND LAW.

The judge refused, saying she obviously did not fear for her life or she wouldn't have returned to the house.

A less angry, more sensible woman would have stayed out of the house and called the police to remove her hostile husband.

Angry people lie a lot and don't think straight.  They hide the truth and make problems worse just to seem right.  They tend to want to punish and get even.  They tend to communicate with solid objects (guns, knives, rocks, fists, etc).

Now, add stupidity to the anger.   I remind the reader that half of America's Negroes have such low intelligence that they cannot graduate from high school.  That means members of that half make poor choices because they cannot evaluate relative importances or solve problems sensibly.  In other words, they don't think straight either.

Should the reader think the woman is stupid because she just earned a mandatory 20-year prison sentence for firing warning shots to scare her husband?  Well, think it or not, she has a 50% chance of being what I call stupid.  If she suffers from stupidity, the law should not allow her anywhere close to a loaded gun.

I make this point not to denigrate Negroes, for America also has a lot of stupid Caucasians and non-Caucasian Hispanics, nearly 80 million, altogether who cannot graduate from high school because of their low cognitive skill.

Oops, I seem to have hit a huge road block here.  The Constitution, written by and for generally smart Caucasians, doesn't contain a word about stupidity, lack of cognitive ability, etc. 

But it does contains the 2nd Amendment acknowledging the right of the people to keep and bear arms and forbidding any infringement on that right.   

But the people need to read that with some common sense perspective.  "The People" obviously cannot include irresponsible children or insane people.  Common sense dictates that at least some of the rights which the Constitution guarantees do not operate as absolute rights, but rather operate as privileges extended to responsible people.  Everyone should realize that
    (quote from Bob Hurt)
Well, I guess the stupid don't realize that.  Apparently they expect to have the same rights as intelligent people have.  And irresponsibles other than the stupid might realize it, but they don't care.  They want the same rights as responsible people enjoy, but without exercising commensurate responsibility.

And here we see a major problem with our Constitution.  The problem explains why government employees, particularly the President and legislators and judges have such a hard time obeying its mandates.  You have to read those mandates and take them literally with common sense and a grain of salt, so to speak.

Should the woman in that article have had access to a firearm?  Maybe not.  But once she got the firearm in the house, she used it relatively responsibly.  She could have shot her belligerent husband in the heart, and killed him dead, or just wounded him to keep him from threatening to hurt her or keep him from actually hurting her.  A warning shot seems a lot more responsible than shooting the man.  Apparently she thought he needed scaring more than shooting.  I guess that makes some sense.

But her sentence by the court shows that she cooked her own goose when she did that.  It would have made far more sense to stay outside and call the cops from her cell phone or the neighbor's phone.  That would have been the lawful, sensible thing to do.  But her anger, and possibly her stupidity, led her to make the wrong choice.

This brings up my final point.  People should not demand gun rights without regard to the fact that America contains around 80 million stupid people of different races.  The stupid, the irresponsible, and the dangerous should have restrictions on their liberties and rights.  They should
  1. Never possess a loaded gun or other dangerous weapon;
  2. Live and work under supervision in protective communities or homes rather than in outside society where they stupidly harm others and become victims to more intelligent people;
  3. Receive education and vocational training suitable for their limited intellects;
  4. Not procreate more of their kind, especially if they lack the ability to rear children properly;
  5. Not have the privilege of voting in any election.
Intelligent, productive families should be able to take in the stupid as domestic servants, become responsible for their behavior, and provide them with food, shelter, gainful work, health care, exercise, and a loving environment where they can be part of the family.


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