Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"TV BOX" Turns your Flat Panel HDMI TV into a Giant Tablet

I just bought and setup a gadget that many of you might like, for not much money.

The popular term is "TV Box."  It's a tiny microcomputer module with cables and an "Air Mouse" remote controller.  It turns your TV into a tablet for browing the web, watching movies, playing games, doing email/facebook, etc.  A modern, fast quad core CPU runs Android 4.2 operating system, and presents a simple menu.  You set up the wireless communication and connect to the internet through your home wireless router and cable internet service.  Then you can browse the web.

Price: $94
Shipping from Hong Kong:  2 to 3 weeks

Of course, with a real tablet you get a microphone so you can talk to it instead of typing.  But this device accepts a USB bluetooth dongle for connecting a keyboard with touchpad, or an air mouse.  The air mouse has a keyboard on it, and a couple of mouse buttons.  You wave it in the air to move the screen pointer.  It works pretty well and intuitively.  It has an HDMI male connector for plugging into the TV.

The CPU module also accepts a 32G MicroSD trans-flash memory chip of the kind that goes into cell phones.  You can pull it out and load it with movies from your home computer, then plug it back into the CPU module and click the function to watch a movie from that chip.

The product includes an AC power adapter with USB cable for powering the CPU module, and a short HDMI cable for connecting the module to the TV.  It provides a micro USB socket and adapter so you can plug a USB hard drive or flash drive into it.  The air mouse requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.  In other words, you get everything you need in the package except those batteries.

Incidentally, I had a little trouble getting started with the device and used eBay messaging to communicate to the vendor in English in Hong Kong.  The vendor bent over backward, so to speak, to get me up and running.  I feel very impressed with the product and quality of service. 

I give this vendor and product FIVE Stars and TWO thumbs up.


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