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IRS Levy Killing Your Joy? Make them back off...

IRS Levy Killing Your Joy? 

Make them back off with a levy adjustment...

IRS Wage Levy Has Plunged You into Poverty

Imagine.  You are married and have two kids. The IRS has just wrote that they will slap a continuous levy on your pay. They plan to pillage your bank account too.  The IRS thinks you can live on $1,625 a month, and they can have take the rest.  You face a RUINOUS DISASTER because you cannot cover your "nut" with such paltry money. You desperately need more time.  You must find a way to fight back.  You suspect that the IRS violates procedures in order fraudulently to assess you.  But you don't know how to find out what they did or hold them accountable or fix the mess they caused.

The Way OUT of LEVY Hardship

The Internal Revenue Manual reveals this little secret:  You can declare a "Financial Hardship" to your IRS agent or issuer of the Notice of Levy.  The IRS MUST then apply its Collection Financial Standards to your situation.  They MUST allow you to keep enough money from your pay to live on BEFORE they enforce the levy.

RRA98 and Taxpayer Bill of Rights to the Rescue

Congress enacted H.R. 2676, The Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 (RRA98).  Title III of the act contains the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TBR).  Look at page 36 of the TBR.  It contains the following text:

b. Requirement to conduct reasonable investigations of information returns (sec. 602 of the bill and sec. 6201 of the Code)
Present law
Deficiencies determined by the IRS are generally afforded a presumption of correctness.

Reasons for change
Taxpayers may encounter difficulties when a payor issues an erroneous information return and refuses to correct the information and report the change to the IRS, or when a fraudulent information return is filed.

Explanation of provision
The bill provides that, in any court proceeding, if a taxpayer asserts a reasonable dispute with respect to any item of income reported on an information return (Form 1099 or Form W-2) filed by a third party and the taxpayer has fully cooperated with the IRS, the Government has the burden of producing reasonable and probative information concerning the deficiency (in addition to the information return itself). Fully cooperating with the IRS includes (but is not limited to) the following: bringing the reasonable dispute over the item of income to the attention of the IRS within a reasonable period of time, and providing (within a reasonable period of time) access to and inspection of all witnesses, information, and documents within the control of the taxpayer (as reasonably requested by the Secretary).
As you can see, federal law says you can CHALLENGE the INFORMATION returns that triggered the assessment, deficiency notice, and notice of levy.  This points you to a path of relief and salvation from the abuse by IRS bullies. 

How to Calculate the Financial Impact of Levy

Furthermore, a levy victim could call the bully IRS agent, explain the financial hardship created by the levy, and ask for the proper allowance.    See this web page to learn how to calculate the impact of the levy and get the bully to back off.

As you can see from clicking the tabs on this page, you can determine the amount you need to cover your "nut," and cause the IRS to diminish the levy amount accordingly.  

But Wait!  There's MORE...

I imagine you will agree that the above information has caused you to breathe a sigh of relief.  And you can also guess that this will not solve your IRS problems because it only puts a band-aid on the levy.  What you need is MORE information and guidance to a FULL SOLUTION.

Well, the Tax Response Team provides far more information FREE.  Just visit, then read the pages on the site.

Hold It!  There's EVEN MORE...

Many people need actual guidance and training in order to become competent dealing with the IRS.   Some people simply cannot solve their related tax problems alone.  They NEED The association with others who have more knowledge and expertise.

The Tax Response Team provides a membership program that gives you precisely those benefits to help them become competent at dealing with the IRS effectively. 
  • LOW first-year membership fee of only $180. 
  • Access to nearly 15 GIGABYTES of information, laws, regulations, forms, books, and templates, and over 5,000 documents online. 
  • On-line training sessions on various topics every week. 
  • Interaction with other members for sharing of information and mutual help.
  • Optional members-only confidential personalized program that guides individual members through elimination of federal tax problems for given years.
As a member, you will learn how to
  • Report fraudulent 3rd party information submitted to the IRS which triggered the assessment,
  • File an informal claim for refund,
  • Cause the IRS to amend your Individual Master File to remove the errors in it.
  • Cause the IRS to correct false assessments.
  • Eliminate fraudulent federal tax liens and levies administratively.


Hot Tip, Special Advice for Tax Abuse Victims

Here's my advice to tax abuse victims:  scratch up $180 and join the Tax Response Team RIGHT NOW. Not $1800.  Not $1500. nor $1000.  Not even $500.  You pay only $180.00 (one hundred eighty US dollars) for this fabulous one-year value, and only $150 for annual membership renewals.

I believe you have fretted and worried over your tax issues long enough.  I believe the Tax Response Team membership constitutes the ideal and affordable solution to your income tax problems because it will help you avoid costly litigation and make it unnecessary to knuckle under to the IRS MOB.

Click  here to join the Tax Response Team.

NO GIMMICK.  Not a scam.  Just a FAVOR to You.

I have looked for years to find a cost-effective, NO-BullShouts solution to your tax problems.  I did not have a personal financial motive for doing it (I imagine you have noticed that you haven't paid me for help).  I dug this up FOR YOU because I care about you. This is not a scam. 

And, YOU can get much more  FREE info on the Tax Response Team web site. 

BUT, you can get a much more organized and in-depth education by becoming a member. 

NOT Available in Stores!

For example, this Saturday evening at 9PM (21 April 2012), the on-line session will train members to decode the IMF and cause the IRS to amend it with corrections.  Once a person becomes a member, other services open up.  


Invest in your family, your happiness, and your future.  Don't delay another minute.  Don't let IRS Mobsters RUIN YOUR LIFE!  Act this instant to get the peace of mind you need and want.

Join Tax Response Team now.

Note:  I myself am a Tax Response Team member, and I don't even have IRS problems.  I use the knowledge to better enable me to give strategic guidance to others.

Bob Hurt
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Kate Dunkin said...

Awesome post Bob, this is seriously great advice! When I was going through my issues with the irs my consultant helped me out so much with my irs wage levy but I know some of my friends are going through the same thing. Thank you for sharing this, I'm definitely going to show this to my friends!