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To ALL Christians who want their lives to count for something

Christians Complaining About Islam

I just received this text, formatted to consume many pages, from a well-meaning Christian friend to dozens of CCs.
When we get 100,000,000, that's one hundred million willing Christians to BOND together, voice their concerns and vote, we can take back America with God's help, Become one of the One hundred million, then lets get 200 million. It can be done by sending this email to your friends. Do the math. It only takes a willing heart and a fed up soul. God Bless America and Shine your light on Her. In 1952 President Truman established one day a year as a "National Day of Prayer."  In 1988 President Reagan designated the First Thursday in May of each year as the National Day of Prayer. In June 2007 (then) Presidential Candidate Barack Obama declared that the USA"Was no longer a Christian nation." This year President Obama canceled the 21st annual National Day of Prayer ceremony at the White House under the ruse Of  "not wanting to offend anyone."  BUT... on September 25, 2009 from 4 AM until 7 PM, a  National Day of Prayer FOR THE MUSLIM RELIGION was Held on Capitol Hill, Beside the White House. There  were over 50,000 Muslims in D.C. that day. HE PRAYS WITH THE MUSLIMS! I guess it Doesn't matter if "Christians" Are offended by this event - We obviously Don't count as "anyone" Anymore.  The direction this country is headed should strike fear in the heart of every Christian, especially knowing that the Muslim religion believes that if Christians cannot be converted, they should be annihilated.  This is not a Rumor -Go to the website To confirm this info: Send this to ten people and the person who sent it to you!... to let them know that indeed, it was sent out to many more.
It seems a noble motive to protect America from Islamic extremists, their onerous Sharia Law, and their murderous, militant Jihadists.

Living One's Religion

I consider living one’s religion in devotion to supreme values an even more noble motive.  Part of that living, according to Jesus, consists of going two-by-two to residences in communities, knocking doors, and trying to help those inside with their concerns in life. All of us ought to have a “wing man” in such an effort.  This act of selfless love will infect many with a desire to help others, and it will end up bringing relief.  It will cause us to develop more expertise in helping others, and in pointing them to practitioners with better skills than we have.  Eventually it will result in the organization of practitioners for that purpose.

The Five Pillars of Islam

Stop and ponder the Five Pillars of Islam and how they might align with the gospel of love and unselfish service , and embrace of one’s Sonship with God that Jesus of Nazareth taught and lived throughout his public ministry.  
1.      There is one god, Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger
2.      Pray to God 5 times a day
3.      Give alms to the poor, widows, orphans
4.      Make a pilgrimage to Mecca
5.      Fast for a month during daylight hours of Ramadan

The Three Tenets of the Real Gospel

Contrast those pillars with the three tenets of the Gospel of the Kindom of God which  Jesus taught throughout his public ministry:
1.      Acceptance of the fact of the sovereignty of God – he is our wise and loving Heavenly Father, we are his children, and we should love him.
2.      Belief in the truth of the brotherhood of man – all people are our brothers and sisters and we should love them and serve them unselfishly and lovingly.
3.      Faith in the effectiveness of the supreme human desire to do the Father’s will, to become LIKE God – sincerity is the key to the Kindom of Heaven.
All three elements of the Gospel grace the pillars of Islam.  Muhammad promulgated those pillars nearly 600 years after Jesus disappeared from view for the final time on the morning of Pentecost, 18 May 30 AD.  Because of the similarity, I have long known that some enlightened missionary of the teachings of Jesus made his way to Muhammad and taught that Gospel to him, IF Gabriel did not do it as Muhammad said.  And as a consequence of that similarity, Islam has become the fastest growing religion with over 1 billion adherents.

Christianity's 600-Year Head Start on Islam

But Muslim extremists pose a problem to my thinking.  I see them the same as crusaders, inquisitors, and witch hunters of Christianity in bygone ages.  Christianity got a 600 year head start on Islam. 600 years to 1000 ago, Christians abused and murdered people in the name of God just as badly as, or worse than, Muslims have over the past 400 years.

Why God Started Islam - The Christian Drive to Darkness

It would not surprise me to learn that Gabriel had somehow inspired Muhammad to start the religion of Islam because of the vast gulf in religions philosophy between Christianity in 600 AD and the Gospel that Jesus had taught.  Islam might have been needed on this world to fill the spiritual holes Christianity, and to reduce the risk that the Gospel might get lost forever, particularly during the Dark Ages of 500-600 AD.  In any case, give Islam another 600 years to evolve and civilize itself, and it might become a benign religion.

The Great Commission Applies to ALL, but WHICH Gospel?

None of that will change the reality that we can only live our core religion of Christian values by obeying the orders of Jesus in the Great Commission he uttered that Pentecost morning on the brow of Olivet 1982 years ago next month.  He commanded his apostles and all of his followers to go into all the world and teach all nations and all creatures his gospel and commandments.  We cannot do that if we don’t approach individuals and families in an effort to help them with their troubles, and encourage them to embrace their sonship with God so that them might become ever more like him.  That will warm their hearts.  They will open their hearts to our ministry and message.

Let Love and Unselfish Service Subsume Hatred

THAT is LIVING our religion.  And NOTHING WE OTHERWISE DO OR SAY can possibly have a more negative effect on the spread of the hatred of extremist Islam.  Jesus, our Creator knew this, of course.  And that explains why he set it as an example 2000 years ago to all of us for all time.

Prayer Is Good, Regardless of Who Prays With Whom

Back to the quoted text above, we should not hold anyone in disdain for encouraging a national day of prayer, or for praying with Muslims.  In fact, we should encourage more of it.  The growth of Islam should serve as a clarion call to Christian leaders to excise offensive and illogical elements from their dogmas so that more of the world’s rational, educated people can embrace them in good conscience.  For a clue about this, read Thomas Paine’s 3-volume Age of Reason, as troubling today as 200-years ago.  Then the leaders of Islam will have to do the same to compete against Christianity for donations and membership.

Distribute This

Please send THIS message to everyone you know.  Write or call if you want help or encouragement starting and continuing your 2-by-2 ministry.


Bob Hurt

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Unknown said...

Good stuff Bob, if I do say so myself! i like the prominate point you make of going out 2x2 and preaching teh good news door to door. Acts 5:42 says, The apostles proclaimed the good news outside the temple courts and door to door, and THEY NEVER STOPPED! This is the best "sermon" I've read in years! Props brother! I am a little concerned about your statement that Islam was nesssecary to "save the gospel", but I'll major on the majors. Thanks for sharing!

Bob Hurt said...

I appreciate your kind comments, Brent. I have theorized that Paul's admission in Galatians of traveling to Arabia shows why Jesus in Rev. 3. praised the church at Philadelphia so heartily. Philadelphia then is Amman Jordan now, the site of the last foreign synagogue in which Jesus preached the gospel to an overwhelmingly friendly audience. Andrew, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus fled there when teh persecutions heated up in Jerusalem, and with Abner and possibly other followers of John the Baptist (Jesus's apostles to Idumea) converted the synagogue into a "Jesusonian" church loyal to the teachings of Jesus. Paul did not mention these facts because he wanted to give no hint as to the just cause for which John Mark had abandoned him during Paul's first missionary journey to Cyprus. That reason: Paul polluted the gospel with his own religious philosophy and John Mark, who had for years tagged along with Jesus and the apostles and knew the real gospel well. disagreed with Paul's message. Paul didn't get along with Peter either, and the Book of Acts obviously does not tell the full story about that.

Bottom line, Paul went to Arabia because the Voice during the blinding told him to go to Damascus and get further orders, and to follow them. Those orders sent him to Philadelphia to learn the gospel first hand from Jesus' apostles Andrew and Abner, and also from Lazarus, Mary, and Martha who had been Jesus' childhood friends. Paul didn't like that gospel because he was first and foremost a Jew. He wanted to harmonize Judaism and Greek Philosophy with the message of Jesus. As he said in Corinthians, it doesn't matter how you run the race as long as you win. He wanted a religious philosophy that would scare people to death if they didn't believe in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus, in keeping with Hebrew pagan traditions of human sacrifice you can read about in Genesis. The real gospel of Jesus (read it above) had nothing to do with sacrifice, and Jesus did everything practical to eliminate it, including driving the money changers and sacrificial beasts from teh temple, refusing sacrificial meat, denouncing burnt offerings in favor of love, and proclaiming that you live forever by loving God and your fellows (the lead in to the Good Samaritan story). So, Paul refused to tell why John Mark dumped him, where he went in Arabia, why he went, and what he learned or accomplished there. Paul thereby set the stage to pervert the real gospel with his own pagan atonement doctrine, and he taught his false gospel to the world around him, then later, in Galatians, proclaimed himself as the only authority on it, even while John Zebedee still lived and taught.

Paul's disloyalty to the Real Gospel became a prime reason for the need to revitalize it through Islam. YOu can read this in the comments of Muhammad in the QUr'an about the gospel and Jesus. Only a non-Catholic missionary could have set him up with that understanding. I believe a missionary taught him from Philadelphia, the only church that stayed loyal to Jesus' teachings while Paul proclaimed his false gospel from Jerusalem to Rome.

And this should make all "Preachers of the Gospel" today take heed. The lesson teaches that if you don't become loyal to the gospel according to Jesus (which I have summarized in this blog article), God might find a way to send another prophet to circumvent YOUI.