Friday, April 13, 2012

Answers to IRS questions and the Key to Slavery

With respect to the questions I posed here:

To wit:

I have written a main point Lindsey made at the time of his conviction, that the law requires Internal Revenue District Directors in the chain of delegation of authority from Congress to individual tax collectors in the IRS, but by Treasury Department Order over a decade ago, the districts no longer exist, so the IRS may not collect income tax.

But of course, the IRS does it anyway under some rubric of law most do not understand.  And the agents hem, haw, and sputter in court when questioned about that and the connection between the requirement to file and the 1040 which clearly violates the Paperwork Reduction Act, even though courts seem reluctant to admit it.

The long and short of this:  many good and honorable people like Lindsey and Oscar and Sherry Jackson languish or languished in prison who should not because America's crooked executive branch commits enforcement crimes against the people who stand up against illegal taxation.

In my personal opinion, the typical American owes no income tax because the internal revenue laws cannot and do not apply to him.  Ways exist to deal with government agents for wrongly forcing folks to pay tax they don't owe.  When contemplating physical force as a tool, patriots and tyrants should mind the historical and prudential notions that:

1.       From time to time the "blood of patriots and tyrants must water the tree of liberty;"

2.      A fire-breathing dragon does not function well without its head; and

3.      One most easily defeats an enemy at the inception of the plots to injure, rob, or enslave; and

4.      EVERY American has culpability for the crimes in government, and personal obligation to take down the criminals.

Lindsey and Oscar sit in prison for YOU.  They might not have approached their American duty correctly, but at least they approached it, which is more than I can say for most of the people I know and who have taken liberty for granted.

If you want your life to matter at all, you ought to join Truth Attack and work to implement 1-4 above without seeing too much of your own blood spilt.

Before I send you below to read Lindsey's remarks, I ask that you consider the following:

1.       What law makes you liable for or subject to an income tax for revenue purposes?

2.      Under what law does the money you receive constitute "taxable income?"

3.      What difference exists between tax liabilities under Internal Revenue Code Subtitle A and F?

4.      What should you do about lies in your Individual Master File regarding your status (are you engaged in a "trade or business", what is your "trade or business", do you live in the "federal zone," and are you a "filer" or "non-filer)?"

5.      What should you do about false 3rd party reports that you earned "taxable income?"

6.      What should you do to determine whether a tax collector has an unbroken chain of delegation of authority from Congress?

7.      What should you do to a tax collector who attempts a collection action?

a.      Without that unbroken chain of delegation of authority?

b.      Without a valid assessment certified under penalty of perjury (see 26 USC 7806 and 6065)?

c.       Without a valid tax return that complies with the Paperwork Reduction Act?

8.     Who are your US Senators and Representatives, and what have you told them to do regarding the convoluted  internal revenue laws that make you seem liable for tax that you actually do not owe, and about the confusing language of the 16th Amendment (why do you keep electing the bastards who allow the executive branch to steal from you), and the crooked behavior of judges in tax related controversies?

9.      How can you keep government-employed criminals from stealing your wealth and thereby preventing you from fighting an administrative, legal, and political battle for your rights and against unconstitutional, unlawful collection of taxes you don't owe.

If you cannot answer the above questions, and if you want the ability to answer them, let me know by return email.

You can study the content of and for discussions of principles and application of income tax.  And you can look at Document 87 and the related exhibits in Document 88 here:

Regarding the above treasure trove of documents, Bob McNeil sat outside the Southern District of Texas USDC court room in Houston with his briefcases loaded with docs. He had filed the above documents 87 and 88 with the court and DOJ in answer to two summonses for books and records.  The DOJ attorney sat outside with two IRS agents who had hounded Bob.  He had refused to give them anything. They all waited for the clerk to call their case.  The DOJ attorney walked over and introduced herself, and told Bob she had found that he had substantially complied with one of the summons.  He thanked her and asked what about the other.  She said to give her a few minutes.  15 minutes later she came to him with the news that he had substantially complied with the other summons as well, and she'd write motions to dismiss both of them, and he needn't go into the court room.

I suggest one study the documents to find elements that apply to one's situation.

I suggest that one ALWAYS do the following, consistent with ability and available resources:

  1. CHALLENGE and demand STRICT PROOF of AUTHORITY of anybody in government who seeks to invade one's privacy, impose an alleged government requirement upon one, or violate what one considers as one's rights, particularly any and all rights enumerated in the US or State constitution.

  2. CHALLENGE and demand STRICT PROOF of personal, territorial, and subject matter JURISDICTION of the court over one.

  3. CHALLENGE and demand STRICT PROOF of STANDING to bring any action against one in court.

  4. CHALLENGE The SUFFICIENCY OF PLEADINGS of anyone seeking to impose a court's authority over one, and MOVE the Court for clarification of any complaint or other allegation, or to dismiss the complaint for failure to state a claim for which the court may grant relief.

  5. CHALLENGE the RIGHT of any opposing counsel, party, or witness to testify without having first hand knowledge if the object of testimony in accord with the Evidence code/rules

  6. DEMAND COURT SANCTIONS of any attorney who violates the attorney code of conduct/ethics, and file corresponding bar complaint and/or tort law suit.

  7. DEMAND DISQUALIFICATION of any judge who violates the judicial code of conduct/ethics, and file complaint with the Judicial Qualifications/Ethics Commission and House Committee on the Judiciary (for impeachment).


  9. TAKE EFFECTIVE POLITICAL ACTION to eliminate rogues and criminals from government, even to the point of organizing and joining massive marches, protests, and civil disobedience.

  10. In spite of the above, try to keep oneself out of harm's way.

To the extent one cannot do the above, one must resign one's self to a corresponding condition of SLAVERY to those more powerful and able than oneself. 

Try to remember:

"Every society has places for slaves.  Ours has a place reserved for YOU.  Just FAIL TO INVEST in growth, sign agreements that CHAIN you to future obligations for benefits you can do without, and do NOTHING about INJUSTICE. You shall have found your place."

                          Bob Hurt, Former Slave.
                          Friday the Thirteenth, April 2012


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