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Florida Statutes Show Trayvon Martin as Criminal and His Parents as Negligent

Ted Gest of Crime Report:

I have criticized your summarization of crime news stories which you publish in The Crime Report http://thecrimereport.com because they reflect liberal media bias, and therefore OFTEN fail to convey salient news, and OFTEN cast that news with such a liberal slant as to warp the import of the news in order to serve a liberal agenda.  You have claimed innocence, that you just report what you see.  I have pointed out that the journalism schools are run by liberal professors whose brainwashing techniques make students believe they see reality when in fact they miss a large part of it because they matriculate with a liberal slant to their understanding of life.  I could summarize that by saying they support a Communist/Socialist/Politically Correct agenda to destroy the Constitutional protections in our government.

I have used the story about White-looking young-adult Mestizo George Zimmerman's (23) killing of Black teen Trayvon Martin (17) in a gated community.  Essentially, the story goes that George, a neighborhood crime watch captain, saw a suspicious character in a hoodie casing the neighborhood after a rash of break-ins had occurred in recent months.  George called 911, followed Trayvon, reported to the police when asked that he looked black and up to no good. The 911 operator told him he didn't need to follow the suspect.  George acknowledged and returned to his car.  Trayvon circled around, confronted, and attacked George, beating him in the face and banging his head against the pavement.  George pulled his pistol out, Trayvon grabbed it. and George shot and killed Trayvon.  Several eye witnesses reported the beating and shooting.  The police interviewed witnesses at the crime scene, treated George's broken nose and head wounds, arrested George, took him into the police station for questioning, and released him.  George claimed he shot Trayvon in self-defense.

The Black Activist network went crazy over this story with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and half a dozen federal legislators denouncing George for stalking and murdering Trayvon, and denouncing the police chief for not arresting George.  The major news networks carried stories that made Trayvon look like an young teen angel  and George look like a thug.  Later, more conscientious reporters show Trayvon as more of an older teen thug who got tossed from school, and possessed stolen jewelry and marijuana.  Even O'Reilly conducted a sympathetic news interview with Trayvon's parents and their lawyer and seemed mildly disinterested in the press reports denouncing George.

I complained that you did not report the truths about criminal appearance and behavior of Trayvon, or the negligence of Trayvon's parents in allowing him to run around the community looking like a thug. I pointed out that you simply echoed the sentiments of Black Activists which the liberal media had reported with glee in their apparent hatred of George Zimerrman.

I write now to deliver yet another browbeating, respectfully  of course.

Here's another Liberal Media news reporting failure.  Do you remember the 1951 Florida Statute 876.012 banning the wearing of hoods to obstruct one's identity? The liberal media ignored Trayvon Martin's violation of that law (he wore a hoodie that obstructed his identity) which made him look suspicious to George Zimmerman.  It falls into an array of related anti-ku-klux-klan laws in the criminal anarchy category:


Public place defined.
Wearing mask, hood, or other device on public way.
Wearing mask, hood, or other device on public property.
Wearing mask, hood, or other device on property of another.
Wearing mask, hood, or other device at demonstration or meeting.
Applicability; ss. 876.12-876.15.
Sections 876.11-876.15; exemptions.
Placing burning or flaming cross in public place.
Placing burning or flaming cross on property of another.
Exhibits that intimidate.
Wearing mask and placing exhibit to intimidate.
Sections 876.11-876.20; penalty.
Here is the specific statute Trayvon Martin violated, and many black youths violate ever day.

The 2011 Florida Statutes

Title XLVI

Chapter 876 

View Entire Chapter

876.12 Wearing mask, hood, or other device on public way.No person or persons over 16 years of age shall, while wearing any mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is so hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, enter upon, or be or appear upon any lane, walk, alley, street, road, highway, or other public way in this state.
History.s. 2, ch. 26542, 1951.

Well, Florida has another statute from 2004 intended to protect neighborhood crime watch program participants like George Zimmerman from teen and other thugs like Trayvon Martin:.  I have shown its text below.

The 2011 Florida Statutes

Title XLVI

Chapter 843 

View Entire Chapter

843.20  Harassment of participant of neighborhood crime watch program prohibited; penalty; definitions.
(1) It shall be a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s.775.083, for any person to willfully harass, threaten, or intimidate an identifiable member of a neighborhood crime watch program while such member is engaged in, or traveling to or from, an organized neighborhood crime watch program activity or a member who is participating in an ongoing criminal investigation, as designated by a law enforcement officer.
(2) As used in this section, the term:
(a) "Harass" means to engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific person which causes substantial emotional distress in that person and serves no legitimate purpose.
(b) "Organized neighborhood crime watch program activity" means any prearranged event, meeting, or other scheduled activity, or neighborhood patrol, conducted by or at the direction of a neighborhood crime watch program or the program's authorized designee.

History.s. 2, ch. 2004-18.


By failing to respect this law against the crime of "Obstructing Justice," Trayvon Martin committed a misdemeanor.  This constitutes further evidence of the criminal nature of his misbehavior and of his parents' negligence.

I have today posted  this NEWS on my blog at http://bobhurt.blogspot.com.

So, will you report THIS piece of NEWS even though it did not come from the liberal media?

Bob Hurt

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