Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why Hydrogen Power Won't Work

Why Hydrogen Power Won’t Work

I see a lot of discussion on hydrogen energy newsgroups about the benefits, reasons, etc, for hybrid (hydrogen from water and fossil fuels powering the automobile engine).  Frankly I think all of you are missing the point.  Numerous patents exist for cost-effective water electrolysis systems to produce hydrogen and oxygen.  Here are the reasons we don't have non-hybrid, water-only hydrogen power right now.

1.  Oil interests will murder, harass, or pay government to suppress anybody who invents a salient technology.  It is far cheaper to do that than to lose all their profits within the few years it takes to get the technology into wide spread use.

2.  State and federal governments raise enormous revenues from taxes on petroleum products, particularly gasoline and diesel fuel.  A water-only technology will destroy that tax base virtually overnight.  Government leaders are too short-sighted to plan for the tax-base shift, and too greedy to give up the money.

There you have it.  The two most powerful economic forces in the world, one with National Guard and military to enforce its inner sanctum dictums, and the other with its own private army of hooligans, will destroy anyone who threatens their revenues.

This reminds me of the story of Jesus.  His message was simple and easy.  God exists and is our heavenly father.  All humans are each others brothers and sisters, and we should love and serve them unselfishly and lovingly.  We should have faith in the effectiveness of the supreme human desire to do the Father's will - to work to become like God.

Of course, his story was immediately warped by his followers, for most Christians (his followers today) do not believe embracing the above gospel will give them eternal life.

But the message was so innocuous and compatible with all world religions that one must wonder why the Jewish Temple rulers conspired to have him arrested, convicted on false testimony of false charges, and executed.

The answer is simple.  Jesus' gospel was a dire threat to the Temple Treasury and to the wealthy Temple rulers and their minions.  Had people embraced the gospel, they would have seen no need to pay for sacrificial creatures or subscribe to a plethora of Temple services that made the Temple so prosperous.  Their treasury is estimated to have been worth a hundred million dollars in today's money.

They killed him to preserve their cushy cash flow.

We can expect any revelators of the gospel of water-only hydrogen fuel cells to meet a similar fate.

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