Friday, October 14, 2005

My Complaints Against President GW Bush

Recently, a female friend of mine wrote:

" I, at least, have a basis in my opinions. Bush is an idiot, a zealot, a war monger, a spoiled little rich boy with real tanks and soldiers to play with, an imbecile who can't make change for $1.00 but can't live on a 300 billion dollar allowance. He is a thief, a lazy SOB, a coward, a liar and a fratboy who throws a mean BBQ. He is a college graduate who can't complete a sentence or compose a cohesive thought without the help of script writers. My opinion, of course. I believe at least 60% of the rest of the country agrees in all or in part with me."

This is my answer:

I mean no offense by calling you a YDD (Yellow Dog Democrat), meaning you'd rather vote for a yellow dog Democrat than a human Republican. That doesn't mean I'm calling you a dog, and it isn't like I'm calling you a slut. I'm sure if only you could find a Republican you thought were honest, loyal, etc, you wouldn't be voting for any dogs. I'm just saying you have no integrity when it comes to politics. You seek only to denigrate Republicans, regardless of who they are, what they stand for, or what they do. In other words, you're against them to the point of being irrational, disingenuous, and disagreeable.

Now, you CLAIM to have "basis in my opinions," but where's your proof? Your comments seem to come more from bias than basis. You have attacked Bush's character, not his actions or presidential philosophy, and you haven't proposed ANYTHING better than what he has done. Let's look at a few facts. Bush holds degrees from Yale and Harvard, so he is hardly an ignoramus, and he is a natural leader, having been president of his graduating class at Yale, run his own entrepreneurship, and made his own money from his own work. Plus, I am certain you cannot fault his choice for a wife, nor his moral character or religious devotion. He is true blue, does not screw around, and is loyal to family and friends. And, he has proven himself to be highly efficient and effective manager. In many ways, he is a model husband, father, and leader. So when you say all those bad things about him, I'm wondering where you get the data to support your beliefs.

Maybe you don't have the time or interest to discuss these issues honestly. That's okay. I have a lot more time on my hands than you do. And I study all the time, so I keep myself reasonably well informed. And when I discuss these issues, I nearly always do so with the intent to propose better solutions.

In point of fact, I believe Bush did the right thing in attacking Afghanistan and Iraq, regardless of the reasons he forwarded. Iraq planned and financed the destruction of the Murrah building 10 years ago in Oklahoma city (see for the lawsuit against Iraq on behalf of the victims - it documents the evidence), there were WMD in Iraq that were spirited out on the eve of the invasion via truck convoy to Syria (see for details), and militant Muslims have been trying to take over non-Islamic lands through insurrection, wars, and terrorism for 14 centuries. They've been quite successful, if you look at the map. Over 20% of the world's land mass is dominated by criminal Islamic governments that condon crimes against humanity like slavery, clitoral amputation (wouldn't you love that) to keep women chaste, and other heinous inhumanities. Don't you think it's about time some American president jumped in and started calling a screeching halt to it? How much more of America do you want to see destroyed before the problem is corrected?

In social issues, Bush's policies have resulted in record high home ownership by minorities, reduced taxes to rich and poor alike, reduced deficit as a percentage of GNP, increased GNP, prescription drug benefits for the old, assistance in Africa to combat AIDs (which I believe is what killed my son), amnesty overtures to the poor Mexicans who have come here illegally to escape the economic horrors of their homeland (hey, there are 20,000+ Mexicans from the state of Hidalgo living in the area of Clearwater Florida), record-breaking disaster relief money for the areas and victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and major results with North Korea and Gaza. These are all noble ambitions of any liberal. Frankly, I don't think any Democrat president could have done any better.

And maybe that is part of my problem with him. Just so you know I see both sides of his issues clearly, note these complaints:

1. Our monetary system is a sham, and a strong and resolute presidency can lead in its repair, but George won't do it. Nothing of intrinsic value backs our dollars, and when Saddam Hussein and Hugo Chavez began selling oil for Euros in 1999, the foreign demand for dollars began a nosedive, necessitating both a CIA-sponsored oil strike in Venezuela and the invasion of Iraq. The dollar plummeted in value from 87 cents per Euro to $1.35 per Euro in 4 years. Now that Iraq is selling oil for dollars again, the dollar is beginning to normalize, and its value is $1.20 per Euro. If the invasion had not happened, the Euro would cost $2 by now, so we are lucky. On the other hand, had Bush outlawed Federal Reserve Notes, nationalized all gold and silver mines and bullion reserves (even foreign-owned reserves), and made all currency redeemable in gold or silver coin, the value of the dollar would be both stable and high because it would actually be worth more than the cost of printing it (which is its only intrinsic value now).

2. The president should push for outlawing deficit spending. Every deficit reduces the value of the currency in circulation and that causes so-called inflation. While he reduced front-end taxes a little, the inflation that results from deficits is the same as a back-end tax, only it is worse. No only is your paycheck worth less in buying power, but your savings are worth less too. It would be far better to pay our taxes on the front end so our savings would keep their value. Throughout your entire life, you've never known anything but deficit spending from our nation's leaders, and therefore nothing but inflation ranging from 6% to 16% per year. Strong presidential leadership will be required to fix this problem, and George won't give it. Part of the problem is the social security payout, and it can only be fixed by investing social security taxes in indexed stocks while increasing the retirement age to the average lifespan (now 78). The enormous welfare, hospitalization (medicaid), housing, and other entitlements for the poor are bankrupting the nation because they represent not only the loss to taxpayers of their hard-earned income, but also the loss of the income welfare recipients would get if they were forced to get their butts to work. And most of the welfare abuse is a result of the existence of over 75 million stupid people in our society, many of whom resort to crime and welfare abuse to get by because they cannot compete for the better jobs. The only solution to that is to eliminate the stupid, and the only humane method to sterilize stupid parents so they can't procreate more stupid children. Of course, Bush will not discuss this, and he certainly will not do anything about it.

3. The president should completely halt illegal immigration (that is one of his main jobs - to prevent a foreign invasion), forcibly return illegal immigrants to their homelands (billing foreign governments for the expense), and set a minimum IQ limit of 90 for all legal immigrants. America simply does not need more stupid people to clog the criminal justice system and welfare roles, and subsist through theft, drug dealing, racketeering, and other crimes. Bush wants to leave the borders porous and give amnesty to illegals. I consider that to be humane to them, inhumane to the citizenry who must foot the bill, and economically insane.

4. The president should push for a Manhattan-style project to eliminate America's dependence on fossil fuels for energy. The enormous energy bill is languishing in Congress. I know of numerous inventors who have been suppressed or murdered to prevent their energy-efficient devices from reaching the marketplace, and energy companies and automobile manufacturers are complicit in buying up patents and sitting on them forever to protect their profits. I consider this to be evil to the point of criminality, and the president should push Congress to outlaw it. Any company that buys or develops a patent should be given a maximum of 5 years to produce a product based on the technology, and after that to be forced to hand over the technology into the public domain. The rule should be "Use it or Lose it." Of course, Bush's family and cronies earn a lot of money from the oil business, so he'll never promote such a sensible thing, nor work aggressively to squash anyone found guilty of suppressing technology for profit to the detriment of society. Possibly one of the major reasons is that state and federal governments earn windfall revenues from taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel. If water is fractured electrically to produce hydrogen and oxygen gas for fuel, there will be no further need for petroleum-based fuels, and that will kill the associated tax revenues, a hard pill for Congress to swallow.

5. The president should call a screeching halt to abuses by the IRS and Treasury Department against citizens. In fact it is a violation of the constitution for the government to tax people directly, but that is precisely what the IRS does every day. The grief and hardship to American families is enormous and outrageous. The president has a commission working on Tax reform proposals right now, but I know the IRS will be left in control of ruining Americans' lives.

These are my main complaints against Bush. Guess what? They are also my main complaints against Clinton, and all the other presidents since I was born. In my opinion, they are all derelict.

Now, the above are actual fact-based issues, really good reasons to be down on the president. All the name calling you did was disingenuous and only makes you look like a crackpot sourpuss YDD. Why not switch to fact-based issues that really are relevant? I'm sure the Republican party could use a few more people like you.

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