Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Time to be Civilizationally Correct

I know what you mean (see your below response to my my comments farther below).
Yes, I can be more diplomatic, but in the end I'll be saying the same thing, so why mince words? Using softer words to sugar-coat the issue is nothing more than an effort to mollycoddle and deceive. My words are not hateful or prejudicial. They are just frank and forthright. And it is time for frankness and forthrightness.
My point here is that the softer words you suggest are just another form of political correctness. And political correctness is the 20th century's answer to the 19th century's slavery. Our social corrections are long and arduous. The pendulum swings for centuries to slavery, then swings to the opposite extreme of political correctness, and both are utterly insane.
I have a family situation that parallels this.
My sister Claudia, bless her heart, was unwillingly separated from her father at four. I was eleven. My mother struggled to run a no-father family of 6 kids, then resorted to the second-best money making opportunity for a woman of no commercial skills: being a waitress in a night club. Before long, the night life captured her, she became alcoholic and began making even worse decisions, spending long and unnecessary hours away from the family while the older children cared for the younger. I explained the situation to one of my mother's sisters, and she promptly alerted the county officials who placed Claudia and two other young siblings in foster homes with relatives. The got shuffled into an orphanage 250 miles from our home, and that's where Claudia graduated from high school.
Thirteen year ago Claudia, then a bank supervisor, met up with a Mideasterner, married him, and bore a child. The baby was born vegetative, and the husband abandoned her. She named the baby Ethan. She became a determined mother, went on welfare for a time, and got the state to pay all the costs of her baby, including special equipment, a van for transport, and so on. Ethan grew into a young boy who slept a lot and when awake made gurgling sounds if any at all. He was blind, immobile, dumb, and possibly deaf. Claudia fed him through a stomach tube, changed his diaper, and lugged him around lovingly. Eventually Claudia went back to work, got promoted to vice president of a bank, and remarried, this time to a man who adopted Ethan. Meanwhile, the state continued paying for his expensive medical care, including a full time male nurse while she worked. When Ethan's birthday rolled around, Claudia celebrated as good parents do. She took him to "school," and made sure he was present at all family gatherings. She doted on him. A couple of months ago, Ethan died, and Claudia, now a functioning but determined alcoholic, was heart-broken. Grief consumed her. She insisted that everybody respect her grief and realize how emotionally devastated she was. She is not over it and might never be.
Here's the parallel: Claudia, seemingly normal and happy, has been deluded for years. She was so badly afflicted by the loss of her father and mother that she became determined to be a good mother, no matter what. And she was devoted to Ethan. Unfortunately, Ethan was a vegetable, not a human being, and she knew it. Just as unfortunately, the fools in the state and federal government actually spent upwards of a million dollars to care for Ethan throughout his 12-year life. Claudia preferred to abuse the government's free social services to aborting the child or removing it from life support, even though she knew the child would never be able to communicate or be normal in any other way. The family should not, through their loving complicity, have encouraged her misguided and selfish altruism, and the government should have told her to pound sand.
Similarly, when it comes to procreative prerogatives, the average and bright people of our nation need to make our government tell stupid prospective parents to pound sand. Our society should not allow the stupid to procreate, and that is because stupid people damage our civilization. We are so stuck on the idea of unbridled personal liberty of procreation that we are reluctant to demand commensurate responsibility. We seem afraid stand at stupid people's faces and tell them lovingly:
"Look, Jamiel and Tamika, you two have a combined IQ of 150. Unfortunately, neither one of you is smart enough to be a buck private in our Army. You and your kids have beautiful smiles. To be honest, though, you're getting some stiff competition from this bucket of hammers here."
The family was already befuddled by the IQ test. They look into the tilted bucket and worry this might be a new test. The kids are on their tiptoes so they can see inside. They return their vacuous, open mouthed gazes back to the speaker.
"But, we love you and so we're going to give you many free services that can help you through life - food stamps, welfare checks, emergency room services, and so on. If you're clever, you can trade your food stamps for cigarettes, booze, and street drugs. Plus, here's a sheet of paper filled on both sides with contact information for cheap or free services available locally for people like you. See, there are food pantries, soup kitchens, HIV and AIDS assistance, housing and legal assistance, shelters and emergency housing, medical and dental assistance, county human services, counseling, disability services, employment assistance, financial assistance, and even a methadone clinic. You can take advantage of all those. All you have to do is call them on your snazzy cell phones, or just drop by and ask for help.
"There's only one requirement for you to get all those free services. Just sign this piece of paper right here, then go see that nice nurse, the one over there in the white uniform. See, she's beckoning to you. You do want everything free, don't you? After all, over your lifetimes, that will amount to well over a million dollars for each of you. And if you don't sign, we're going to have to take away all the free stuff you're already getting. You'll be out on the street and the cops won't cut you any slack. One wrong move and you'll be on the chain gang for life. Besides, don't you just love the idea of being a millionaire? If you can't write, just put your X on that line there and I'll notarize it for you. Oh, and did I mention that by signing in the next minute, you also get a thousand dollar signing bonus? Is that something you'd like?"
A wad of cash is held up before their eyes. The whole family is smiling and their heads are nodding vigorously. Jamiel and Tamika, who aren't married, scramble for the pens and sign.
"Good, the medical procedure will fix you up so you qualify permanently for Millionaire Status and you'll be eligible for all that free stuff. That's right. Thanks for your signatures.
"Okay, now here's one to sign for your Davon, Lashawna, and Erastus. They are your kids, right? The nurse will give you your certificates that prove you are millionaires. Just show that to the service providers and you get the services free. Bring it back to me and I'll give you the cash. Congratulations, and welcome to the Millionaires Club."
After they sign, they follow the nurse. The medical procedure painlessly, permanently, and irreversibly sterilizes them.
The price we end up paying is well worth the benefit because the payments will end with their generation, and afterward there will be no more like them. I doubt that there is much more than a handful of stupid people who would not agree to such a generous offer.
And get this, we're paying more for that in combined costs of policing, loss of life resulting from murders, loss of property resulting from theft, jail, prison, wasted education, repair and maintenance of facilities, and the corruption of politicians, all of which are caused by allowing the stupid to procreate and proliferate. As just one tiny example, look at the cost of dealing with the human problems that resulted from Katrina's flooding of New Orleans. The cost is already $40 billion, and that's aside from all the private donations to the Red Cross and other charities.
In my opinion, the cutoff point should be an IQ of 90. Nobody less intelligent than that should be allowed to procreate and nobody with an IQ lower than 100 should be allowed to immigrate. If America were to implement that policy starting today, by the year 2100, the average IQ of America would not be 98, as it is today, but rather it would be more like 115. That alone would give America a significant brain power advantage over all the other nations in the world, and the result would be shown in our nation's productivity.
If you doubt this for even one moment, go read what statistic-and-race genius La Griffe du Lion has to say in his entertaining and informative "Smart Fraction Theory" analyses of the book IQ and the Wealth of Nations. La Griffe uses solid mathematics and statistical methods to prove conclusively that Gross National Product is a strongly correlated function of IQ. The articles are here and here. In this article he proves that open borders are reducing the IQ of our nation, and that the impact is both negative and dramatic. Journalist Steve Sailer concurs in this article that shows the damage low-IQ immigration does to our wage base, and shows many other negative effects here.
Even a bowl of Malto-Meal or a bucket of hammers should be smart enough to know that dumbing down the gene pool with a continuous stream of low-IQ immigrants and prolific births of low-IQ children is not a good thing for our wallets or our civilization. Why then aren't our politicians doing anything effective to stem the rising tide of the stupid in America? Could it be that they know the stupid are easy to hoodwink, and that their votes can easily be bought? Could it be that they have evil ulterior motives like the stupefaction and enslavement of the American populace? Or could it be that they themselves are just stupid and short-sighted?
Their motive is irrelevant, for it is insane. It is time for people who are not stupid and short-sighted to stand up and make their voices heard on this subject. It is time to stop using politically correctness as an excuse for avoiding the issue. It is time to start continuing the work of Adam and Eve. It is time to start being civilizationally correct: demand that our government begin sincere efforts to establish a benign eugenics program that will elevate the quality of our gene pool.
Bob Hurt

Forrest Gump may be a character but the fact remains
that low IQ people can make good choices and brilliant
beings can make bad choices, like Eve and Lucifer.
Like the hippie characters in the movie.

A less endowed mortal can follow the will of God and
be a benefit to mankind and to the Father's Plan while
a genius, or a brilliant celestial can go against the
Plan of the Father, even with the best of intentions.

Like you, Bob, you are an obviously intelligent human
being, none the less your words are not Fatherlike
towards your lesser brethen and only hurt not help the
Father's Plan.

Do you love your smarter kids, more than your less
smart kids. Would you kill your kid, if his IQ were
less than 90?

And by the way, I do believe that a humane eugenics
program can and should be implemented by those in
power, the problem lies with misuse of a good idea.

Like Hitler, like Lucifer and Co.

Even Eve made a drastic mistake.

That's all I am saying.

Your blanket labels of a portion of the population is
not Jesusonian and does a disservice to the

I actually agree with you, Bob, in essence, I just
disagree with your choice of words and manners.


--- Bob Hurt wrote:

The stupid Forrest Gump claimed his mama always said "stupid is as stupid does." Let's not forget that Forrest Gump was a movie character, not a real-life character. Nevertheless, his mama was right. The only valid claim that a person is stupid is the fact that the person does stupid things.
It is not stupid rightly to identify stupid behavior. In fact, it is stupid or duplicity to recognize stupidity, and claim it is irrelevant.
Yes, in God's eyes, the smart and stupid alike, so long as they are human, are spiritually equal. And there is little doubt that many stupid people are nevertheless more highly spiritually achieved than are many smart people.
But let's be clear as to the meanings and relevance of the words we use . Smart is the opposite of stupid. Smart means intelligent - able to solve problems. Stupid means unintelligent - unable to solve problems. IQ is the measure of one's ability to solve problems. IQ is relative. Race enters the picture because it so happens that on average Indigo people are far less intelligent than are Caucasians and Northeastern Orientals (Japanese, Koreans, certain Chinese). We have no choice but to generalize about IQ and races because so many people of so many genetic and cultural endowments populate our world and affect its evolution.
You might recall reading the story of Adam and Eve. They were to be biological uplifters of the human races. They were originally slated to have 2 million direct-line descendants before mixing in with humans, then the plan was changed to 1/2 million. The result would be a biologically (genetically) superior array of humans.
It would be instructive to put yourself in Adam and Eve's shoes. How would you go about mixing in with humans? I'm guessing the wisest approach would be first to publicize the characteristics and achievements of the violet race, then to initiate a competition among other races to earn the right to be a prospective mate of one of the violets. Would you allow the stupid to enter the competititon? I doubt it. You'd allow only the average and bright with a balance of other good characteristics.
Why would God, through his agents in charge of our Constellation, set forth to uplift the races biologically? Might it not be to eliminate defective, degenerate, and inferior people from the gene pool?
Now that Adam and Eve have blown their mission here, who will rise up to take their place in the biological upliftment program? Will you do it, Cheryl? Frankly, until you are willing honestly to face the reality that Blacks are relatively stupid, as are Mexicans and certain groups of Caucasians, and that their low-IQ natures are neither needed nor wanted in future generations of humans, you will not be qualified to participate in the planning for such a program. Why? Because getting rid of the stupid is one of Adam and Eve's purposes for coming to this world.
It is only a coincidence that the vast majority Blacks and Mexicans have relatively low IQs, but it is a reality. It is true that, out of 45 million Blacks, a good 6 to 7 million have IQs higher than the average Caucasian IQ of 100. I do not think such people should be excluded from a biological upliftment program. But I do think all of those Blacks and Mexicans and Caucasians with IQs lower than 90 should be prohibited from procreating, as should all welfare recipients, criminals, crazy people, and children under 21. If such a law were implemented, our nation's genetic, family, and crime problems would diminish dramatically and within 3 generations.
That is only half of a good gene-pool enrichment program, for the other half would encourage smart people to meet and procreate a lot of children, rather than 1.7 per family as they are doing now. 3 per family is required to sustain a race or gene group. The stupid generally procreate at greater than 3 children per family.
Why is there no decent and benign eugenics program in America? For one reason: people like you, Cheryl, say it is stupid to call people stupid. It has become politically incorrect to tell the truth about IQ and genetics because that might offend someone. I think it is far more important to be loyal to truth than to be concerned over offending someone with the truth.

Back to the issue of New Orleans, it has never been a city of intellectuals, and the average IQ of Blacks there is lower than the national average. It is more like Haiti, and so is the lawlessness there-New Orleans has one of the highest murder rates in America, and its police force and government are corrupt. I consider that an embarrassment. It is almost like a third-world country.
Let's face one central reality. If the people of New Orleans had left when they were told to, none of them would have been killed by the hurricane, and the leftist Democrats of America would have one less reason to badmouth President Bush. If the governments over New Orleans had refused to allow subsidized housing to be built within 20 miles of the city, and if they had properly taxed visitors and the buyers and renters of dwellings, then the impoverished of New Orleans would be living 20 miles from the city, out of reach of the worst ravages of seawater floods and hurricanes. Had the goverments of the city and state forced a land-fill elevation of 30 feet above sea level, and the erection of a 20-foot seawall (as did the residents of Galveston after the 1900 hurricane - landfill was 14 feet, and the seawall 17 feet), the city would not have been flooded, and the taxes could easily have paid the cost. Which expense would be better - that one, or the astronomic expense of relocating people and rebuilding the city?
That none of these were done is a screaming testament to the stupidity of the residents and leaders of New Orleans. In the end, Forrest Gump's mama is right. Stupid is as stupid does, and much stupid has been done in New Orleans.
I think the whole northern gulf coast should be turned into a National Park, and no permanent dwellings should be allowed within 10 miles of the coastline. In the future, that will matter more than ever before. If and when the government shuts the border from Mexico, there will be a deluge of illegal aliens from the sea.
Bob Hurt

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