Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lender Cheats Negro Woman for "Borrowing while Black"

That's right, Quicken Loans cheated a poor Negro woman Lourie Jefferson in West Virginia through a predatory loan.  Lourie died, her daughter Monique Brown took over the case.  Now Quicken wants to get away with it in spite of THREE court rulings against them.
Quicken Loans lost nearly $3 million to Monique Brown in a 2010 West Virginia predatory lending case, thanks to good lawyering by Bordas & Bordas.  Quicken stupidly appealed.  In Nov, 2012, the WV Supreme Court sent the case back to trial court for corrections, and Quicken lost over $4.5 million.

Now Quicken has appealed again.  Will the WV Supremes send the case back to trial court for an increase in punitive damages and lawyer fees?  Or will Quicken learn its lesson, take its spanking, and skulk home to cheat more clients?  Anybody want to start a betting pool on this?

Here's the lesson all should learn from this case.  THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXAMINING THE MORTGAGE FOR CAUSES OF ACTION.  Monique Brown stands to split over $5,000,000 with the law firm because the lender cheated her in an overpriced mortgage on a house only worth $86,000.

Apparently Quicken's CEO thinks it's just fine to cheat poor little Negro women through predatory loans.

But you don't have to be black, brown, yellow, red, or white, because I believe Quicken Loans and other lenders or their agents will try to cheat mortgage borrowers REGARDLESS OF RACIAL PERSUASION.

And then when borrowers default on the loan by missing payments, the lender forecloses, and the public trustee or court ALWAYS grants the foreclosure.  Why?

Because NOBODY THINKS TO EXAMINE THE MORTGAGE for causes of action.  Well, some people do, like Jim Bordas, Monique Brown's lawyer.  But NO FORECLOSURE DEFENDER EVER EXAMINES THE MORTGAGE, not that I know of.  They hope for a temporary dismissal so they can call that a "win" even though they know the plaintiff will refile and the court will order the foreclosure.

Frankly, I think foreclosure victims should get their mortgages examined for evidence of torts, breaches, and errors, settle with the lender, and then sue their feckless foreclosure defense lawyers for legal malpractice for failing to examine the mortgage first.

Lenders or their agents injured 9 out of 10 borrowers, and only a competent professional comprehensive mortgage examination can show the proofs.

If you want your mortgage examined, contact me NOW and I'll give you all the related info, absolutely FREE, no obligation, as a public service.

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