Friday, August 23, 2013

America Needs to Practice Eugenics Better

Janet wants to know whether I advocate eugenics.

I am very big on eugenics, and that has nothing to do with Hitler. 

Eugenics is a good idea.  It is civilizationally sane common sense to work constantly to improve the gene pool.  Progenitors of Jews managed that for 4,000 years, from the time when Abraham's family, all incredibly bright in business, administration, and military abilities, created a practice of endogamy long before migrating to Palestine from Chaldea.  Through the EUGENICS of endogamy and arranged marriages the Abraham's family developed superior intelligence, and spread it through their communities until the developed the ability to exercise dominion over all other local tribes.  That has perpetuated down to modern times when the more clannish and rigorously Jewish in the Abrahamic tradition still practice endogamy and arranged marriages as a style of eugenics.

Abraham's family and descendants practiced eugenics because it's a really good idea, and absolutely necessary to prevent pollution of the gene pool.

The so-called melting pot of America became something of an unintentional experiment in eugenics.  Only the more able or smarter who came here from Europe survived well.  That was quite a struggle.  The same is true of the African slaves brought here and the Vietnamese boat people.  But when the US allowed low intelligence immigrants to walk across the southern border, and allowed them and the unintelligent descendants of slaves to proliferate, it did a profound disservice to the gene pool.  It would have been far better to preserve the best of the red American aborigines for eugenics purposes than to slaughter them and kill them with diseases.  But the red man was simply too hostile, and he was no match for the white man.

Nevertheless the US gene pool, a model of biodiversity, and its NEW limited-Constitution style of government allowed it to become the most economically and arguably militarily powerful nation on earth.  THAT is eugenics at work, even though it happened as an unintended consequence of people's struggle for a better life and less government intrusion into their affairs.

Now we have seriously ruined much of our opportunity to fix gene pool problems because have stupidly allowed the irresponsible and the stupid to vote.  That pretty much guarantees a long time in coming for organized, government-endorsed benign eugenics programs.

I think a good re-start for America would be to outlaw intentionally infecting an unborn child with a condition that will make him stupid for life, and to act preemptively to prevent inception of such children when possible, and when not, to prevent such births.

America has an average IQ of 98 compared to Korea's average IQ of 105 and Hong Kong's average IQ of 107.    Hong Kong is another demonstration of eugenics in practice.  It became smart because Smart Englishmen negotiated 200 years of control of the island, and it became a magnet for entrepreneurs of all kinds throughout that area of the world.  But virtually no Negroes (average IQ in US of 85) or Mexicans (average IQ 87) live in Hong Kong or Korea, and they will never comprise 25% to 30% or more of the US Oriental country populations like they do in the US. 

The the US has half a standard deviation lower average IQ than China, Japan, Korea, Hong-Kong, and Singapore.  That gap increases every year as smart Americans procreate fewer than the number of children per family necessary to maintain their gene group, and stupid Americans procreate double the amount neccessary. It is becoming statistically "significant," and that means trouble for the US in terms of value of productivity, or the GDP.

Thus, America has become a new model for declining gene pool quality owing to irresponsible procreation practices.  That is eugenics in action, for by doing nothing to improve the gene pool, our nation has intentionally worked to dumb it down.  If it continues America will diminish in leadership and competitiveness and invention in contrast with Oriental, European, and Northern Asian countries. 

America can remain biologically diverse without becoming stupid, IF it practices eugenics intelligently, intentionally, and better.

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Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 13:34:00 -0400
From: Bob Hurt
Subject: [Lawsters:18058] What shall we do about the street crime wave?

As you see stories like this unfold daily in media, what rational solutions come to mind?

89-Year-Old Wounded WWII Vet Beaten to Death by Two Black Teens

As the economy gets worse, the dollar collapses further, prices go up, more people lose their jobs, more stop looking for work, and more go on welfare, such violence will increase and the streets will become generally unsafe, most particularly when Caucasians or other decent folks come into proximity with idle, angry, stupid Negro youths or professional criminals.

What can society do, aside from bribery, to stop the violence before it starts, and to stop it dead in its tracks when it starts?

I have some proposals:

  1. Deny suffrage and procreation rights to the stupid and irresponsible
  2. Commit the indigent, stupid, and irresponsible to protective compounds so they cannot injure productive, intelligent, and responsible.  Naturally, EVERYBODY works gainfully for employers who bring the job to the border of the compound (like an "industrial zone") and guarantee the safety of the workers in the zone. Residents get medical care, shelter, nutrition, clothing, but no coupons, stamps, cash, checks, or other form of currency.  They accumulate points for profits (effective earnings minus cost of support and protection and discipline) which the compound will convert to cash if and when they demonstrate sufficient responsibility for release.  They don't get suffrage back till they have remained responsible for 5 years.
  3. Deny procreation rights to all children under 18 and all unmarried people, while encouraging procreation among the married, productive, intelligent, and mentally competent.

  4. Require demonstration of competency (practical and academic) prior to allowing people to marry, procreate, or vote.
The above program will raise the average IQ of the nation by 15 points within 75 years, and eliminate the bulk of the stupid and irresponsible from the gene pool.  It will also eliminate the Marxists from government.

A society cannot successfully tamper with any natural law (like the survival of the fittest) without implementing civil means of retaining the benefits that law provided.

Americans stupidly did not figure that out before importing or liberating slaves, giving the stupid, immature, and irresponsible the right to vote, and denying state legislatures the power to appoint US Senators.

Furthermore, a society MUST develop spiritual maturity in its people, encouraging them to strive for majesty and balance in their personalities WITHOUT substance abuse, whether alcohol, tobacco, weed, mind-bending pills, or terrible nutrition.  It does this only by fostering the development of strong, healthy, humane, intelligent , well-bonded families, and preserving the traditions of good family values and morality.  Even though society should advance, it should not in the process destroy valuable traditions that make the society strong and enduring.

We have terrible problems with street crime, rogue cops, rogue banking and finance, and rogue leaders in government, ALL because we have become terribly deficient in maintenance of sane family structure, procreating more superior than inferior people,  preventing proliferation of irresponsible people, and keeping families united.

Maybe the groaning civil unrest and lawlessness in society explains why FEMA and DHS have started arming  employees to the hilt, creating massive internment camps around the country, preparing enormous grave yards with 30-body concrete coffins already set in place around the country, and training foreign troops in the USA, all without broad public announcements.

Bob Hurt


Lee H. said...
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Lee H. said...
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Lee H. said...

32 yo, 6'2", blond, blue, white, man, 165 IQ, PhD in physics. I just got a vasectomy. I believe in voluntary eugenics. One problem with being smart is that you are painfully aware of how stupid humanity is. I cannot bear to bring a new life into this world.

I think anyone who wants a child should be required to get a license first. It will require much of what you suggested - knowledge and ability to be a good parent, a stable life situation, and a minimum IQ for starters.

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