Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spike Lee the Unfavorite

For years I have felt annoyed at the Spike Lee's hate-whitey sentiments disguised as PRO-Negro, ANTI-negro-slavery activism.  Now I feel sick and tired of it.  Let's get clear about this.  Spike Lee's high-order bigotry serves only himself, not the Negro race, and certainly not the human race.

Case in point:  Lee recently attacked Quentin Tarrantino for disrespecting Negros in the civil-war era Django Unchained.  The film showed a Negro man's retribution against a slave-owning white man for abusing a Negro slave woman.  Lee didn't like the film's liberal use of the word "nigger," to which Lee referred as the "n-word," as though that word has become unspeakable in modern, polite society.

Well, Lee, you bigot, Nigger, the word, has in no sense become unspeakable.  T
ens of millions of Negroes speak it daily in their polite, jivey hip-hoppish conversations in reference to themselves and to other members of their Negro race, AND TO OTHERS.  I once heard one Negro school child say "Obama's the nigger that runs America, and Mao Tse Tung, ain't he the nigger that used to run China.

Now, either those millions of Negroes are bigots for saying Nigger, or YOU, Lee, are a bigot for pretending it has become politely unspeakable or politically incorrect.  Or do you think ONLY Negroes should have the politically correct right to call themselves Niggers?

Now look, Lee, maybe you don't remember Tarrantino's teen-fantasy flick Inglorious Basterds, which burnt all of the worst leaders of the Nazi Party alive in a French movie theater in obvious protest against their murder of Jews.  If you had any common sense at all, you would see Django Unchained as a film of the same genre - a political protest against indignity toward a race of humans.  He used Django to protest the inhumanity of Negro slavery, and Inglorious to protest the inhumanity of Nazi oppression of Jews.  Inglorious characters referred to the Germans as "Nazis" just as the Django characters referred to Negroes as "Nigger."  People everywhere used the same terminology back in the day.   So, where's your beef?

If you have any beef at all, you should express it against Negroes who continue to stereotype "Niggers" and "Niggas" by their daily behavior, and who have ramped it up by a change from the feckless Amos and Andy of 1950's TV to angry, whitey-hating thugs and their quasi-intellectual counterparts like YOU.  You are just an angry Negro with a chip on his shoulder about the inability of Negroes effectively to resist the enslavement process.  You seem unable to compare the plight of American Aborigines to that of Negro Aborigines in Africa.  The red man could not conquer the white man, and refused to serve the white man.  THAT resulted in the virtual annihilation of the red race in North America, didn't it, Lee?  Can you see the contrast between the red man who refused slavery and the black man who embraced slavery?  Can you see that enslavement in America and elsewhere allowed the Negro race to escape extinction and enjoy elevated intelligence?  You should THANK GOD for that enslavement of Negroes in America.  WHERE is your GRATITUDE?

Lee protested against the Django portrayal of the enslavement of Negroes as a spaghetti western instead of a holocaust.  Anyone with a clue about history knows Negroes in Africa created any such holocaust by rounding up the healthiest, most physically robust Negro villagers, slaughtering those who resisted, tying the necks of others to ropes or poles poles and dragging them to the ships, or herding them like cattle for use as FOOD.  Students of history know that upwards of 90% of intended slaves perished in the related warfare or the journey to the slave market, and American slaves became the TOP survivors of that ordeal. American Negroes might start showing gratitude for the hardiness of their ancestors.

Spike Lee, if you want to protest something meaningfully, ...

  1. Protest the fact that over half of Negro children do not, cannot, and could not on their best day, graduate from high school because they are just too stupid. 
  2. Protest the fact that Negro sluts give birth to over 65% of Negro babies. 
  3. Protest the fact that responsible Negroes take zero responsible action to improve the Negro gene pool, except through miscegeny, if you can call that responsible anywhere outside your wildest dreams.
  4. Protest the number of Negroes who commit crimes and welfare abuse to get by, thereby turning productive people of America, whom they mug directly or indirectly, into their slaves.
  5. Protest the origination of American enslavement of Negroes by African Negroes, the projenitors of the rampaging genocidal murderers in Rwanda, the Congo, and elsewhere in Sub-Sahara Africa.
  6. Protest the Negro mating choices that made them, as a race in Africa, TWO standard deviations less intelligent than the white race (I guess you could boast that improved diet and culture of America, along with 18% white genes, have resulted in an intelligence gap of only ONE standard deviation between Negroes and Whites in the USA, but you might also look that as a partial destruction of the white race - you probably ought to consider it a form of genocide).
  7. Protest the fact that so many American Negroes wear the slavery of their ancestors as some kind of badge of honor and look at slave-masters with dishonor when in fact people of all races have become slaves throughout history, and slavery became an economic necessity in many places and times.
In other words, FIX the problem.  Don't just myopically, bigotedly denigrate those who illustrate it in films, books, and commentaries.  Negroes could fix the problem if they had leadership that understood and cared about it.  Smart people (above 120 IQ)  should have plenty of children.  Stupid people should have none.  When can you get that program started?

Meanwhile, just shut up and leave Quentin Tarrantino alone to create the brilliant entertainment for which you lack the talent.

In case you didn't get my drift, you have become one of my most UNFAVORITE people.

(Revised 17 October 2013).

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Unknown said...

Somethings weird about your blog. I stumbled across it and there seems to be a fire ignited from something other than Spike lee. Origins of slavery seemed to be an excuse to make it right. The origin of a black man or black woman's(slut as you put it), attitude in today's society seem to be overlooked. Your origin and example points feel like personal beliefs formed by you. I can understand why there are no comments here. Pure nonsense! Suggestions: Study your history from multiple sources, understand the Word nigga and its multiple meanings alongside who is saying it, understand that using the words, "no talent" is easy when you have nothing to display, and finally understand that opinions are like assholes everyone has one.