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Birther "Old" news? Nope, Still NEW News. Select news items from non-mainstream media to avoid bias.

Ted Gest of the Crime Report:


.   You wrote this:


**thanks, Bob--yes there is bias in lots of things but I try to weed it out the best I can. I took a look at the NewAmerican.

**Some of it may be OK but I am not taking news from the John Birch Society any more than I am from the ACLU.

**And no, the "birther" issue is very old news and has been rejected nationwide, including twice by the voters.

**I think we're just going to have to disagree on news judgment, but please stop the personal attacks. I'm not attacking you. TG



No you don't attack me.  Why should you?  I've done nothing to deserve attack.  But you DO insult me with the liberal-bias crime report which you pretend has no bias.


You are dead wrong about the birther issue.  Obama is not a natural born citizen and every effort to get that point heard in the courts has failed because of rogue judges who don't want the flap aired in their courts.  And, every court case is brand new news that gives media operatives a chance to inform the public that "something is rotten in Denmark" with respect to the US Presidency.  See more below.


With your statements above, you have just proven your hard-core liberal bias.  The ACLU ONLY makes news by SUING someone on behalf of someone's civil liberties.  THAT IS GOOD NEWS TO PUBLISH, so I see no wisdom in ignoring it because of the ACLU's liberal bias.  The resulting ruling makes good news too.  But so do the items from the John Birch society because they are NOT BIASED toward communism, socialism, etc as liberals are.  They have a PRO CONSTITUTION STANCE based on law, history, and the ideals of good government .  Their news items probably have far less bias in them than anything from the mainsteam liberal media.


You say birther got rejected nationwide twice.  That is false, and if you write it again I'll call you a liar.  You have implied that the population rejected it.  When you consider that America contains 80 million cretins, most with the right to vote – dumb as a bucket of hammers, so to speak, it means NOTHING if those ignorant imbeciles reject the birther issue. 


More to the point, the natural born citizen status of Obama NEVER BECAME A CAMPAIGN ISSUE, so the people did not reject it at all – many of the imbeciles never even heard it because the liberal media refuses to air it, and most Americans have no clue what a natural born citizen is or why only such a citizen should become President.


The New American,, News Max, and many non-liberal news sources exist from which you can select news stories without bias.  You are so far gone that you don't even see that your selections reflect liberal bias to a T because you select them from LIBERAL SOURCES ONLY.  That's how you screwed up so badly in the beginning of the Trayvon Martin story.  You selected a liberal item declaring Trayvon as the innocent young teen victim instead of the brutal thug who deserved the killing George Zimmerman administered to him in self-defense.   You ignored the fact that Trayvon's parents totally escaped scrutiny even though his father was RESPONSIBLE for letting the Trayvon run around a strange community at night.  And Trayvon LOOKED like he was casing the houses so he might burgle one, FOR WHICH KIND OF CRIME HE JUST GOT TOSSED OUT OF SCHOOL THAT VERY DAY.  And you ignored the fact that 6 BLACK LEGISLATORS condemned George Z wrongfully JUST BECAUSE he looked white and he killed a black thug.  THEY made it a racial issue when it had nothing to do with race, except hate-whitey racism in the mind of Trayvon Martin.


Admit it.  You screwed up that story royally, especially in the beginning, ALL BECAUSE YOU CHOSE THE WRONG NEWS ITEMS FROM THE WRONG SOURCES.  Eventually the mainstream (liberal) media from which you select news items finally got around begrudgingly to admitting to some of Trayvon's evils, and you followed suit.  You would never have the embarrassment of such miscasting of news if you only selected news items from non-liberal sources.


You cannot have an unbiased crime report if you keep selecting news items from the mainstream media.  IT IS LIBERAL, to say the least, and most of them seem to serve Communist/Socialist agendas.


Before you continue taking umbrage at my comments to you, realize that I have tried to write to you as a professional to let you know the error in your methods.  I have done this without histrionics, ad hominems, etc.  I want you to know that you betray the trust of every single reader when you select items from liberal-biased sources exclusively because they have ZERO loyalty to truth or to the ideals of good government memorialized in our Constitution.  I don't want to insult you.  I want you to publish a stupendous, UNBIASED crime report.  What do I have to say to get that point across to you?


To fix your report, just start adding balance to it by selecting news items from non-liberal sources.  You need to start by seeing the mainstream media HONESTLY as PROFOUNDLY LEFTIST in BIAS, and what you consider conservative media as more CENTRIST.  You need to seek news items from the New American, News Max,, Washington Times, National Review, Weekly Standard.  Just a brief look at the web produced this list:


Also, you are dead wrong to think of the JBS as a right wing or conservative organization.  It is AMERICANIST, neither left nor right.  Its founder lined up his crosshairs on international Communism back in the late 1950's, and showed that many people in US government had conspired to further the worldwide ambitions of Communism.  Robert Welch exposed Eisenhower for repatriating Russians whom he knew the Communists would slaughter (which they did, hanging them on meat hooks in Red Square).  Various authors documented the trail of treason and deceit from Alger Hiss, and exposed the conspiracy of international banking families to take control of US money and enslave the citizenry through the progressive income tax and the federal reserve banks (which have private founders who pay no income tax on their fed earnings or earnings of the investment of those earnings).  They have touted the Federalist papers and encouraged Americans to become honestly informed about US and world history.  That is neither liberal nor conservative. The John Birch Society is EXCLUSIVELY an educational organization.  BUT, JBS authors have pointed out the intention of Communists to take over American universities and to pervert the thinking of students, making them anti-American in sentiment.  And the point I have made to you boils down to this:  they succeeded in YOUR case because you don't have even a faint clue that the mainstream media you so dearly love and honor became a product of those very efforts to subvert the KNOWLEDGE of mankind into a Communist/Socialist model.


I have studied these issues intently for nearly 50 years.  I know whereof I write.  I have no motive to deceive you.  And I look at your crime report as such a triviality, except that I can see GUN CONTROL written all over your news selections.  It mirrors the Communist agenda to disarm American citizens.  Like it or not, your Crime Report is an instrumentality of the Communist agenda.  I didn't make that up.  I just report to you what I see, and what I have proven through a small example in that public denunciation I wrote.


It took me a while to come to that conclusion, and frankly, I felt a little astounded that YOU, a man I had started to respect for professionalism, bucked against me so rigorously when I informed you of your bias and scolded you for it.  It then took me a while to realize that you had no clue, that you look at the whole thing through colored glass and cannot even see the RED (for Communism) scattered throughout your crime reports, colored by your selections of biased reports from the liberal media that leans toward Communism/Socialism.


Take this home and read it to your wife.  Maybe she can help you understand what's going on in your 40 years of experience.  You have become a political hunchback and you think you stand up straight.


Take a look at the below note about a birther case just dismissed in Leon County Florida, and look at the reason.  Reads kind of like the specium you cited, doesn't it?  Now look at this little array of excerpts from law for contrast, regarding loyalty oaths:


1.      (US Constitution Article VI, Clause 3 - The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.


2.      United States Code, Title 4, Section 101 & 102 -  Every member of a State legislature, and every executive and judicial officer of a State, shall, before he proceeds to execute the duties of his office, take an oath in the following form, to wit: "I, A B, do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States." Such oath may be administered by any person who, by the law of the State, is authorized to administer the oath of office; and the person so administering such oath shall cause a record or certificate thereof to be made in the same manner, as by the law of the State, he is directed to record or certify the oath of office.


3.      Florida Constitution, Article II, Section 5 (b) -Each state and county officer, before entering upon the duties of the office, shall give bond as required by law, and shall swear or affirm:  "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, protect, and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States and of the State of Florida; that I am duly qualified to hold office under the Constitution of the state; and that I will well and faithfully perform the duties of   (title of office)   on which I am now about to enter. So help me God.", and thereafter shall devote personal attention to the duties of the office, and continue in office until a successor qualifies.


4.      US Constitution Article IV Section 4.  The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.



Maybe you can tell from the yellow highlighting that the Florida Constitution COMPLETELY VIOLATES the intent of the loyalty oath which the US Constitution requires and the US Law prescribes.  It has the public officers swear to support the GOVERNMENT as well as the Constitution.  The Government IS the "good old boys network" of public policy makers who flout the law and constitutions at will.  The Government IS THE ENEMY of the Constitution because it is the very entity the Constitution seeks to CONTROL so government employees will not stray outside their box and make absurd, inane, and illegal rulings like the idiotically treasonous Leon County Judge Kevin Carroll did.  Carroll has single-handedly created a judicial oligarchy by saying he does not care what  the law says because HE supports the GOVERNMENT (not the constitutions).


Do you see the dilemma here?  A public officer cannot support BOTH the government and the constitution.  A public officer will almost always wander afield from the ideals of good government, and so the CONSTITUION RESTRAINS HIM, CHAINS HIM DOWN.  THAT explains why the US Constitution and US LAW require an oath to support the US Constitution, and not anything else, CERTAINLY not the government.


Why does this matter?  Because now OBAMA, a non-natural-born citizen who has alien loyalties functions as US President, head of the very government to which Carroll has just expressed his loyalty.  He has flouted the Constitution's citizenship requirement for presidents.  And the only government entity that could have brought him to bay, the Courts, have, across America, in dozens of cases, REFUSED TO HEAR the complaints against OBAMA for usurping the presidency without authority.


THAT IS MIND-BLOWING CRIME NEWS.  Why don't you report it?


It is also mind-blowing news that the Florida Constitution oath violates the US Constitution and turns Florida's government into an oligarchy, a violation of Article IV Section 4 (cited above) or the US Constitution which guarantees the states a republican form of government.  Do you have a clue what that means.  If you do, write back to me the 1787 definition of a republic.



In summary, you weed bias out of your crime reports by selecting news items from NON-LIBERAL media.  In particular, choose items from those I named above.


Yeah, I know, this photo makes me look a little like Karl Marx.  You know him, right?

I'm not he.





Bob Hurt


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From: Dave King
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It seems that a lot of courageous people are doing things to push this issue through the courts. But the last ruling in Florida shows an arrogance from the judges. Examples like this are quite discouraging. But to see people not give up in pressing this is at the same time encouraging. See here


On Dec. 13, Florida Circuit Court of Leon County Judge Kevin Carroll gave the plaintiffs until Dec. 23 to respond to Obama's attorneys' motion to dismiss the case. However, Judge Carroll went against his own order and dismissed the case on the 21st. In his dismissal, Carroll wrote:


"This court notes that President Obama lives in the White House. He flies on Air Force One. He has appeared before Congress, delivered State of the Union addresses and meets with congressional leaders on a regular basis. He has appointed countless ambassadors to represent the interests of the United States throughout the world."
"As this matter has come before the court at this time of the year it seems only appropriate to paraphrase the ruling rendered by the fictional Judge Henry X. Harper from New York in open court in the classic holiday film 'Miracle on 34th St.' 'Since the United States Government declares this man to be president, this court will not dispute it. Case dismissed.'"


From: On Behalf Of Bob Hurt
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Subject: [Lawmen: 5033] Newly Found Case Authority; Florida Court Has Jurisdiction To Rule On Obama's Eligibility

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