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What is America? What should it be?

“America’s not a country.  It’s a business.  Now fuckin’ pay me.”

        Jackie (Brad Pitt), Mafia hit man demanding hit money, final words in the film Killing Them Softly (2012)


“A lot of people had to die for me to be me.”

          Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson), Boston Mob boss in the film The Departed (2006)


“This is business, and if you want to be in business, this is what you do.”

          Carmine Sabatini (Marlon Brando), New York godfather-like entrepreneur in the film The Freshman (1990)




FINALLY, someone explains America in a way that makes sense. 


Do you think all the legal plunder by the US government goes to help the poor, the stupid, the ignorant, the defective, the downtrodden, the underprivileged?  Not in a million years.  It simply goes to buy the votes of them and the able who support the Robin Hood ideology, and to reward the financiers of government crime.  All business.


Do you think the courts operate to dish out justice?  Not on your life.  They operate EXACTLY the way the Mafia operates, gouging the litigants with outrageously high fees and costs, run by racket-protected judges and attorneys and their mob bosses in the bar. A disputant might get swifter, cheaper, more expedient justice from the Mafia than from some of America’s business-driven courts. And all the lawyers swore to obey omerta in the bar oath – “I will maintain the respect due to the courts of justice and judicial officers.”  This binds lawyers to silence about bad reputations of judges and fellow lawyers.


Do you think America’s foreign aid program goes to help honorable people.  NO WAY.  It operates like bribes to government insiders to curry their animosity against America’s enemies.



First things first, though.  WHAT does “BUSINESS” mean?


“Business:  the practice of making one’s living by engaging in the activity of buying and selling.”


New Oxford American Dictionary





1.   You join the Navy Seals and become a sniper.  You kill designated or random targets for a living.  You sell swift, cheap death.

2.   You become a prostitute and hire a pimp to protect you so you can sell sex to buyers in the community. Your business is pleasure.  The pimp’s is protection.

3.   You run for a Senate seat  as a Democrat and promise to give citizenship to all illegal aliens and welfare checks to all poor people.  They vote for you in droves. You just sold government money and US citizenship to them for a vote.  Then make all kinds of money selling your Senate votes to campaign contributors on issues you don’t care about.


Hey.  Nobody says you have to BELIEVE in the honor or goodness of what you do.  It’s just a matter of BUSINESS, selling your services to neighbors, governments, corporations, the poor, etc.


Yes, America’s governments operate like mafia corporations, complete with privileges for government insiders and the wealthy who finance compains, and abusive “protection racket” taxes for everyone else.


What does this mean?  When the time comes for you to instruct your grandchildren, tell them this:


1.   Go out and get yours, kid.  The world is your oyster and you can have whatever you want, but you have to TAKE the opportunity where and when you find it.  It’s all business.

2.   Plan your adventures, work the plan, set new goals to replace those you have accomplished, and do not ever ever ever give up.

3.   Study, play, work, rest, and nourish yourself enthusiastically and wisely, learn well, and master everything to which you set your mind or body.

4.   Respect the law, make it serve you, and safely flout it if you must.

5.   If you go to court, do whatever you must that causes the judge to rule in your favor, or advantageously makes the proceeding unnecessary.

6.   Be honest and truthful, don’t overdo it, and creatively, cost-effectively eliminate adversarial contests that don’t benefit you.

7.   Wisely choose a smart, ambitious, able mate who shares your values, then run your relationship like a business.

8.   Tolerate no tyranny.

9.   Beware of those who cannot share your view of reality, and convert those who can.

10.                Waste nothing of value.



What about LOYALTY?  People should strive for loyalty to their BUSINESS, the prosperity and happiness plan for their lives, not merely to people or groups of people.  If people and groups don’t serve that plan, you have no choice but to cut them off from your attention, ambition, and support. If you do otherwise, you betray yourself and your ambitions.


And when one procreates children, one MUST imbue the children with the same view of reality.  NOBODY gets a free ride.  EVERYBODY contributes to the business, or you burn them, one way or another.


Through the striving for the above 10 business points, one cares for one’s family, job, customers, and others who contribute to one’s wealth.  But enemies or competitors lurk in the sea of humanity around us.  And they will destroy you if you don’t disable or destroy them.  And both your own irresolute character traits or real people can comprise those enemies.  Well think back to all the times your own sloth, dissipation, lust, blind avarice, etc., have betrayed your personal goals.  Those became your enemy, and just as effectively as a separate, evil enemy would have, those features sabotaged your future and caused you to waste a part of your life.  So you must ruthlessly destroy their ability to destroy you and those you treasure. It’s the law of the survival of the fittest, “SOF.”  If you want to flourish and prosper, you must identify and destroy whatever enemies stand in your way, and do it without ruth, remorse, or hesitation.


The founders of the American Republic might have expressed their views somewhat differently, but those with their heads screwed on straight had PRECISELY the same vision in mind as I have listed above. You can see that in the Declaration of Independence and the original constitutions of all the states.  The founders meant to establish a system of government that would GET OUT OF THE WAY so that they could get on with their ambitions (business) in life.  They NEVER DREAMED America would become the international meddler, arms dealer, drug runner, and welfare state of today.


If WE don’t take action to restore America to the ideals of the founders, we will become the slaves and bitches of the deadbeats, defectives, derelicts, ignoramuses, arms-and-drugs lords, and bankers who use criminals in and of government to oppress, suppress, and rob us blind.  We need to get ourselves and our nation BACK TO OUR INTENDED BUSINESS.


Yes.  America IS a business, but no longer can we call it OUR business.  We MUST take it back so it serves the original vision of the founders, or we must become the ones it serves.



How to YOU intend to accomplish that?






Bob Hurt


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