Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To Steve Harvey: No More Jokes Denigrating Black Women

I just sent the below message to Black comedian Steve Harvey via his web site:



********  To Steve Harvey *************


Steve, my wife announced to me this morning that she doesn't like you any more (in spite of enjoying you on the Family Feud show) because you make negative jokes about Black women.


I looked to see whether you married a white woman and discovered that your wife Marjorie looks, well, mostly white, lovely on top of that.  So I guess it’s not a racial issue but one of your less-than-ideal experiences with your wives, girlfriends, and similar stories from friends.  In other words, I told my wife, you have good reason to make jokes about your wretched experiences because it’s the only way you can face your past without committing suicide over your errors.


However, maybe you ought to look at the plight of Black women to get a more merciful, empathetic feeling.  Why do so many act so angry?  Let’s see...  A huge percentage of young Black males get themselves killed in drive-by shootings, gang activities, and Rodney-King-style incidents.  So, Black women outnumber Black men.  Then, governments have incarcerated as many as 10% of eligible Black men at any one time. And then,  6% of eligible Black men choose non-Black mates.


Let us do some arithmetic. Let us estimate that the US contains 45 million Blacks, including 20 million children, leaving 25 million adults, including 14 million women and 11 million men.  660,000 of those men chose non-Black mates, and 1,100,000 sit in jail or prison.  That means 14 million Black women must share 9.2 million Black men.


On top of all this, scientists have proven that women of a given racial testosterone group prefer (feel naturally attracted to) men of their group or any higher testosterone group.  Racial testosterone groups rank as follows:  Most: Black, then White, then Brown (Hispanic), then Yellow (Eastern Orientals).  Aside from exceptions that always occur in any generality, that means Yellow women can lust for men of any race, leaving Yellow men to choose mates only from Yellow women (because higher testosterone group women don't feel attracted to them).  It also means the opposite in the Black race - Black women don’t generally find appealing as mates of choice any but Black men, whereas women of all races might find Black men appealing.  Thus, Black men can and do choose women of other races, but few Black women choose non-Black men as mates.


The generalized upshot of this reality:  Black women face a terrible paucity of Black men, AND Black women simply don’t feel attracted to (find appealing) men other than Black men (well, Klingons, maybe, but they don’t live on this world).


Since Black women don’t like sharing their men, ESPECIALLY NOT with women of some other racial group, and since they generally don’t care for non-Black men, 14,000,000 Black women jealously guard their interest in 9,200,000 Black men, and fight among themselves for that precious commodity.  When they must, they share.


And that explains why Black men generally consider themselves "itinerant sowers of seed" in the less-refined Black communities of America.  It explains why many generally "stay" but don’t "live" somewhere.  It explains why many, particularly pimps who have no shortage of charges, refer to their female intimates as "my bitches," and use that appellation to refer to women of any race not just Black women.  It shows why even Black women laugh at such references on TV shows like "In Living Color," rather than take it as a personal affront.


But Black women suffer terrible deprivation, most longing for a stable Black man (husband if possible) at home, permanently.  Many if not most Black children yearn for a real, live-here, Black Daddy to love and care for them and their mommy.  And most Black men have little sense of belonging anywhere, particularly not permanently "living at home" with a Black wife.  And Black families have generally become intensely matriarchal.


So, just because Black women can laugh at their terrible predicament does not mean you should cut into them all the way to the bone, hurting them way down deep where they can only scream in lonely silence, by poking fun at them and making them the butt of your jokes on national TV. 


Steve, you can remain funny and still say things to ennoble and inspire Black women, indeed ALL women, to higher standards of behavior so more of them will actually deserve the husbands for whom they yearn so hopelessly.  You can also inspire Black men, particularly leaders, to find ways to give Black children more permanent or permanent-seeming Black Daddies.  You can inspire Black men, particularly youths, to take a more respectful attitude toward woman, and see themselves as protectors and caretakers rather than merely USERS.


Sadly, Steve, your woman-denigrating jokes don’t accomplish that.  I encourage you to do a little soul-searching and find joke writers who can prep material for you that accomplishes GOOD while remaining funny. You could lead the way and inspire other Black comedians to follow in your GOOD footsteps.


Why not give it a try?  You, a comedic genius and man of goodness, can surely achieve such an ambition, can’t you?


Feel free to answer me personally and confidentially if you wish.




WARNING:  I do NOT function as  law practitioner, lawyer, licensed attorney-at-law, or legal advisor.  Construe my comments ONLY as speculation or general information, and NOT as legal advice for you or anyone else.  Consult a well-qualified attorney (good luck finding one) in all questions of legality or law.


Bob Hurt

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Brian said...

Good Lord, if we can't laugh at ourselves we are lost as a species. Steve Harvey is a gift to us all. Where is your ire for genuine Rap and Hip Hop denegration of ALL women