Friday, November 25, 2011

Bob Hurt Demands HP Live up to Customer Expectation - NO MORE JUNK

Today I sent the below message to HP CEO and President Meg Whitman's USELESS Executive Team at  When one of them called me the other day, I heard background babble that sounded like a Wall Street boiler room.  I spoke with three people who sounded African American, and who seemed not the least interested in making good on HP's obligation to live up to standard industry expectation regarding computer product quality, maybe because I sounded Southern and Caucasian, and they've heard the same complaint thousands of times.  

HP sold junk computers as good ones, and the junk plagued the customers with heat problems that led to destroyed components that only a component replacement could fix.  This meant years of flaky operation, loss of use, and repair costs that far exceeded the value of the system.  The Executive Team members only further tarnished HP's flagging reputation by refusing to do anything at all to gratify this one customer.  Team members insisted the product was out of warranty.  I insisted that had nothing to do with typical customer expectation that the product operate trouble free for 3 to 5 years.  They wouldn't budge, particular the one man who could have set things right, Floor Manager Garfield Wilson.

So, I decided to blow the whistle.  First I wrote this, then the message below:

Meg Whitman:
This week I canceled an order I had placed for an HP I7 desktop computer valued at $1300 and placed an order for an similar Lenovo with more capability and features, valued at $1000.  Why?  Because I no longer trust HP to live up to customer expectation of quality and durability of HP computers.  And I now recommend to everybody who will listen that they buy anybody's computer but HP's.  Why?  Because HP refuses to apologize for delivering junk to customers and replace that junk with properly functional equipment.
In particular...
I had a dissatisfying experience with our executive team.  I explained the problem with HP insistently shipping s3120n computers with a serious design flaw related to heat sensitivity that created myriad disgruntled customers.  I demanded a replacement system even though warranty expired on the old one.  Your team refused in spite of may warning of consequences when I start blowing the whistle.  
In response, I blogged the incident at and emailed a copy to the Special Agent In Charge at the Tampa FBI office.  I have suggested that the FBI lodge criminal charge against HP for Honest Services Fraud under 18 USC 1346.  HP Persons should do jail time for the recalcitrant for repeatedly using interstate communications in the racket of defrauding customers by selling them known-defective junk disguised as a pretty PC - the HP s3120n, and then refusing to show any good-faith effort to meet the standard customer expectation.  I doubt that in any single case you compensated your customers for lost use of the product and for resources wasted on tech support and warranty repairs.
I don't intend to stop blowing the whistle on HP till some corporate executive makes good regarding my complaint.  If you doubt my sincerity, Google bobhurt hp.
I ask you again to order your executive team to provide a replacement computer at HP expense, NOT an s3120n, but one that works.
Do I expect HP to do the "right" thing?  No.  Not unless many more people complain at the executive team (web page above) and on blogs as I have.   And ONLY if people cancel orders for HP equipment and stop buying from them till they show more responsibility to their customers for valid complaints.

In othr words, HP needs a conviction in the court of public opinion with enough noise to make their stock fall.  Then the shareholders will insist that HP fix the problem.  Then HP WILL fix it.

If you have bought HP Junk (sold with serious design or parts problems they should have caught and fixed before shipment) and HP refused to replace it with something properly functional, in or out of warranty, you have a valid reason to COMPLAIN AND COMPLAIN LOUDLY, including writing letters to your local FBI office, demanding prosecution for fraud and racketeering. 

I have filed complaint # 33656167 with the Federal Trade Commission

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