Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Adverse Possession Links and Forum

Click Here for the QR code for adverse possession related links. 


I have published AP articles at I have created new links for Adverse Possession:


·         AP at – write for info about AP or to pose questions/comments

· - new google group : subscribe now

· – New blog.  I’ll migrate my articles to it.

· – web site not yet created, but coming soon to register



Adverse possessors and advocates need to engage in political action and litigation to make the Government clarify and respect AP rights.  If you want to join in this effort, click here to send email and subscribe to the AP discussion group by sending email to this address:




WARNING:  I do NOT function as  law practitioner, lawyer, licensed attorney-at-law, or legal advisor.  Construe my comments ONLY as speculation or general information, and NOT as legal advice for you or anyone else.  Consult a well-qualified attorney (good luck finding one) in all questions of legality or law.


Bob Hurt

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