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Penis Pump Judge Tin Anniversary

Description: Pump Judge Tin Anniversary

Description: 486-judge-donald-thompson.jpg23-year Creek County Oklahoma judge and former state legislator Donald William Thompson, 59, showed no reaction when the court sentenced him to four years in prison in 2006 on jury convictions of four felonies for autoerotic bench activities – indecent exposure.  Court Reporter Lisa Foster testified that he had exposed his genitalia at least 15 times during trial between 2001 and 2003.  So this season constitutes Thompson’s 10th (Tin) anniversary of Lisa’s first shocking observation of the judge hard at work – on himself.  According to prosecutors, he used a penis pump in at least four of those episodes. 


Thompson took a cue from Bill Clinton in the “Did you ever smoke marijuana” question (“yes, but I didn’t inhale”).  He claimed he had never used the penis pump on himself to masturbate, but may have merely squeezed the handle a few times, absentmindedly of course.  Officers had photographed the pump under Thompson’s bench desk in 2003 during a recess after seeing plastic tubing disappear under his robe during court.  They also found semen on the judge’s robes, chair, or carpet under the bench.


I only want to know:


·         … how did the semen manage to escape from the pump when…?


·         … and how can a judge keep track of a proceeding in the throes of heightened sexual arousal, orgasm, and ejaculation?  Imagine the mess in that robe when…


Never mind the speculative questions.  And I apologize for the mental pictures they evoked.  I don’t know how you’ll ever get those lurid images out of your thoughts. Can you ever forgive me, that is, can you forgive Judge Thompson?


Description: 487-convict-donald-thompson.jpgBack to the point, now.  Clearly, Thompson felt bored with his work, and he may have yearned for some risk and excitement that he couldn’t get otherwise in his home or career.  Oops, more speculation. 


Back to the facts.  He said a friend had given him the pump as a joke.  And he refused psychosexual testing. 


The jury recommended a year in jail and $1000 fine.  Judge C. Allen McCall gave Thompson four years and a $40,000 fine.  I guess Allen felt punitive for Thompson’s making the judiciary a public laughing stock. Thompson had to register as a sex offender, a certain embarrassment to his wife and three grown children.  And he may have forfeited his $80K annual pension.


At least now the public now know another way those voluminous robes serve judges – to hide autoerotic paraphernalia, like penis pumps.


Some people insist Thompson did nothing wrong; others say he got what he deserved.


I called the Creek County Oklahoma jail today.  The officer on duty told me the jail released Thompson on 7 June 2010, and that officers arrested him and took him to jail again, this time for stalking, on 3 March 2011, and released him the same day.  Ex-judge Donald Thompson has had a hard time living a righteous life.



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