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Foreclosure Defenders: Learn MORTGAGE ATTACK

Foreclosure Defenders:
Settle Rather than Sue, but Sue if You Must

Mortgage Attack Offers Tort Complaint Service to Secure WINs in Foreclosure Defense

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By now you know that Mortgage Attack (http://mortgageattack.com) provides the gateway to excellent (possibly the best known to man) examinations  of mortgage transactions.  The examination reports REVEALS THE TORTIOUS CONDUCT, contract breaches, and a variety of other violations  underlying the mortgage transaction.

Traditional Service - Exam and Report

Traditionally, you (mortgagor or foreclosure defense attorney) pay  for the examination and receive a written report within 7 business days on the examiner's letterhead.  If you want to sell the service, then you mark it up as you please and send Mortgage Attack the following:
  • the signed confidentiality, service, and fee agreement,
  • a filled-in questionnaire
  • a copy of every document that has anything to do with the mortgage transaction or associated litigation.
Mortgage Attack will provide you with an invoice, and after you pay the invoice, you will receive the examination report by email within about 10 days.

New Service - Exam WITH Tort Complaint

Now Mortgage Attack has unleashed a new added service.  For an additional fee up front, Mortgage Attack will provide the attorney with the examination report styled as a complaint, counter-complaint, and/or cross-complaint, ready for filing in your state court, based on the findings of contract breaches, tortious conduct, and other violations involving the mortgage.

Review of Offer

Mortgage Attack serves as volunteer ombudsman for a litigation services company which provides the examination service and writes the pleading for the attorney who purchases the examination service.  The attorney may then review the complaint and tweak it as desired, then file it.  The complaint will identify causes of action (specific contract breaches, tortious conduct, federal and/or state regulatory violations) and seek jury trial and damages. The complaint can become instrumental in reaching settlement with lender and agents without having to follow through in the lawsuit.  Generally, the lender/agents realize they cannot win against the evidence.  In the event the attorney needs to prosecute the case, the attorney will not need expert witnesses to prove the injury, but may need experts to prove the amount of damages from credit rating injury or appraisal fraud.  Thus, the service puts the attorney in the position of winning for the client at minimal expense. 

How to Use This Offer for Serious Profits

Attorneys, unless you really love drafting possibly erroneous tort or breach of contract complaints, you might want to take Mortgage Attack up on this no-lose offer.  That complaint will let you approach your foreclosure plaintiff with an irresistible recommendation for settlement, especially if you also point the target to this huge predatory lending judgment (nearly $5 million to the borrower because the lender didn't settle).  If you actually file the complaint, your target will probably beg to settle.

Note that the examiner will provide all necessary coaching to the attorney.

Mortgage Attack does NOT recommend that the mortgagor unskilled in litigation undertake the prosecution or negotiation of a tort lawsuit.  I certainly would not undertake it, because I don't want to lose.  I would hire an attorney and pay the normal hourly rate to craft a settlement offer, and I would ask the examiner to confer with the attorney as necessary to ensure success.

No Point for Lawyers to Delay Foreclosures
ATTACK, don't just Pretend-Defend
You also know by now that most foreclosure defenders only PRETEND to defend, but actually delay the foreclosure a few months while bilking clients for a service the clients don't need.  Mortgagors can ask for a loan mod to stop the foreclosure for months, then offer deed in lieu or buy down the loan balance.  They don't need a lawyer for that.

What does a pretender defender get for that service, about $10,000 to $30,000?

Well imagine this:  Spend a fraction of that on mortgage examination report in complaint format, draft a settlement offer in two or three hours, and take the offer to the foreclosure plaintiff with the report in complaint format and the copy of the above linked $5 Million judgment example.  You spend an hour or so dickering, then land a settlement that leaves the client with the house free and clear, credit report purged of bad marks, and/or a handsome settlement from the bank, your fees paid, and a new reputation as a master CLOSER.

It takes so little actual time, at most a day or two, to use this process, that foreclosure defense lawyers become HERO MORTGAGE ATTACKERS rather than mere Pretender Defenders.

Every so often you get a bank that won't settle, and you go ahead and sue, knowing your skill, combined with examiner coaching, will land a humongous predatory lending judgment in your client's favor.

How do you like that picture?

If you want such a dream to come true in your law practice, you need to get Mortgage Attack to arrange an examination of your client's mortgage transaction FAST.  You can bring that foreclosure to a screeching halt forever IF you take the recommended action.

What action?

Call Mortgage Attack RIGHT NOW (okay, East Coast business hours)

727 669 5511

Click here to send direct email: Mortgage Attack Email

For ANY Mortgagor, Not Just Foreclosure Victims

You might think of this mortgage examination only benefits foreclosure victims, but it applies equally to any mortgagors, even those making house payments with no problem.  It ideally suits realitively wealthy mortgagors who have the money to litigate.

Imagine "owning" a $12,000,000 estate that has a $5,000,000 mortgage.  If the lender over-appraised the estate by a million or so, you got cheated even worse than the millions of buyers of $200,000 residences worth only $140,000.  

Wouldn't YOU like to get your home free and clear?  Can you imagine the multimillion dollar settlement to avoid a tort lawsuit in which you might win tens of millions in punitive damages for predatory lending?  Doesn't it seem like a no-brainer to spend a pittance for a mortgage examination and a complaint against the lender and agents, a complaint that might win compensatory and punitive damages for you in the millions?

The main point:  If you have the money to fund the litigation, should it become necessary, and you can prove the fraud, why hesitate to sue?

Call Mortgage Attack today to get your mortgage examined by a competent group of professionals.

Mort Gezzam

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