Friday, June 10, 2011

Sears Fixed my GE TFX22ZR Side-by-Side Freezer Leak for $70

I have a 1997 GE Side by Side freezer/refrigerator model TFX22ZR. 


Water leaked on the floor under freezer door periodically.  Ice built up below the bottom freezer basket.  During the defrost cycle the melt water couldn’t drain.  So it built up in the bottom as a block of ice, and overflowed during defrost cycle.


Cause: clogged drain tube. 


This convoluted tube at the lower back of the freezer gets clogged with dust, dirt, bacterial sludge, debris, or food after 5 to 10 years.  If the floor behind fridge is extremely dirty/dusty, then you probably have a clog.


1.       Gently break up and remove the ice from the bottom

2.       Pour hot water into the drain at the back of the freezer, bottom. 

3.       If it does not drain, the drain is clogged.  Freezer leaks because of defrost cycle melting water which collected and froze. 

4.       Pull fridge out from wall

5.       Clean up the dust and grime from the floor and walls, and vacuum off the rear lower vent panel..

6.       Remove the lower rear cardboard vent panel and rinse of the dust and grime.

7.       Remove and blow/rinse out the drain hose. 

a.       It mounts behind the compressor as seen from the lower rear.

b.      Reach behind compressor and pull hose loose from fittings,

c.       Clean out the hose – rinse it/wash it off, put it to your mouth and blow in it to unclog it

d.      Put the drain hose back in

8.       Remount the cardboard vent panel.


You're good to go for another 10 years or till fridge croaks.  I just (June 2011) paid the Sears Repair man $70 to do the above job. I believe I got my money’s worth.


Bob Hurt



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Thanks so much for posting this. You saved me $70!

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