Sunday, February 27, 2011

Violence and Love as Solutions to Bad Government

Bob Hurt
I write now a brief note to you about  love or violence as solutions to problems in or with government, particularly in response to government abuse of the people.

I have said that most people I have met in government seem sincere about doing their jobs.  Even “BAD” people in government generally only occasionally behave badly.  And most people in government do not use  physical force in performing their duties.  This includes judges who sometimes have to deal with the worst kind of people.

I openly encourage people to learn the law, become disposed to using it, and to learn the ideals of good government and excise from government those who don’t conform to those ideals.

In the end, we tend to see the government as an inexorably grinding machine without humanity of emotion or sanctity of conscience.  Those who get caught in the so-called wheels of justice know only too well how easily the machinery can mistake the innocent for the guilty.

But let us look clearly at government.  It may have machinery functions, but real PEOPLE operate it.  And they have the same concerns, worries, personal ambitions, fortes and foibles that non-government people have.

How shall we interact with these people?  Shall we present them with the a citizenry that imposes inexorable grinding upon the people in government?

Perhaps so.  In other words, government has to operate by specific rules and within specific limits  When people in government escape those limits, should the machine grind them into mincemeat? 

I personally think it should grind away on government itself, but not in utter disregard of the people in government.  In other words, we only grind on bad government to correct it so that it becomes good.

It would make more sense to establish actual monitoring for machinery of government that will excise a government employee who errs, and evaluate the employee for correction. If uncorrectable, discharge the employee permanently and never again allow that person back into government service.  If correctable, retrain that employee to teach how not to err in the future, put the employee through certification testing, and upon successful completion and demonstration of absolute certainty of how not to err in the future, have the employee make effective amends to the injured party, then return the employee to service.  Every business and every government activity should operate this way for ordinary jobs.

In the case of jobs where the employee can easily cause great injury to the public, such as in a judgeship, government should subject the candidate for the job to rigorous psychological profiling and testing for stability, morality, ethical behavior, knowledge of the constitutions, knowledge of the law, and ability to function  safely and sanely in the face of horrific pressure from potential victims.  Rather than wait for trouble from such people, they should be pulled from service for a year every 5 years and put into a totally different, rehabilitative type of work, such as counseling or teaching..  During that time the system should further monitor, test, and retrain the employee.

Moreover, since punishment and violence never rehabilitates anyone, the People should encourage government to diminish or eliminate all possible violence from its protocols for dealing with people.

Courtrooms should have designs that prevent bailiffs from ever laying hands on anyone in court who does not ask or signal for personal help.  Bailiffs must have training to show them when judges violate the law or rules, and then Bailiffs should terminate the proceeding until the judge gets his right mind back, or till a new judge arrives. 

Most of all, we should treat our public servants with love and respect, even when they err, ESPECIALLY when they err.  We should help them to focus on the ideals of spiritual living by setting an ideal example for them, giving them notice when we intend to correct them, and then proceed with the corrective action (such as getting them fired) lovingly.

Yes, we SHOULD discuss with them the option of using physical force to remove them from their jobs in the event nothing else seems to work.  But we should realize that because we ourselves don’t want to become subjected to such treatment, and because we ourselves like others to treat us lovingly, we ought to treat others that way, and devise ever better ways to replace physical force with unselfish loving service.  People, especially those in government, find it mighty difficult to resist loving others who obviously love them.

When I suggest “ATTACK WITH EXPLOSIVE FORCE” I refer to the warrior’s attitude toward the machinery of government which has gone berserk or become iniquitous.  We should have an attitude of zero tolerance for such machinery.  And that means we either get the responsible employees corrected or get them removed, FAST, lest they hurt others from their ignorance, negligence, or malevolence.   But we should not try to injure them when we have available other options against the efforts of the machine to grind us into hamburger.

So prepare yourselves with lawsuits, criminal complaints, petitions for writs of habeas corpus, and other tools to fend off and correct abusive government employees.  But always show them affection and love (the desire to do good for them), and encourage them to let the Father’s indwelling spirit guide them to fair and just action.

If you have a hard time mustering up a loving attitude, seek out some Hare Krishna followers or an equivalent group of happy, loving people,  and take a lesson from them.

Like Mama said, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”  No, I don’t mean to equate government employees with flies.

And remember to go through another persons stomach to get to the heart.  My brother Darryl (don’t worry, I have only one brother of that name) makes himself famous by taking a box of Krispy Kreme (or equivalent) donuts into government offices, setting it on the counter and greeting whoever’s there with a big smile, telling the person there to hand them out to other workers.  On a hot day, he might bring in a case of canned Ice tea.  He always gets good treatment from government employees.  

People just love feeling loved.

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