Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Are the Children Our Future, or Are We Theirs?

Barbara.Martinez at wrote here:

"New York state high-school students' college and career readiness lags far behind the graduation rates that most school districts post, according to data from the state Department of Education."  

Apparently, Barbara thinks "the children are our future."

More appropriately, "WE are the future of OUR children."

Children who have IQ below 85 cannot graduate from high school because they lack cognitive ability. Children get their IQ more from their parents than any other influence.  And that influence has a preponderantly genetic cause.  So, parents cause the futures of their kids to have limits.  And, regardless of ideals and wishes for equality, schools cannot fix "stupid."

So, for the vast majority of those who graduate, society should not have tried to push them beyond the 7th grade academically.  It should instead have matriculated them into manual labor or skilled trades that they can learn, where they always operate under supervision of smarter people.

As for those who failed to rate sufficiently high in math, science, etc to prepare for college, it takes 110 IQ to graduate from college.  So society should neither push nor permit students with less than 110 IQ into college.  All the students with IQ between 85 and 110 have done well enough just getting through High School.  So, shed NO TEARS for them if they don't attend college. Instead, shed tears for the nation for not having a higher proportion of bright students.

Our problem comes from pushing students beyond the limits of their cognitive ability.  That creates terrible feelings of anxiety and shame, and it unduly burdens academic institutions with the relatively stupid.  Many if not most low-IQ students impose on the teachers and fellow students their behavior problems related to such feelings.  No way can an enlightened people consider that fair or sensible.

Apparently, school masters don't grasp the principle that one cannot exceed inherent capacities - a pint cannot hold a quart.

Even worse, society seems inclined to dumb-down the curriculum to suit low-IQ students who should never face the upper levels of that curriculum and should never sit in a classroom with brighter students.  Why?  Because it annoys and bores the bright and deprives them of the education they need to excel in later adventures.

In a mechanized, industrialized America, no excuse exists for procreating or allowing procreation of masses of low-IQ children.  In my mind doing so constitutes a crime of the worst kind against those children, worse that undernourshing and beating the children.  Why?  The kids can overcome the beating.  They can never overcome stupidity, not even with iron-willed determination, unbending intent, and uncompromising perseverance.

Masses of low IQ people dumb down the whole society.  They make bad voting decisions, and other bad choices throughout life, notoriously and incurably.  They essentially diminish the overall productivity of a nation because

  1. Their own production has generally low fiscal value, and
  2. They must resort to crime and welfare abuse to get by, so
  3. They burden the infrastructures the productive must establish to care for and defend against them - health care, housing, food, clothing, schooling, police, courts, jails, and prisons, thus
  4. They and government actually do rob the productive of wealth for their support.
Only one cure for this exists aside from mass extermination:  eugenics.  Eventually, society, worldwide, will embrace it with open arms.  Meanwhile, pundits, press, and politicos should pull out their own wallets to pay the tab for ignoring eugenics as a solution, and just shut up about the otherwise incurable problem.

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