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Responsible Liberty Proposal: Constitution Competence, Improved Grand Jury

Things to push for in changes to US and State Constitutions:

  • CUSA - Constitution for the USA
  • COS - Constitution for the State

Proposal to Enhance Responsibility in Government

I recommend that Americans of conscience direct their efforts to enact constitutional amendments that accomplish the the following. 
  1. Our Mantra:  Liberty comes at the cost of commensurate responsibility.
  2. We must know and understand the ideals of good government:  People must prove that they have competent knowledge of the CUSA and COS by taking related courses and passing the test in advance of, and as a qualification for, the following:
    1. Graduating from high school
    2. Registering to vote
    3. Swearing a loyalty oath
    4. Applying for or ascending to elected or appointed office
  3. Petite Jury - find the facts, the meaning of the law, and its application to the facts
  4. Grand Jury - restore powers and strengthen in all states and the USA -
    1. The first mention of the grand jury in the Constitution of Florida (COF) required it to investigate any felony. Now the cof requires it to investigate capitol crimes and mentions nothing else.  But historically, it can investigate any crime of which a juror has knowledge.
    2. The GJ has chief functions:
      1. to prevent rogue prosecution AND
      2. to bring government perps to justice by giving the people a non-gov authority to which to whine about abuses.
    3. The GJ must have the following to become effective:
      1. funding
      2. subpoena power
      3. enforcement of indictments/presentments (prosecution of those indicted)
      4. independent investigatory power (ability to hire and deploy investigators and lawyers)
      5. secrecy of deliberations
      6. inviolability of the jurors
      7. stiff requirements for jurors 
        1. graduated from H.S. or college,
        2. live independent of gov't welfare,
        3. pass a constitution competency exam for both COS and CUSA,
        4. over 25 years old,
        5. registered voter,
        6. no felony convictions,
        7. no substance addiction or abuse that impairs analytic function.
      8. decent pay for service (at least what a prosecutor earns)
      9. accessible by the public for presentation of complaints and evidence of crimes
      10. mandatory investigation of crime knowledge the public brings to them
      11. Able to hire outside prosecutors and judges for prosecuting mobsters and "connected" or corrupt government employees.
    4. Our present system lacks most of the above.  Bozos populate the juries, government blocks access by the people, prosecutors control them, they get lousy pay, they almost never go after public officials, they only deal with capitol issues, etc.  This means prosecutors run roughshod over the people with terrible plea bargains that should never happen, and WOULDN'T happen if the GJ could do its job.


We have irresponsible, abusive, corrupt, and incompetent government because we have irresponsible, abusive, corrupt, and incompetent electors.  We have bad electors because of the breakdown in family structures, derived from men and women receiving inadequate training regarding their respective roles in family and society, because of not handling their home responsibilities to children effectively, and because of rampant lack of qualification for marriage, rampant divorce, and rampant unmarried pregnancy.  Much of our nation's problems descend from the monumental percentage of stupid and irresponsible people in the population, many of whom have voting rights.

We ought to have eugenics laws that encourage intelligent and responsible people to have numerous children, and the stupid and irresponsible to have few or no children.  Americans can achieve a similar result by implementing the above recommendations regarding qualification for voting.

We already have requirements in the CUSA and COS for all public employees and voters to swear an oath to support the constitutions.  Axiomatically, one cannot support what one has never read or studied, cannot remember, and does not understand.  So our educational institutions must teach all children the organic laws of the nation and state, including the constitutions, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and Northwest Ordinance.  And all who would vote or ascend to office or public employment must first learn the same materials and pass competency tests on them.

Since the learning and testing will require language skills, memory, and intelligence, and responsibility, these tests will cull out those least fit for government employment and suffrage.  And because it seems obvious and axiomatic that one cannot swear to support what one does not know, requiring such teaching and testing should meet with little credible resistance.

I can conjecture that it will become difficult if not impossible to remove the loyalty oath requirements from the CUSA and COS.  So the responsible should mount ever increasing pressure for laws and constitutional amendments to implement the above requirements.

This will restore responsibility to government.  The improved jury system will force prosecutors to go after bad judges, bad cops, and other corrupt or abusive people in government whom the good old boys network would otherwise protect.


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